‘I’m a black male–that’s why I’m still here.’

Hello feedback world,

I have been housed here in the Durham County Jail since April 8, 2016. After checking my house on the night in question, the Durham police left with nothing. But they came back a week later cause the word of a white woman. Yes, I’m a black male, that’s why I’m still here. Thanking God for the change in my life. I’ve been out the system for eight long years. Continue reading

‘It’s hard to give respect when they treat you like wild mules!’

Hello, Peace and Love!

I’m TyQuan MacCutcheon, this letter is deep and means a lot to me…I’ve only been in here for a month and would love to give you feed back. I was taught to get respect is to give respect! Well, it’s very hard to give respect to a c.o., when they look and treat you like wild mules! Like we are a stray pitbull or a gorilla that’s gone wild! It’s sad, yes, we are humans that make mistakes, but it doesn’t give c.o.’s the right to treat us wrong! I’m 23 years old with a five million dollar bond! Hold on! Let me repeat that! I’m 23 years old with a 5 million dollar bond! I haven’t killed nobody! Hold on! Let me repeat that! I HAVEN’T KILLED NOBODY! My bond is 5 million dollars as if i’m El Chapo or Bin Laden. It’s sickening…I’m from Hampton, VA. Durham County is a rip off! From Aramark food to the nurses and also the magistrate! Something has got to change! I’ll be proud when I go home and come back to protest against Durham County Jail! Hampton City Jail is way better than this hell hole!! I am a comrade and am willing to whatever it takes to change this place around! Continue reading

‘What’s wrong with that picture?’

I’m doing good, thanks for asking. I’m really glad you all have reached out to me. To tell you a little about myself. My name is Niajel Slad, 24, and I been in the Durham Co. Jail since Aug. 26, 2015. Mind you, when I found out I was a suspect, I turned myself in. Even though the lack of evidence, my bond is 3 million. The media and police said a lot of inaccurate things about me. They treat me like a monster. Continue reading

‘Something gotta give’

Thursday 6/9/16

Hey —

What’s going on? How are you doing? Fine I hope and all is good and well with you and IOA family and supporters. As for myself, I’m okay, I guess being that I’m still breathing. I want to apologize for not responding to your letters sooner, but I’ve been going through some things. Things that probably 95%, if not 100% of us Durham County Jail Detainees are going through that involves the court system. Things like:

  1. Being held under outrageous bonds (ransoms).
  2.  Not hearing/seeing attorneys for months at a time.
  3. Being held for bogus charges (He say/she say/word of mouth).

Continue reading

‘That’s not my son.’

I’m upset because that is not my son in there. Who I saw is not my son. He’s in there for something he didn’t do. The cops took down a description after a shooting for two guys, dark skinned, 6 foot 2 and 6 foot 3, and they arrest my son, who is about 5′ 7″, and his cousin, who is smaller than me (5’5″). It says so in the discovery. He didn’t do what they’re pinning on him, but he’s been in there since January. I visit him, and it’s not him anymore. He is just torn up by all this. He says he doesn’t have anything to live for, that nothing matters. People are trying to fight him in there, he’s not eating. He doesn’t want to live. That’s not like him. It’s not how he was before all this happened to him. And I worry what more time in this place will do to him.


‘The 360’


Hello, thank you for reaching out to me. Most people don’t understand the stress that being locked up in a building brings a person of my kind. My kind is the kind that works every day to make sure the bills are paid, go to school so that I can one day have a better career, give to those in need without looking for return, and being an all-around family man. Being in here has set me back, way back. Continue reading

‘Everything associated with this jail is a mind battle’

Hey! What’s going on?

I don’t know if you have paid close attention to my letter I wrote about me being an analyst…it was even posted in this month’s feedback under “Point Blank Period” in association with the inside information about Brother McCain’s death and the severe head injury he experienced. I mentioned how the Durham County Jail’s staff would meet the demands being made but also unequivocally cause conflict in the meeting of these demands to continue an uproar in the jail, because its result would boil down to what’s more important. Continue reading

‘It’s messed up when you see people treated like white man’s pets’

What’s up in and out. My name is Donavon Bright along with my cellmate Curtis Jackson. We want to speak out about all the things wrong about this jail. From the molded bread they feed us, to the now COLD shower water, power surges, crooked, hateful d.o.’s, and even the dirty mold-infested showers and cells. This is no way to live. Continue reading

‘We all matter, not just those in higher positions in life’

What’s going on —,

This letter here is in regards to all inmates, the signatures are in accordance with those who are in full agreement of the “First Five Grieving Committee of the Durham County Jail.” The 2nd letter to whom it may concern is not based according to thoughts or opinions, it’s based according to outside resources and research done in accordance to the agencies or departments stated. This letter was written and prepared by —. We’re supporting him in agreement. We would  LOVE to see this taken seriously and put into investigation on such governmental officials. What needs to be done NOW!!!!, which would be nice, is them stepping up and proving all of us in Durham County Jail wrong. I would also love it if you would post this on your Facebook page and tag it to my page. Thanks for all your support. Stay in touch. God Bless You All, IOA. Continue reading

‘If you don’t have canteen you will starve at night’


Thanks for writing me, this is my first and only letter since Nov 31, and I’m in here for B & E larceny and probation violation. I didn’t do my charge, they just picked me up because I was at the wrong place the wrong time, plus I had old charges when I was 18 years old for B & E and they went off my prior record and thought I was back at it. But I was on probation and I had 2 jobs that I’d just started 3 days before I was locked up, so for that I couldn’t make bail because I had no money. But since I’ve been locked up the guards have been making the inmates feel like we are guilty of our charges. Continue reading