Man was created for toil and struggle

In the first of two parts, Alonzo, formerly at Durham jail and now incarcerated and in solitary confinement elsewhere in NC, drops some real knowledge. According to him, revolutionary struggle is not for the faint of heart, and it’s not for those who would give up easily.

Hi soldier. How is you allowing life, and its obstacles, to treat you? Hopefully you’re focusing and acting upon a structural objective, taking into account the possibilities of external matter, that can and so often is out of our hands.

Any great soldier realizes that there’s a balance to maintain–Yes!–the Ying and the Yang. Physical, spiritual and mental must be combined in harmony for a magnetic force. Continue reading

“Illuminati: That’s a whole ‘nother world brother!”

Leonard writes more on art and resistance and expounds upon the Illuminati. It is clear this notion has a good deal of traction among many people and, as this fine piece makes the point, those who dismiss or disparage this idea do so at their peril.

Shalom _______,

As always, you’re welcome for the drawings! Yeah, I’m good but like I said that’s nothing! I plan to send real art in my next letter…You know that’s exactly what I love to do is draw real people! It’s a real rush of joy to actually watch a person come to life!

Oh, yeah the new toilets are nothing but a maintenance thing if you ask me. I hear they’re doing the new toilets to spend less on maintenance spending. The attitudes with the guards have not changed. Yeah, I really haven’t seen any real changes around here. Oh, yeah, we do have this new calling system now. When you make calls you only say your name one time and it’s recorded with your jail number and password so they know it’s you making the call. Just another way for Big Brother to invade your privacy!

Now you asked me about the “Illuminati.” That’s a whole ‘nother world brother. It’s so deep and real that what their about sound straight outta a movie or evil comic book, but it’s real! Now the Illuminati is a very powerful elite group that’s controlled by the elite family bankers of the world. 13 bloodlines such as Rothschilds & Rockefellers and many more. But it’s bigger. Continue reading

“This is Something Very Big!”

PLMdrawingFeb13P. Leonard talks about art, indefinite detention, struggle on the inside and outside, and his favorite jail food: The Swole, a mixture of ramen noodles and chips (often doritos or cheetos), ‘swoled’ together with hot water and wrapped up in a tortilla. As it is a necessity to find something more edible than mess to eat, inmates have come up with the swole. It is often one of the first things taught to a new inmate, and the making of swoles often involves much cooperation and a pooling of resources.

Jan. 29, 2013

Shalom ______, (that’s peace in Hebrew!)

I’m shocked at how fast you wrote back–Thank God! …I turned myself in cause I had nothing to hid. But I didn’t know I would have to sit this long by doing so! Please feel free to put my words and art on display. We need people to read the untold truth about this place! Yes, I’ve been here 18 months. And guess what? I just had court the 24th finally after 7 months of no court date! But I believe there’s a light in the end of the tunnel! My attorney told me they’re trying to give me as much time credit as possible. He said nothing about any time they said I’ll be facing. And they had to talk in hushed tones to Judge Hudson. So I could be coming out time served! I just have to keep praying. Yes, I agree about the justice system and the bigger one that controls them. To me they’re no different than the Illuminati if you ask me. Lol. Well you see some of us in here are down to protest but the others don’t think it will change anything! It makes me mad cause they will be disobedient to the guards on their terms but not protest for the good!

Continue reading

“…Glad to be in Jail Where it’s Safe.”

The following letter comes from Floyd. It was written the day after 3 Durham police officers (from left below: Stacy Armstrong, Ryan Freeman, and Erin Espinola) were arrested for wrongful imprisonment and entering a dwelling unlawfully, but the letter was misplaced until now. One can imagine the inmates looking at News 11 and shaking their heads at the hypocrisy. Not surprisingly, Floyd asks some very poignant questions. As he and others are detained indefinitely under excessive bonds, these three rogues are running free.


Hope this letter finds you in good health and well being. I know you heard of the 3 police officers on the news (11) for charges of wrongful imprisonment, assault and something else. HMMM!
What’s so bad about it, first they’re still on the force, probably with pay, even though they’ve been charged. They didn’t spend one dime or a foot in jail. Now you tell me, how is their crime different than any of the crimes we’re charged with? And why aren’t they behind bars? Are they above the law? Are they what you call innocent until proven otherwise? So, in my situation of self-defense, bond set at $500,000, defending myself against 4 (people), I’m guilty until proven guilty and sent to jail. By the way, I turned myself in. (Law-abiding citizen, I thought) That was a joke (not funny), I’m upset cause I’ve been here now 112 days and still have not spoken to my lawyer. Anyway these so called officers go free, not to jail, where they belong. Continue reading

A voice inside: It’s Time to Take the Banner of Freedom & Justice and Move it Up to the Next Level

Glad to know you are serious about the cause of our rights inside Durham County Jail. I commend your efforts and wish one day to stand and support the cause with you for the inmates and prisoners all across the state. Hoorah, and cheers to you.

Hope [that talk] is heard by thousands who have loved ones incarcerated. It’s a shame to see what our young black youth think of being locked up and forgotten about. They see it as a badge of honor, when it’s really a badge of shame.

I look around the pod, which is really a “tomb” for the “living dead” and the average age of those “living dead” are in the range from 17 to 22 years of age, that’s over 75 percent in this tomb alone (staggering).

I wonder a lot about our species as a black culture. They say that the best way to kill or destroy a culture is to kill off the young and that way we become extinct.

Today, all you have to do is put a gun in a black man’s (boy rather) hand and sit back and watch the “mayhem” it causes in “our” neighborhood, or as the “killers” (white racists) would say “niggerhood.” No longer do we see whites protest any more, you know why? Cause they just pick up a newspaper and smile to see “4 arrested in drive by, 3 dead, and an innocent child, or elder person, or an entire family killed.” This is the madness we must bring forth and expose their plan in order to stop it.

What ever happened to (the) NAACP, civil rights leaders who stood up for justice and our rights to be heard, where a black man felt he belonged and had rights to be heard. Don’t you think it’s time for people like us to take the banner of freedom and justice and move it up to the next level? The lions of our time are getting too laid back (lazy) in the sun. We need for them (Black Leaders) to teach us what to do, how to organize and assemble marches, speeches, protests, and put the control of our youth back in the hands where it belongs, and that’s the parents and schools and discipline. Take it back from the courts and the police. (I scream for this to be done and not heard).

We have to come to the “rescue” and be “heroes” in the eyes of our youth, and stop waiting for someone or somebody, or someday, or some “plan” to arrive. I say today is that day and yesterday was way too late to begin.

…I’ve spoken my peace and I hope to God or to to your understanding you get the big picture here. We need to stop the bleeding and start the re-healing.

Peace to you,

Floyd Harwell

Fight on.