Call-in for Shatique Skinner

On Monday, we ask folks to call the Durham County Jail (919-560-0912) to put pressure on them to provide Shatique Skinner with proper medical care. Shatique has been locked up in solitary confinement for two years now and has been consistently denied his regular medication for schizophrenia. His parents are incarcerated and his sister has been advocating on his behalf. She asks that any and all who are able call the jail on Monday and demand that Shatique be released from solitary and that the medical provider, Correct Care Solutions, administer his proper medication. Please use the script below if you would like.

Call 919-560-0912 and ask to speak to someone in medical.
Hello, I am calling to demand that you release Shatique Skinner from solitary confinement and administer the proper medication for his schizophrenia. Shatique deserves to receive appropriate care for his medical condition. Care is not locking someone in an isolated cage because they have a mental health challenge. I demand that you provide Shatique with the medication for his condition immediately.

You can also write to Shatique at the following address:
Shatique Skinner
PO Box 1353
Durham, NC 27701


We Need OSHA: “We’re not the animals they’re treating us like”



I’m Tony King and I give I.O.A. permission to use my name and letters at anytime for the sake of awareness of all amplified voices unless I withdraw my consent verbally or written.

Update: the kitchen’s inmate staff is now being worked to the bone, just to cover any tracks of anything that shows lack in the D.C.J. staff members. We’ve experienced a hot tray for dinner for the first time. Hopefully it will continue. As far as officers go, there is another who decided to show their true colors this night of 3-24-16 by the name of Officer Perry – a male. 5-B. So, let’s dissect the issue. Majority of the time, us inmates are locked back or out in the pod, the officer is sitting at their desk usually doing nothing is the most honest thing one could say. So, after only 1 hr into his work schedule, Officer Perry at 9:00pm states he’s not going to open our doors to our cell unless he feels like it. So I had a moment of clarity which was: Officer Perry clearly isn’t satisfied with the pay he receives to just sit and push some buttons. Also, when we’re let out of cell at 9:00pm, it’s a wonderful privilege that’s appreciated 100% until you get an officer such as Officer Perry who instead of pushing the button that opens all doors so we can exit cell, the officer will walk to each door of at least 47 doors and unlock them only to cut into our free time at the least 10-15 minutes, which we do not receive back. Sad isn’t it?

Also, officers fail to follow protocol when opening your door allowing an inmate in your room without permission. This happened to me tonight. I asked was there a protocol when opening door. He stated yes, however it’s clear protocol wasn’t followed, and luckily nothing was stolen due to me catching the issue in time. Officers in general also lack respect when it comes to your personal phone calls that may be $10-$20. The officers sometimes just hang up on your phone call without notice, leaving you with the loss of money and an unfinished phone call, all with no consideration for the inmate. Last but definitely not least, there is, I repeat, there is something in the water we drink and bathe with. It is a thin foggy white film that floats in and on top of your water. Also, the water you bathe with is so harsh it chafes your skin very badly.

Well, it’s been a pleasure. Hope to talk soon.

P.S. I’m looking forward to letters and useful information, if possible.

(I’m not sure if you all wrote me back or not. I have not received any mail entirely. Please feel free to do so or maybe they’re holding mail as usual.)

Also, for all medical visits here at Durham County Jail it will cost you $20, unless you’re dying, is what the nurse told me. I asked for the medical policy and was told that they could provide me so I wouldn’t be confused about how to be seen appropriately. I stated: it was my (Right) to have this information, and was told again there is nothing to give you, but if you’re sick she said, put in a sick call not a grievance cause it usually is the least concern. I said, wow, she sure isn’t educated as the last nurse I spoke with that addressed my needs.

(And thanks to the Post Office for the 1 pair of socks donated to each inmate.)

Also, I’ve heard specifically from inmate kitchen staff that fruit flies / gnats are all over the kitchen and sometimes have crawled onto the food that they serve us. Kitchen staff has also said when they notify the kitchen authority of the issue, they threaten them to mind their business if they wish to continue working in the kitchen. So, basically if you notify staff of these health related issues you’re fired from your kitchen position. I personally witnessed the jails head kitchen officer come to 4C pod and make a mockery of the guy who found the maggots, say strip him of his blue uniform immediately. He no longer works in the kitchen anymore and never will, not while I’m working here. OSHA, please save us. We’re not the animals they’re treating us like. Even a dog deserves and receives better treatment than this. OSHA just needs to come unannounced and justice will be served. Please help us.

-Tony King

‘Racism, hate and unfairness’

July 1 2015

Hello _____, this is B. C., returning a response to your letter. From the time I got here I felt this place was unfit! Racism, hate and unfairness. Included is a list I had started, please write back with phone number or another way to contact you. We get a diet full of starch and carbs, Dr. calls are not properly attended to. 2 women had miscarriages while here! The water is loaded with ?? They keep us dehydrated. Noodles in the store in 35¢ here 80¢ double, sometimes triple the amount! They don’t have properly working phones – so if an inmate was having a medical emergency, they could not get thru – Guards sleeping on the job – told the Sgt. the Sgt. Said well it does get a little boring — ??? We got 4 hours and yes, the medical amount as of today has increased to $20 plus they changed the phone provider that I heard costs more to use as well, how convenient on the same day. I had a cell mate that was off her anti-psychotic meds for 4 days – They do not treat us like humans at all. I got in an argument with another inmate and the guard on duty says I will let ya’ll BITCHES argue and just lock you back. This is all they do. We are treated w/ no dignity – respect – just like animals in a zoo – Dr.’s visits are 3-5 minutes long – They do not listen to you at all – They stopped my meds for no reason, causing me to put in another $10 call. I have a bad back, have I mat and take Tylenol 325 3 time a day, it doesn’t even begin to help. I told them I had constipation so bad they my butt bleeds, they say drink more water – The water is disgusting. The Food is disgusting – Not very much nutritional value to it!! Please continue to work for us and I would love for you to share this info with anyone. My release date in _____ and I would love to help this cause. The system could care less about our health – We are not allowed access to pen/pencil in our cells – no pens at all! Visits are only 20 minutes thru a thick piece of glass! THANK YOU FOR YOUR EFFORTS!! AND YES poors are targeted. Guards laugh at prejudice jokes and love to cause arguments – I can give names.


B. C.

(We need education, literature, and family!)

Attached list of events:

5-6 – Motley swearing constantly

5-6 – Evans answered phone and says “Naptime, time to go to bed + hangs up

5-6 – Guard tries to fight inmate

5-7 – Phone gets hung up numerous times – or ringer is shut off

5-7 – Reported toilet broken – guard says nothing she can do.

5-14 – guards are sleeping

4 30 Put in medical request, Guard Smith said you are white- they will get to you fast