‘…more like Durham County Jungle…’

Peace and Love IOA!!!

I hope all is well with you all…peace and love to all the comrades as well!!! Durham County Jail, laugh my butt off more like, Durham County Jungle! You really want to know how is the food in here…Well, let me start by saying it’s some shit. Picture, left over gravy rice, mixed with broccoli, and baby apple sauce on the side. Potatoes that aren’t cooked. Fried chicken patties that are not fried. Fake ass hamburgers. Hot dogs, well hot dogs are so bad I can’t explain them. HOT DOGS SHOULDN’T BE THREE DIFFERENT COLORS! Continue reading

Living the struggle


Well first let me say sorry it took this long to write you back. I’m doing ok, trying to hang in there. What about yourself? Man, it feels good to hear someone is out there who is trying to support the struggle we go through in here. Yeah, we finally came off lockback, but they took away our 9:00 pm (night) walk. And sometimes we get locked down for no reason and come out late, but they lock us back on time, smh. Yep, we still getting inedible food, d.o.’s still abusing and brutalizing us, and still getting denied medical treatment, and now our family can’t even send us stamps. But hope you’re doing ok, keep the letters and newsletters coming. Hope to hear from you soon.

Living the struggle,


T or F: These dishes are not intended for human consumption.



“Aramark is here to stay”

After reading that topic, I hope the news gets better? And it could, if we work together. Just this morning, another inmate sounded off at me. He said, ‘You still writing that shit? You’re wasting these guys’ time. Why don’t you write about something important?’ I’m thinking, ‘This guy’s got 3,000+ dollars on his books. I have .02 cents on mine. I assume, to people here in jail with 3,000 in their account here, I reckon I am wasting my time. That’s really got me primed. Wonder in the mornings which leg he starts with to get dressed. Now back to Aramark, which is teaming up with these people who are currently in control of our lives, and those who are in our circle. There’s not much to life, being in here. Continue reading

‘We want respect’

I don’t know what it is about your mail, but the stamp went through Raleigh on June 2 and they say they did not receive here until June 8. That is a lot of days to come from Raleigh to Durham. Right! But it seems there is always something going on with the mail, not getting picked up or brought in on time. You complain and then you don’t get it at all, and how would you know if it came? Or, it’s like you said they say you can’t have it for some reason.

I am with you and others that snacks and hot trays are too high, but the people feeding us are making sure that we eating just so you have to buy the snacks to get by and the hot tray if you want a taste of home, well the outside anyway. The cost of the food they sell in the jail is way too high and needs to go down. Continue reading

‘This jail needs to be flushed out and reorganized’

Hello IOA,

My name is Bernard Cheek. I don’t care if anyone see my name. I’m not afraid of any man or woman but Jesus and God. I would like to say the medical screening is a joke here, they don’t have the right size blood pressure cuff for my arm. The commissary is too high for the inmates, GTL is making a killing off of inmate phone calls. The hot tray they sell are very expensive. The c.o.s get wholesome food at very reasonable prices. The inmates pay for the c.o.s food, because Aramark, the jail’s food service provider triples the inmates’ hot tray price. Continue reading

DCJ Objective: To cause as much misery and discomfort as possible


How’s it hanging? I pray that God blesses you and all those who are associated with IOA and he provides the resources needed to make a major change, not only in our lives in here but out there in your lives as well. Now what I meant by Durham County Jail “unequivocally causing conflict…” this is the inside scoop. Continue reading

this jail is nothing more than a dressed up trash can

Dear Amplified Voices,

It’s been sometime since I’ve written to you guys, and it has been such a disturbing setting within this jail AKA Prison as usual. It appears that as little things change and not even for the better per se, the more things get worse. We had a visit from an unknown lady that was supposed to be from the inspection department. What she inspected would need to be called basic observation. She didn’t look into the cells. She basically did a walkthrough with the Sgt. displaying a slightly grinned face, asking general questions and not much expecting. This Detention Center is a serious joke that isn’t even funny. You can even be in the right when it comes to protocol and discipline and you’re still made wrong due to the fact that the Lt., Col., Sgt. and officers all lie for each other, eliminating any chance of justice for the inmates, because of the allegiance that they have amongst the officers. No matter how the spokesperson for the jail tries to dress-up allegations that are factual as to the operation of this jail and the conduct of the officers, it’s nothing more than a dressed up trash can.

They have brand new bed mats that are not being given to the inmates, resulting in 95% of the jail sleeping on deflated or badly cracked open mats with you already having to sleep on a slab of concrete. The cells are filthy beyond what an inmate can clean. There is green corrosion all around the water faucet and it has no filter. We even sometimes have to bathe in cold water. Medical is still charging $20 for a head ache pill if you happen to need one. They also pass out medication whenever they feel like it. Just the other day everyone who received morning medication received them in the afternoon. Today, Wednesday, May 25, around 4:30pm, an inmate was denied access into his cell to use the bathroom being made to hold his urine, all because the officer refused to do his job. As the inmate vented about it they locked him back. Upholding whatever the allegiance is amongst officers.

I even heard a female Sgt. joke about an inmate that attempted suicide, laughing, saying that’s what he gets. This took place at between 5:00-5:15pm Wednesday, May 4, 2016, and the Sgt.’s name is Robertson. She lacked consideration for the inmate’s attempted suicide jump. Whether or not this man decided to jump off the balcony or not, it shouldn’t be made into a joke. I heard her making these jokes while I myself was in medical and she was awaiting assistance from medical for the jumper. And I must state when I make my allegations I use dates and time for specification that if ever an investigation is done, surveillance footage and audio can prove I speak the truth. And it will also help narrowing down locating the date and time on that specific allegations. Because as we know within this jail it’s not what you know it’s what you can prove, and I always provide proof.

Also, whoever is in charge of the distribution of the food here really needs to look into how the funds are being spent and what we’re being fed. It’s absurd. Rotten oranges, leftover rice, and other items from days before.

It seems to me that this jail is all about whatever funding it’s getting instead of the professionalism that’s required. Some one else with the correct mind-set should be put in charge of this jail, because it’s just not being run properly. Point blank. There’s also crooked activity going on inside this jail. As far as what the state itself wouldn’t tolerate but they demand that we should follow their rules. Yes, we should conduct ourselves appropriately and very much safely also with respect. However, the employees should live up to these standards as well. If the state of North Carolina and the Sheriff’s Department choose to really look into how this jail is run, it would be very obvious change is drastically needed immediately, unless they just don’t care to acknowledge the problems. And why they wouldn’t shows that justice is something that is dying within this jail and the state of North Carolina as a whole. The power is within the people so says the Constitution of the United States. But when the people do speak collectively our voices fail to be heard. We’re said to have unalienable rights, yet these rights are laughed at and frowned upon. We have freedom of speech, yet our voices are silenced. I believe that right is right and wrong is wrong. But when you ask us to uphold the law, yet the lawmakers twist the law and fail to uphold it themselves, then how can justice ever prevail? It can’t. Cause we are being overlooked, silenced, frowned upon, and laughed at. As the people spoke of in the United States Constitution, together we stand, divided we fall. So tell me state of North Carolina, when will you abide by the laws you enforce? When will you act fairly regarding situations that deserve your true attention? When will you no longer ignore the issues that reside right next door to your court house or does your neighbor not have to abide by the laws that govern this land of Durham NC? So far the actions of this jail and its officers as well as the court that neighbors this jail are a complete disgrace. I guess nothing else matters, not unless the dollar that has no value isn’t involved. We’re just left as chattel with no voice, no rights, no respect and no one who cares. Shame on all those who make the law yet don’t follow it.


Tony K.

P.S. Please send the feedback. I’d love to read what others have to say. I also would write more but I’m limited with stamps. Please use my name and letter for all that Amplified Voices stands for. I will participate in all causes related. Please keep in touch.

‘I love writing, especially when we are trying to get something positive accomplished’


How are you? I’m doing ‘good’ as expected considering these negative circumstances: If I worry about the negative things in here, my time would go by slower and more painful; so I don’t worry. I am just very concerned about the jail and the judicial system! You all on the outside help to build my hopes up high to know that someone is fighting for us inmates in the DCDF. Continue reading

Con un hispano, se portan más racistas/With a hispanic person, they act even more racist

*English translation below*

Hola ________

Soy L.L.L. y quiero dar gracias a dios y a ustedes y a ti que se preocupan por nosotros los presos, no tengo mucho que contar a cerca de Mateo (Matthew McCain), pero para mi crea que fue una negligencia medica su muerte ya quel día anterior el se quejó que ya se sentía mal y no lo atendieron. Tambien estava laqueado porque no salia junto con nosotros.

Referiendonos al trato, para nosotros aqui si no tenemos dinero en nuestra cuenta, no nos atienden rapido, ya que nose cobran 20 dolares. Bueno apenas paso un caso de un hispano que se sentia mal su boca se le estava llendo de lado, y no lo atendian. Ya que por el ingles pero otra persona X le ayudó a excribir en ingles en la computadora la verda no se sabe que escribio la persona X. Porque rapido lo llevaron al medico. Pero lo raro fue que cuando regresó , lo movieron de piso y no se sabe que paso con el. Bueno con respeto a los guardias a veces no nos quieren dar papel hijenico o champu que dan aqui.

Con uno hispano se portan más racistas, y con respeto a la comida, yo desgraciadamente llevo un año aqui y todas las tardes lo unico que nos dan son pan con jamón y bueno ya que uno no tiene familia aqui, que le pongan a uno dinero. A veces los amigos se acuerdan de uno, pero con respeto a la cantina, o a la tienda que vende comidas o articulos que uno necesita, como javon, pasta, sopas’ están demasiado elevados los precios por ejemplo, una tarjeta telefonica e 20 dolares la venden en 27 dolares y cada sopa 89 cent. Bueno, yo para llamar a un amigo en Raleigh, me cobran 8 dolares 10 minutos, es mucho, mucho dinero, espero y le ayude o nos ayude la información gracias y dios los vendiga a ti y al grupo. …. y aqui le pongo 2 anillos de regalo.


rings for amplify voices

HI _________

I am L.L.L. and I want to thank God and y’all and you for caring about us prisoners, I don’t have much to tell about Mateo (Matthew McCain), but for me I think his death was medical neglect because he already felt bad the day before, and he said that he felt sick y and they did not treat him. Also, he was locked back because he did not leave his cell with us.

In reference to the treatment, for us here, if we don’t have money in our accounts, they do not treat us quickly, it already costs us 20 dollars. Also, there was just a case of a hispanic man who was sick, his mouth was going off to the side, and they did not treat him, could be because of english, but another persona X helped him write in english on the computer and the truth is, I don’t know what person X wrote, because they took him to medical quick.  The weird thing is that when he came back they moved him to a different floor and I don’t know what happened with him. But in regards to the guards, they don’t want to give us toilet paper or the shampoo they give here.

With a hispanic person, they act even more racist. And with respect to the food, unfortunately I have been here for a year and every afternoon the only thing they give us is bread and ham, and if you don’t have family here to put some money on your account, sometimes your friends remember you, but in regards to the canteen or the shop that sells food or things you need like soap, noodles, soup- the prices are too high, for example each 20 dollar telephone card they sell for 27 dollars and each soup is 89 cent. For me, to call a friend in Raleigh it costs me 8 dollars for 10 minutes, that is a lot, a lot of money. I hope this information helps y’all, thank you and god bless you and the group…. and here I put 2 rings as a present.


‘It’s messed up when you see people treated like white man’s pets’

What’s up in and out. My name is Donavon Bright along with my cellmate Curtis Jackson. We want to speak out about all the things wrong about this jail. From the molded bread they feed us, to the now COLD shower water, power surges, crooked, hateful d.o.’s, and even the dirty mold-infested showers and cells. This is no way to live. Continue reading