Guilty Until Proven Guilty

Dear ________,

I’m doing okay, just staying strong and keeping my head held high at all times. I been in this county jail for 22 months without a trial date. This system is really messed up. I see you are guilty until proven guilty. That’s really sad us black people don’t have a voice to fight for our freedom. Continue reading

The Shipping and Handling “Gimmick”


What’s happening out there? I pray that God has kept you safe and in his care since we last spoke. I’m still holding on as best I can. I was ecstatic when I got Volume 2 of the Feedback issue and read my piece on the front page. That was totally invigorating. Thanks a lot for that. You and your organization are truly a blessing.

I know that you’ve asked for grievances and things of that nature, but everything is done on a kiosk. They’ve gotten rid of “The Paper Trail.” Continue reading