‘Canteen items are outrageously expensive’


Hello —

Thank you for taking the time to write me back. All of the inmates here in medical pod 3C south appreciate your individual and the collective efforts put forth by Inside-Outside Alliance. We have not heard anything regarding the recent death of Matthew McCain. We were all shocked and saddened by the news. Our prayers go out to his family.

A little about myself. I feel like I’m the youngest person in the entire jail, yet I am 18 years old. I have been here for 10 months with no end in sight. Continue reading

‘They say ‘sir’ while kicking the shit out of us’

Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I’ve been busy!

They are continually housing state inmates with county detainees and it is causing problems…I myself have been constantly double bunked with county detainees and am told they can bunk me with whoever they want. We state inmates are regarded as regular detainees, when we are not. I work 35 to 40 hours a week for Aramark without pay, however I eat well, better than the others. I have not seen any caseworker, and they fucked up my release date to keep me here longer. My lawyer…is working to help me get it fixed, but it’s slow going.  Continue reading

‘They treat us as if we’re other than human’

How is everything going?

Well, I received your letter & it came to me as a surprise cause I watch you all out there every Friday thru my window right in the front. So I want to thank you & everyone else for the time & concern you all are giving us here, the inmates of the Durham County Jail. And I do have a few things I would like to shed some light at about the problems & the conditions we are having in this jail! These problems are nothing new. It has been going on for some time! Continue reading

Sheriff smacks his lips, says food is mmm, mmm, good

From William, outside of DCDF:

I spent about two months in the jail and got out last month (October). I worked in the kitchen for part of the time I was in there. That was eye-opening. It really shows what they think of us—that we’re less than human. Or worse than animals. Funny thing though, one day the sheriff himself (Mike Andrews) comes up there, him and one of his Uncle Tom assistants, and they say, ‘Give us some of what you’re serving there.’ And then they’re all eating it, like, ‘mmm, this is good. Ain’t nothing wrong with this food at all. We can’t see what nobody’s complaining about. If it’s good enough for us, it’s good enough for them. Nope, nothing wrong with this food at all.’ If I remember correctly, they ate about three bites, and then they were gone. It was all just a show. The food is awful, not fit for humans to eat (and there’s not enough, anyway). Those guys weren’t fooling no one.


‘I feel like I am in a P.O.W. camp’


How are you? Thanks for the letter, and thanks for your support with Inside-Outside Alliance. Please tell everyone that comes out on Fridays and protest that I said thanks very, very much. I’m in decent spirits but am not doing well at all.

I can speak for myself that medical will and do neglect people. I had put in a sick call telling them that I can’t eat bologna or salami. Their response was we have no control of what food they put on trays, and we do not have special diet trays. So I tried to eat the bologna, and the salami but every time I would vomit, so I sent another sick call to medical and this time their response was ‘get around it.’ Continue reading

Aramark delivers ‘biggest lie ever’ about damaged food trays

a follow up to this story


Thank you for writing back so swiftly. I am so grateful to know God has put and I.O.A. in my path! To answer you about my letter being a copy, the answer is yes. I was blessed to attend — here and — made copies for me. This was because he knew that mail was interfered with when they see you alls name on the letter. I also sent a copy to my lawyer, —. I can’t give you the — name because I gave him my word I wouldn’t involve him. But with that said, he has my full support and also was the person who told me about you all. I have still been subjected to eat from these trays. I go to medical at least four times a week. Continue reading

‘A system that worked against us since birth’


For one I know for a fact that they may just be giving ya’ll the run-around until ya’ll give up and submit. The reason why I say this cause the other day I asked on the kiosk for my next set court date. The very next day they tell me released. News that if I didn’t decide to look further into myself I would have been disappointed. So I put in a well-detailed response stating who I was and what was put as my earlier response from the people who handle that stuff (Idk who). 3-4 days later the response was “No comment given”–like I said, the run around. As for Aramark and GlobalTel, lord knows they’re making a killing. Everything on Aramark is extremely taxed. The new phone company they got–boy! A ten dollar phone card on the outside world is 17 dollars. Continue reading