The writer gets at something to live by: If you’re not fighting for total freedom, you might as well go to the beach.


I was trippin’ in that last letter. Maybe one day I’ll get out and live near the beach like I always wanted. I appreciate our correspondence. Thank God for people like you who actually care and help rights and freedoms to be possible. I would definitely fight hard for that. I am no longer Christian but part of me still thinks there’s something like a god. I definitely appreciate all the printed out stuff–way cool of you. I wish you the best luck in all your endeavors.

D. I. Q.

“Every time I try to do right it backfires”

Dear _____,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Yes, I also had failure to pay (probation fees). How can I pay probation when I make only $116-$125 a week? Rent alone is $110-$125 a week. How can I also buy food? My food stamps got cut off when I started to work. Continue reading

The mentally ill are lower than animals to society

The more cuts made to mental health services, the more harm is done, and the more folks end up locked up.


I hope you are well…


Man, me and all the mentally ill are lower than animals to society. I’m reading a book called Street Crazy by Stephen B. Seager it’s really opening my eyes.streetcrazy I’m sorry to hear about your friend. Man, this world is cruel. What happened with Derek Walker is so unnecessary. They should fire that cop.


I read somewhere (former NC Gov.) Beverly Perdue was making half a million a year. Lol. Thanks for ‘natural life’ being the new life sentence. Anyway, I know change starts by helping each other out. My case could’ve been avoided if (I could have gotten some help). ..


I hate that in 1483 or around that time Pope Innocent VIII had these two professors find out the cause to mental illness. They said ‘it’s the devil and mentally ill folk are the devil,’ so the Pope sanctioned a murderous frenzy of the mentally ill. The Egyptians and Greeks had it right with their rationalism and great pity on the sick but plagues caused people to turn from that and to a murderous religion. Anyway, all this aint new. We are very stupid creatures.






You hear about George Zimmerman?

Prisoners are not only concerned with their own situations or their own struggles. It may or may not be significant to note that the writer is facing a murder charge and is not African-American. Still, he has no mercy for the wannabe cop and murderer of Trayvon Martin.

What’s up,

I hope you and yours are well and strong in the struggle. I haven’t written in a while, there’s really nothing new. You hear about that George Zimmerman guy? He’s in custody again for some violence against his wife. They should have fried his ass the first time.

I thank God for faith and for giving me a second chance to be alive 5th chance actually even though it may not be how I want to live. I’m ready to get real exercise besides basketball everyday. I want to start back playing guitar again too. Anyway, keep doing what you do, you da man.

Sincerely, D. I. Q.

“It’s Not Working, None of It”: A Beating Recalled, No Opportunities, and Kids Inside

The writer gives details on c.o.’s beating an inmate that was referred to in earlier posts. Attempts have been made to contact the man who was beaten to get a fuller story. His name is withheld to protect him.

Dear ______,

It is good to have a name to put with whom I am writing. So, let’s talk about the beating (occurred in Jan. 2013):

I was laying on my bunk reading and heard an argument and it was S (inmate) arguing with Harris Continue reading

It’s the whole system!

As the letter says, the writer got out of Durham jail earlier this month. Sadly, as his dire situation hints might happen, he is back inside.

To whom it may concern!

I’m LY and I’ve been to several Feedback meetings! I’m really concerned also. It’s the whole system outside in Durham, also the Durham County jail. Racial profiling happens. They need to make money to pay for new courthouse. Continue reading

Prisoner Health: (In)Correct Care part of the problem, not solution


My name is D.D. I am an inmate of the Durham County Jail and have been for 10 months and would like to inform you about the sub-par health care that (Correct Care Solutions) CCS is providing for us here in my pod. Continue reading

Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Dear ________,

I’m doing okay, just staying strong and keeping my head held high at all times. I been in this county jail for 22 months without a trial date. This system is really messed up. I see you are guilty until proven guilty. That’s really sad us black people don’t have a voice to fight for our freedom. Continue reading

The Key Word is People

The writer makes an appeal for the human rights of prisoners and distinguishes between treatment in jails and prisons. He also raises some issues about mail and other materials being denied to prisoners in Durham jail.

Hey _______,

I didn’t know what happen to you. I have not heard from you in a long time. I did not get the books. Someone told me the jail had stop giving us mail that came from you all. If you sent the books, I did not get them. Continue reading