“Illuminati: That’s a whole ‘nother world brother!”

Leonard writes more on art and resistance and expounds upon the Illuminati. It is clear this notion has a good deal of traction among many people and, as this fine piece makes the point, those who dismiss or disparage this idea do so at their peril.

Shalom _______,

As always, you’re welcome for the drawings! Yeah, I’m good but like I said that’s nothing! I plan to send real art in my next letter…You know that’s exactly what I love to do is draw real people! It’s a real rush of joy to actually watch a person come to life!

Oh, yeah the new toilets are nothing but a maintenance thing if you ask me. I hear they’re doing the new toilets to spend less on maintenance spending. The attitudes with the guards have not changed. Yeah, I really haven’t seen any real changes around here. Oh, yeah, we do have this new calling system now. When you make calls you only say your name one time and it’s recorded with your jail number and password so they know it’s you making the call. Just another way for Big Brother to invade your privacy!

Now you asked me about the “Illuminati.” That’s a whole ‘nother world brother. It’s so deep and real that what their about sound straight outta a movie or evil comic book, but it’s real! Now the Illuminati is a very powerful elite group that’s controlled by the elite family bankers of the world. 13 bloodlines such as Rothschilds & Rockefellers and many more. But it’s bigger. Continue reading