‘I hope and pray that things change for the better for everybody’

From B. T. to IOA 7/14/14

How are you doing good I hope. I am doing OK I guess, still being treated like an animal. How is everything on the outside. I really like the newsletter and thank you for putting my drawing of Scooby-Doo in there. My list of demands is short: to have better treatment as humans, better diets and food for my sickness. Some days I feel too tired to do anything. I try to work out some days to try to control my blood sugar. EPSON MFP image Continue reading

‘Maybe the Fourth of July will mean much more than cookouts and fireworks…’

From B.T. 6-30-14

Are you doing great, I hope. I am OK, thank you for the pictures. They do not have a plan for when my blood sugar goes real high. I am supposed to go to the E.R., but they just help me in my cell because I am an inmate. And one time they did not give me insulin and all because the nurses that was working did not like me. I told my lawyer but nothing happened yet. I go to court on the –th of this month so I hope to be a free man then. I will keep you posted. The food is nasty, mostly starchy, mostly carbs and that’s not good for diabetics, they treat us like cattle in here. But I hope life is treating you very well, and I know there is a lot that can go wrong with me if my blood sugar stays too high too much, but they don’t care because it’s not their health. And that is sad, people should care about one another, but because we’re locked up or made mistakes in life they treat us like scum, talk to us any kind of way, but if you say something back they lock you in your cell. It’s just wrong. I’m trying to organize the people in my pod, but not a lot of them don’t want to put forth any effort, but complain about the things that go on. Well I care for them, so I will not give up no matter what and I think some of the people are scared to speak up for themselves and their rights, but I will keep pressing the issue. Thank you for being our voice on the outside and fighting with us side by side for our rights, it means a lot. Hope you like the pictures, I will have more ready when I get your next letter I hope. It’s my pleasure to draw them for you and the organization, it’s the least I can do and thank you for sending them. Please send some more pictures of vargeta from dragonballz and picaro and Bugs Bunny…Huey and Riley from the Boondocks. EPSON MFP image
And what the fourth of July means to me is freedom, we declared our independence from England or Spain I’m not too sure but we are locked up we have no freedom or independence in here, and to the slaves it was an insult because they were slaves and not free. They were under oppressors just like we are. And it also means to be with your family, friends and loved ones cooking out on the grill, laughing, playing, having fun with my children and loved ones to be able to eat when I want, take a shower when I want, to go outside and get fresh air when you want, to not be told what to do all the time or to be locked back in a small cell like a wild animal in a giant cage. Freedom is not free, for us everything in this world cost to have. They say this is a fair and free nation, but I have yet to see those words true. Somethings are ok, but there is a lot things wrong with the constitution and this nation, so we as a people should come together, talk about all the things that are wrong and fix them the very best that we can. I’m not saying that things are going to be perfect, but they can get a whole lot better. We just need to stand together as one and let nothing stop us or stand in our way. We are all human. Nobody is better than the rest. A lot of us just have some growing up to do then maybe the Fourth of July will mean much more than cookouts and fireworks because we will really be free and independent, that’s what the Fourth of July means to me. Well I’ll wait for your feedback friends. Thank you very much, God Bless You.

‘My blood sugar stays high most of the time’

How are you doing? Thank you for the pictures and the letter. It’s nice to know that somebody cares about us. I have type 1 diabetes. They are giving me the wrong type of insulin. I’m supposed to have Humalog and Lantus. I also have P.T.S.D. And bipolar and schizofronic—I don’t know how to spell it. And they feed me


all the time. As a diabetic I should be on a A.D.A. diet, but that’s not what I get here. My blood sugar stays high most of the time. I am supposed to check my blood sugar four times a day, but they only check it twice a day. I go to court on July 14.
The demonstration was wonderful, and I guess because y’all did it they kept us locked in our cells when we was suppose to come out. But that’s ok keep applying the pressure to them. Continue reading

‘Just because we’re locked up, we’re no longer human’


My name is B. T. How are you doing? Good, I hope. I am an inmate at Durham County Jail. I am diabetic. They do not take care of my blood sugar the right way, and the officers don’t treat us with respect. The food is awful. They act like just because we are locked up we are no longer human, and this is sad to feel like we no longer have rights. And when the people come to do bible study, they rush them to leave. I feel like we should be able to learn all we can about God. And you only get 20 minutes to visit your family. I have five children that I love very much. They mean the world to me. Please help us to get better treatment as people. And can you please send me some…pictures, please, they for my children. Thank you.  God Bless You. Thank you.