‘The struggle of maintaining’: 3 poems

Dreams of the End!!

Engulfed in flames, demons screaming my name, trying to remain sane, while still struggling to maintain.

Maybe it’s over, maybe this is my final step in life, insanity.

Running, why is the question my past chasing me my future isn’t certain, police behind me what did I do am I running from the fear of being locked up to who knows the truth maybe nobody only I can understand.

Peace, tranquility, quietness not a word spoken, maybe this is the end, is this my death, my mother, my brother, by my side tears in their eyes, is the event of my demise. I feel some pain but my spirit is still strong. This may be the day I pass away and go home.

I open my eyes in my cell again, thinking about the dreams that haunt my unconscious mind, I sit up and think about the visions and relax that now at least I know now how I’ll leave this world.  Continue reading

‘Running for my life from my death dealers’: Poems

by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur


I pray that I make it to watch my seeds flower.

I pray that my mind and heart changes 4 the better by the hour.

I pray my life shines thru the ones that I’ve loved after I’m gone.

I pray after a long day in the streets I safely make it home.

I pray that I live better than my past lives could.

I pray that my family grows and becomes the empire that they should. Continue reading

Breaking Through: 3 poems

Read Between the Lines

I can’t imagine life outside these city limits,

I’ve realized my dreams haven’t surpassed the norm.

Is it my mindstate that’s doing this damage?

I sit back and think, have I ever thought about life on a worldwide scale,

So far I cannot think of a time when my ambitions reached farther than North Carolina.

Some might say that me realizing this is a break through, Continue reading

‘The correctional system’s motto: Treat the symptom, not the problem’


To whom it may concern,

Take time to read *PLEASE*

I’m in the D.C.J. (a prisoner) and have some problems. They are listed in this letter!

The medical department is said to have a dentist, and medical claims there is a list for the dentist. I’ve yet to see a dentist. I went to medical, a self-declared emergency the first time for my tooth and was given 400 mg motrin 2x a day. Now over a month later I went back on sick call and had to beg the nurse to place me on an antibiotic. I requested for my motrin to be increased to 800 mg, I explained I didn’t want a narcotic because she kept saying over and over ‘I’m not giving you narcotic’ as if that was my reason for being there, regardless of how swollen my jaw was or how broke off and rotten my tooth is. The motrin was increased to 600 mg 2x a day, which is still not strong enough. I am in pain. Continue reading

‘We still holding on that’s for sure’


What’s up,

Well I know it’s been a while since you wrote that first letter I never got to respond back to because of the writing tools that d-o’s won’t let us have inside our cells. And sometimes if you ask for something to write with they will just act like they ain’t got it or shoot some b.s. Continue reading

A conspiracy of the incarcerated

Michael Page (Chairman) states that if any of the claims about the actions and atmosphere of the Durham County Jail were substantiated—he would be totally surprised…

Let me get this straight—so it’s the members of the board of county commissioners’ belief that the numerous complaints coming from the inmates and families of inmates incarcerated in Durham County Jail are false? You mean to tell the public that different inmates of age, color, race and sex, housed in different blocks, on different floors have somehow come together in like mind and conspired to provide false claims against the jail and jailers, when these same inmates can’t even come together to agree on what TV channel to watch? Continue reading

‘Aramark got that place on lock’

Hey —,

Yes, I’m in good spirits and good health. Time seems to be flying by, feels like I just got here yesterday. Yes, I know I made the right decision to accept the plea. So there is no more pending charges, I’m done after 68 days. Done with everything, probation, the court system… Continue reading