‘I didn’t give up’

I just got your letter today on 9-17-15 but your letter was sent out on 8-26-15. I am sending you part of the envelope so that you can see when you sent it out and when I received it.

First of all, I want to thank you and everyone else for what you all are doing for us in here. Continue reading

‘We might as well be sleeping outside’


Dear I.O.A.

What’s up, glad you finally received my letter sooner than later. It always brighten my day up when I receive a letter from you right along with the monthly feedbacks. I just wanted to say I did receive more books to read, which was wonderful.  Continue reading

‘Now on to the good stuff…’

We don’t know if kitchen staff is deliberately putting hair in food or are not taking proper sanitary measures, and we don’t know what role c.o.’s play in this.

Hey _____,

Thank you for the books…

Now on to the good stuff.  Aside from the pencil ban, we have to deal with people in the kitchen leaving hair in the food. This has happened to me personally three times. The first time the C.O. told me to check my food when I get it.  I did not (right away) till I started eating and he told me ‘sorry for the luck, but I don’t work in the kitchen.’ So I am letting you know so you can be our voice. Thanks.

K. F