‘Nothing we can do about it’

From Michael:

I have missed a few visitations because of some officers saying I can’t use my student ID (as valid identification), where the website clearly says you can. These are when I have visitations scheduled, I come in, and they just say, ‘No, you can’t use that.’ It’s been the same two people that won’t let me use it, one of them is a lady named Cater. Continue reading

‘Saying Hi to the people we love’

Hi, I just received your letter about 2 days ago and I want to thank you all for giving me someone I can vent to. OK, so check this out. On 9/2/14 I was written up in pod — by officer Johnson for Charges A1, A5, B4, B14, and C16. So here’s what happened. My aunt’s boyfriend was in the visitation booth, at the time I had just seen my Aunt for the first time since I was 3 years old, so they called me to the V.I. booth. I didn’t go in. I just put my head in the door to say Hi. Now the officer tells me to lock back due to lock back time. I say “alright just let me say I love you to my aunt.” He says “no lock back now before I put paperwork on you.” So as I walking to my cell I tell him to “calm down you about to go home in an hour.” So I get in the cell and as I’m closing the door I hear him say “It’s over for you.” About 20 minutes later the Sgt comes to my cell with a write up. I tried talkin’ to him and officer Johnson but they still wrote me up. Now my question is did I really have to get 25 days disciplinary lock back for telling my family I love them—cause I do have a family even tho I’m in jail—and for speaking up for something that the Officer could have let ride. That just shows you how much these people care for us inmates.

I have been here 11 months on a murder charge and I am looking at 11 years (only because I’m 17). I feel as if even tho that was not my visit I still should have been able to say “Hi and I love you” to my Aunt. Do they think just because we are locked up we don’t have people we love or that love us?