How can I?

Thoughts on Paper: How Can I?

How can I hope for a change when no one else notices anything wrong with their conditions? I cannot try to bring upon a social revolution nor an economic change if everyone’s content with where they stand. How could I succeed?

It pains me that when I speak upon my dream and vision for revolution no one else (out of the other 20 people I am around in the hole) agrees with my thoughts. Continue reading

‘I try to keep my hate in check. If you can’t hate, you can’t love.’

Kropotkin wrote a lot on the wrongs of prisons. These two paragraphs hit the nail on the head for me. Sadly I feel these effects.

The theory of will power

“There is another important cause of demoralization in prisons. All transgressions of accepted moral standards may be ascribed to lack of a strong will. the majority of inmates of prisons are people who did not have sufficient strength to resist the temptations surrounding them or to control a passion which momentarily carried them away. In prisons as in monasteries, everything is done to kill a man’s will. Continue reading

‘How many Mike Browns will it take?’

the following letter was postmarked three times: Sept 9, Sept. 23, and one other time (illegible). 

Hey —,

What’s been up? I hope you’re doing good. I’m very motivated by your perspective and outlook. I’m very thankful to you and all those involved, each one of you who don’t just show concern but carry the burden. Thank you for placing yourselves in our shoes. As I read over your letters I see so much but I don’t know where to start. Continue reading

‘If the jail were demolished would it be missed?’

June 19


This letter that u sent on June 1 and received by DCJ June 4 delivered to me June 19. Crazy huh.

How are you? I’m fine under the circumstances. I’ve read and understand all of the documents sent and am moved with compassion knowing that we are not forgotten. Continue reading

A disappointing ‘justice’ system

Nov. 6, 2014

Dear –,

How ya doing? Thanks for the visit the other day. It truly helps to be able to vent to someone you know is concerned, unlike my lawyer who talks using the words ‘we’ when talking about the state and their offers! And I say, ‘what do you mean “we”‘? And she has nothing to say! She’s literally working for the prosecution! That plea (offer) is killing me. What if that’s what God wants me to do? Continue reading

‘When you stand for nothing you’ll settle for anything’

First I wanna start by saying I’m sorry I haven’t been responding to letters, they’re greatly appreciated and probably the most supportive feedback I’ve got since I’ve been locked up, and I just got to say thanks, it means a lot being in my situation. Now, regarding your letter, I bet my good friend S. V. told you I was a cornerstone or key part to the inside resistance. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that. I’m a bouncer for bars and night clubs out there in the world. I’ve been doing that since I was about 15 years old, so I’ve got a chance to meet and get to know a lot of people. Maybe that’s why S– feel I’m important to the struggle. Hey, maybe I am and just don’t realize it. Continue reading

‘To be honest, the world is at its limit’

Hi, YingYang

How are you doing? I just going to say this, jail isn’t for me! I HATE IT! I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to go home with my family. I love them soooooooo much! I hate being away from them. I hate knowing that they have to visit me in jail. I was supposed to be bonded out last week, but I guess it was either me or the bills. It looks like the bills won. 😦 OK, jail is crappy, 100%, the police will lock anyone up over anything (truth or lie), they don’t care to me and the world, hahaha, to be honest, the world is at its limit (if you know what I mean), Continue reading