‘They’re trying to get over on us inmates’

May 14

What’s good IOA? Thanks for writing. Ain’t nothing changed, it only gets worse by the day. To answer your question about the whole video visitation IDK what the hell is going on. I’ve heard one too many stories. Continue reading

Five poems for Friday: ‘Alone we can overcome some. Together the limits pass the sun!’


In the Eyes of the Warrior

In the eyes of a warrior a trial is an opportunity to get stronger.

In the eyes of a warrior pain is another way to gain.

In the eyes of a warrior the struggle births soldier.

In the eyes of a warrior the revolution is a state to get further.

In the eyes of a warrior battle is salvation.

In the eyes of a warrior their life is dedicated towards the nation! Continue reading

‘They need to SHUT THIS JAIL DOWN’

  • There’s no fresh air here nor any way to exercise!
  • The mats we sleep on are flat and dirty!


Thanks for protesting for us. The medical here is shit. They don’t help us. The food is not good, always cold and very unhealthy. The officers who work here treat us like shit, excuse my language. They talk to us like we’re dogs. The whole entire jail is nasty and unfit to live in. There’s no kind of schooling. It’s very cold in here year round. Continue reading

‘Why are we letting this happen?’


Alexander Berkman said it best, “I don’t believe in your laws, I don’t acknowledge the authority of your courts. I am innocent morally.” He tried to assassinate Henry Clay Frick, the owner and goon of a steel mill that was torturing its employees with low wages. They wanted (Berkman) to plead guilty. The New York Crime Commission admits that the very act of plea bargaining is criminal. Pleading to something you did not do or a lesser charge. These brainwashed sons of bitches in law enforcement of every branch are heathens. Misguided, prejudiced, untouchable, close-minded goons! Continue reading

‘Let the wings of rebellion take us far’

Take Flight

Feel the wind beneath your wings.

We’re beginning to take flight.

Soar to places unimaginable to those who wrong the rights.

Do not look on below because above the sky is where we venture.

To bring the raw truth, uncut, and never censored.

Let’s join hand and hand and let the wings of rebellion take us far.

Out of the reach of those who wanna keep us down,

Into the company of the stars.

(SN: The sky isn’t the limit for those who dream beyond the planets. The limit is what you make it so use it to your advantage.)

-Mu’izz– the bestower of honor

‘A smile can disarm those who would cause harm…’


A day without a smile is a day wasted.

Few can turn it down and on a lonely day not much can replace it.

Crooked or broken, remodeled or original, a smile will do everyone

Some good once in a while.

In the most dire situations and the most outrageous predicaments

A smile can disarm those who would cause harm to all.

A smile will bring the shorts spirits up to stand tall.

With a smile you can go miles, but without one the pain and depression

Will drive the most sane crazy for a while, just smile.


‘The place where everything is possible’


A ride that takes the mind to a place to which it’s never been

Beyond the skies on the stars you dance, conversations with Aliens,

A hunger for new adventures that’ll never end.

In a place in which your body is held captive, imagination gives you freedom

To roam, to times long ago or even back home.

As kids it came natural 4 our imaginations to shine, now only the time can

Seem to find, that place where everything is possible and nothing’s withheld,

Not even in a Durham County Cell.

by Mu’izz Mumit Shakur

‘Always full of prolonging smiles’: 3 poems by MMS

Make Me Believe

Make me believe that you’re really there for me.

Make me believe that love and loyalty is really what you try to achieve.

Make me believe you really will ride 4 the new cause at hand.

Make me believe if you get knocked off you ride your time out like a real man.

Make me believe that your intentions are true.

Make me believe that your life is a promising tool.

Continue reading