‘We all matter, not just those in higher positions in life’

What’s going on —,

This letter here is in regards to all inmates, the signatures are in accordance with those who are in full agreement of the “First Five Grieving Committee of the Durham County Jail.” The 2nd letter to whom it may concern is not based according to thoughts or opinions, it’s based according to outside resources and research done in accordance to the agencies or departments stated. This letter was written and prepared by —. We’re supporting him in agreement. We would  LOVE to see this taken seriously and put into investigation on such governmental officials. What needs to be done NOW!!!!, which would be nice, is them stepping up and proving all of us in Durham County Jail wrong. I would also love it if you would post this on your Facebook page and tag it to my page. Thanks for all your support. Stay in touch. God Bless You All, IOA. Continue reading

‘Thanks for letting us say what’s on our minds’



How are yall doing? I got to say Thank yall for what yall is doing. I like reading the newsletter and it be a lot of good things in there, too. Oh, and thank you and yall for (offering) to be in the court room for me, but I’m good, just keep do what yall do best. I go to court next month…

I’m ready to leave this fucked up jail behind and move on with life, you feel me? Continue reading

‘The judicial branch of government is made to recycle us’


I’m glad you put me in the newsfeed. I was shocked when I was going through the feedback and ran across my letter, but I was mad when I got to the end and saw the initials –. I don’t know what they stand for, but let me tell you something bro, I’m far from afraid of any sheriff, police officer, deputy or c.o. They bleed like I do so don’t ever hide my name in the feeds, bro, Thomas Clayton (TomTom) should be the first and last thing you see when you read a feedback from me. I want them to know I’m who coming for them. Continue reading

‘Boria has endangered the lives of everyone’

To: Everyone out there                                                                                                        CC: Personal files

From: Pod 3D

Date: Feb 29, 2016

Re: Violations of Inmate Rights that has been protected by the Constitution and state law

We are respectfully reporting that officer Erick Boria has intentionally and willfully violated the unlawful and professional conduct at a workplace policy, which was put in place to form a more perfect union at a workplace, so we may secure the blessings of liberty and justice while waiting on the court process.

Officer Boria has violated the order by imposing vindictive retaliation, creating a hostile and unsafe environment that has put the inmates at high risk of losing complete control and failure to respond reasonably and respectable to perform his job description in a professional and suitable manner. These findings are as follows:  Continue reading

One letter, multiple voices: ‘They do not listen or care what happens to us…’

the following letter features multiple writers. it was clearly passed from one to another inmate, like a telephone.


My name is Vincent. I am writing to you to inform you of what is going on here at DCJ. I put in a sick call for Blood PSI issues around lunch yesterday, 2-19-16 (11 a.m.) Willburn came to get me at 6 p.m. When I got there the nurse took my vitals. BP was 150/90, pulse was 100 and I informed her the meds I was prescribed was making me sick, for months prior. They refused to give me information on the meds they were giving me which indicate the side effects of these drugs. The nurse then informed me to keep taking the drugs. Continue reading

‘There is a lot of c.o.’s who hate y’all–we say fuck them’



How are you? I hope this letter gets to you in good spirits. I’m sorry it took me a hot min to get back at you. I just had a lot going on with my case and I been here going on 19 months, too. SMH. I got to say I do be getting all your letters, too. I also want to thank you all for them feedbacks, too. I like them a lot and whenever y’all put one out just make sure I get one. Continue reading

‘As I was sitting on my bunk:’ a call to freedom fighters


Never mind nothing written on the back here, I didn’t have any more paper. Also, never mind that I didn’t reply to the letter you wrote back to me. This letter and poems you’re receiving is pre-written and my most talented work of art. We’ve been talking for a while about this new revolution that we’re in the process of producing. We’ve also chatted on the idea of a new social class (I like that idea the most). Continue reading

‘The system is full of shit and they know it’

It’s the land of the free, but are we really “free?” I sit in my cell every day and think why are we as black people still enslaved by the system. It doesn’t matter how far along we come, the math always adds up the same. Prisons around the U.S. still house black slaves. 85% (or some such number) of inmates are black, and they make 2 dollars a day for farming and other road jobs. The system believes its better off building a new jail or prison than paying teachers. Continue reading

‘It’s in arm’s reach. Can you feel it?’

Dear —,

What’s good with ya my friend? Everytime I receive a message from you I know somebody out there hasn’t forgot about me. My mood today is about good as it’s gonna get. Really lately my patience has been tested, sometimes I fail sometimes I succeed, feels good to win. For example, a c-o attempted to get me angry and out of character. But I held my composure. Continue reading