Call-in this Monday to say We Believe Prisoners!

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Prisoners in the Durham Jail are complaining of abuse and exploitation.  Durham County Commissioners have called this “misinformation” and say they would be “totally surprised” if inmates’ claims were substantiated.  They believe the Sheriff when he dismisses prisoners’ voices.  This coming Monday, August 3rd, please take a minute to call or email the chair of the Board of Commissioners, the county manager, and the Sheriff himself and let them all know #WeBelievePrisoners!

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‘They are trying to pass the buck!’

To Inside-Outside Alliance

Hello, I finally received your response to my letter. I feel it was an act of God I received it. Allow me to explain. Your letter was STAMPED RECEIVED June 17, 2015 (two days after you wrote it). However, I only received it when mail was delivered by a substitute jail mail courier with my mail that was stamped RECEIVED June 19. Which means your letter was withheld from me for two (2) days. I feel it was not meant to be delivered to me at all. Continue reading