One Year Later, We Still Remember…


Chuy Huerta, Presenté!





















— Art by John Gatton, currently incarcerated in NC






‘The real injustice is in law enforcement and the court system’

Unfortunately, I am old enough and have started my “criminal career” early enough to have done time in ’98 and got to see what happens when people stand together. From what I’ve seen…people don’t do that anymore. The government has found ways to steal America’s backbone. Continue reading

‘The police are committing criminal acts…’


I’m currently incarcerated in Durham County Jail, and was given this address by another inmate who has been here some years. Unfortunately I am not in a great situation financially and am starving for books to read! I read almost anything, but my favorites are: sci-fi/fantasy–Neil Gaiman, R.A. Salvatore; Christian–Ted Dekker, Matt Bronliewe; Mystery/Thriller–Harlan Coben, James Patterson; Nonfiction/Conspiracy–Texe Marrs, Mark Dice. If you could provide anything along these lines I would greatly appreciate it. Continue reading

‘All of which shows the intention to warehouse people’

19th July this is

I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself the Durham County Jail has continuously violated the 1st and 7th amendment of the constitution. I speak on the grounds because you work with freedom of speech but everyone seem to forget mail to communicate with family and friends to make bond all take speech. If you’re locked behind a door for 19 hours a day and night, can’t shower, can’t write nor call anyone to help you to get out it’s a hindrance to life and liberty, Continue reading


the following came with two letters inside, written on consecutive days. 


(along the side) It’s a MOVEMENT I’m with it!! No more jokes NEED HOPE.

From Daquan L. Lewis                                                  July 23, 2014

Dear —,

Put my whole name. I have gotten the letter you have sent me and I like the fact I know that god has answer my prayers to send me someones that understand the struggle a young black man has been through and is a target to the system and fear that I can be beaten by the police and no-one is willing to hear my voice and side of the story. It’s really not the system, it’s the DA and the system WE is up against. They give us court-appointed lawyers and they make us sit so long that when it is all said and done we take pleas for something we have not done just to get free and it is jotted down on our record. And on July 3, 2014 Durham County Sheriff’s have beaten me for something that wan’t mine and was mad I didn’t confess to it. Now I here hopeless not knowing what going to happen. Not once have I seen my lawyer or spoke with her about my case or side of the story. On July 7, 14 Durham County police has targeted me and beaten me and charged with something wasn’t mine. I might have the date wrong about that case. A lot of people in here fear for the worst and the system in Durham County is a threat to our freedom. They wonder why blacks have a rage in the world we live in. Continue reading

‘Watch your backs’

Dear IOA,

Hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits, as for myself I’m making it. I’ve been trying to get my writ of habeas corpus or motion to dismiss…accepted, but all have been denied without actually telling a fact. Each one of my writs or motions have been held under my constitutional right, each effort has been denied, which violates my constitutional rights and also shows due prejudice of the justice system in Durham county. Why, because I’m black. Continue reading

‘It’s never been about the people’

Dear IOA,
I’m honored to have received a letter from you. I don’t know if you picked my name from random off the DCJ website or what, all I know is it brightened my day up. Lord knows I need as much light as I can get in this dark place. God truly does work in mysterious ways. I saw y’all protesting (last week) and it was the first protest I’ve ever witnessed with my very own eyes. I was impressed to say the least. Continue reading

A Great Injustice

I’m a inmate at the Durham Co. jail. I’m also a black male. I have drug charges that consist of 20 Vicodin, 5 $10 rocks of cocaine. I’m charged with trafficking in opiates. The pills consist of 0.03 milligrams of hydrocodone each. My bond was $500,000. It took 5 months to get it reduced to $50,000 plus pretrial release house arrest. I’ve seen people with murder charges get bonds reduced quicker than I did. I’ve also been charged with 3 habitual warrants. I feel that the white officer in charge of these cases is racially profiling blacks. They’re using junkies and convicted felons as police, in which the police department is paying them. There is a great injustice being committed against black and people of color in Durham.

Hear our cries, society

We Inmates treated like Animals? Are we still Humans? DO OUR TEARS STILL EXIST?


Time doing me

I’m a young hispanic 18 year old struggling here in Durham County Jail and over the time being here, I’ve seen and experienced a lot of depression, not only about my situation but the way we’re treated…Do they even remember we’re still humans? I’ve seen what they did to a fellow inmate; he asked to be put in solitary confinement. They refused him; so to get where he felt best he did what they wanted him to do, which was act out, and they went in his cell with 5 grown men and beat him severely. The kid wasn’t any older than I was, probably younger.

Continue reading

‘To be honest, the world is at its limit’

Hi, YingYang

How are you doing? I just going to say this, jail isn’t for me! I HATE IT! I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to go home with my family. I love them soooooooo much! I hate being away from them. I hate knowing that they have to visit me in jail. I was supposed to be bonded out last week, but I guess it was either me or the bills. It looks like the bills won. 😦 OK, jail is crappy, 100%, the police will lock anyone up over anything (truth or lie), they don’t care to me and the world, hahaha, to be honest, the world is at its limit (if you know what I mean), Continue reading