‘We get a little closer to a major change everyday’

Support this prisoner and all prisoners by calling Correct Care Solutions at the jail at 919-560-0929. Ask them a.) how they perform TB testing; b.) what kind of information they have on hand for all inmates being tested; and c.) what alternatives to the injection form of TB testing they perform. Remind them that prisoners have a right to know what is being done to them. Also, you might say that medical professionals generally agree that an X-Ray screening is a better way of testing than injection, but regardless, prisoners have a right to know. Lastly, request the end to all medical lockback of prisoners who ask for information or choose to invoke their right to know (rtk).

June 12, 2014

My friends at IOA,

How are you doing? I sit unjustly condemned in lockback as I write this. On Tuesday (the 10th) I was taken to medical unexpectedly. It was for a check-up. Though it should have been scheduled more professionally and to my knowledge. I consented anyways to make sure the jail hasn’t destroyed my body. After the doctor did his check-up I was sent to the nurse. After a quick medical history interview she grabbed a vial and needle. I asked what it was (because of course she didn’t ask me if I was going to take it, just assumed) and she said a TB test. I have no fear of needles, but I wasn’t about to let her inject my body with a foreign substance I know nothing about. After I told the nurse this, we bickered, her threatening lockback of course, and I refusing until I was informed of the substance being injected. She said “You want some literature?” and I said yes as she stormed out of the office. I waited and she came back empty-handed and gave me an angry “You can go.” So I went. It wasn’t until midday Wednesday a call was made about the situation and I was to lockback. There’s so much wrong in this situation. For one the nurse couldn’t even explain what she was injecting into my body. But more importantly they had NO paperwork on the substance to inform patients. That is illegal. Ever heard of RTK (right to know?) We as US citizens have a right to know the hazards we are working with. An unknown substance being injected into my body, I consider a hazard. Not having that information is very unprofessional and illegal. Not to mention there wasn’t even a box to mark for the reason I was being locked back. The referral was revised 4/29/14. So either I am the very first person to refuse a TB shot OR it is not as big a deal as they make it and just want to show authority over me. Plus, on the referral what she did write was refused arrival TB screening. I arrived a year ago and took it then. Even the referral is wrong. Though I understand the concern to get tested they should have alternatives, such as blood withdrawal, or have information on the substance like they’re legally supposed to. I am willing to suffer this injustice until it is further confronted and reprimanded. Many inmates are pressuring me into taking it just to get it done, even though I tell the reason why I’m taking lockback. It’s upsetting seeing them give in. They know it’s illegal to not have the information but they just take the shot because fear of lockback. If they let that slide what other injustices will they let this jail get away with? Lockback is the worst they can do to me. The books are coming in great (from Prison Books—Durham) thank God and I’m sharing them so we’re getting a nice flow in here now. Thanks for the visit, sorry I’ll be locked back for the protest but know my support is with you through loud window knocking haha. The specific number for CCS medical unit on the referral is 919-560-0929. If you could call and confront them on why they don’t have that information I would appreciate it. Also, we’ve had our second victory on this pod led by U.D. The notorious officer Coleman has a mass grievance, that U.D. led, put upon him and he no longer works on the floor. Thank God. We get a little closer to a major change everyday. The books are awesome also. Thanks so much.                                                                                                   Your friend,