‘Not falling for the trick this system uses…’

Jan 4 2017

Dear —

Hello to you all the IOA. I pray you all had a wonderful holiday season. Yes, I’m still here after 39 months standing strong in my faith. Refusing to bend. Not falling for the trick this system uses (waiting you out) hoping you sign a plea for something you did not do! Continue reading

‘Our life and health is at stake’


Medical staff brings meds at different times, 3 or 4 different hours and different times each day. Medication should be taken consistently around the same time daily, not when they want to give it to you. That’s why a lot of medications are not helping because the way they are passed out is incorrect. This goes for the diabetic patients, as well as other medications. They should be taken on a schedule–on time–not when they want you to have it. Our life and health is at stake.I take medication for PTSD and bipolar disorder. I take my medication seriously. As for the jail’s medical department, well, it looks as if they don’t. The pod’s log book clearly will show how off schedule meds are brought in morning, noon, night… Continue reading

Inmates and Family Foil Jail’s Attempted Cover-Up of Death

“Their negligence is the reason my daughter will never meet her daddy”

January 22, 2016

Yet again, the life of a young African-American man has been treated as disposable, this time resulting in death. The Durham County jail continually denied 29 year-old Matthew McCain proper medical treatment, including insulin for his diabetes. Matthew’s family tried to sue the jail last year, when he was incarcerated a separate time, because of the jail’s refusal to give Matthew insulin consistently. Unfortunately, they were unable to find a lawyer that would take the case.

Matthew Pancakes

Matthew enjoying some chicken and waffles.


Ashley Canady was Matthew’s girlfriend and the mother of his baby, Kinslee, who was born on December 6, 2015 while Matthew was still incarcerated. Ashley and Matthew spoke on the phone and wrote often.

Since August 2015 when he was incarcerated, Matthew was continually calling and writing Ashley and his family to tell them that he felt like he was going to die in the jail because jail staff and medical personnel weren’t providing him his insulin consistently. Ashley says,

We asked for his release in early November and the DA said I was crazy. I asked to have him released to a medical facility.”

Last Friday, January 15th, Matthew was in an altercation with another inmate that left him badly injured. He was unable to get up from his bunk and had to have his cellmate make calls for him. He received no medical care despite being bedridden.

Early on Tuesday, January 19th, Matthew had a seizure. The other inmates in his pod continually pressed the buttons in their cells but the D.O. on duty, Officer Boria, did not answer the calls.  Matthew died at approximately 5:30am. It was not until 7:40am that the coroner came. Meanwhile, all the inmates were left locked back in their cells while Matthew’s body laid on the floor for two hours.

Matthew McCain Screenshot

Hours after his death, Matthew’s mother, Vicky McCain, and Ashley were both notified that Matthew had been “released” (this was an automatic or VINE notification of the change in his incarceration status). Vicky went to the jail to pick Matthew up since he had been released. When she got there, Matthew was nowhere to be found. Jail staff evaded her questions about Matthew’s whereabouts. Finally a staff person informed her that he had died that morning. 

Jail staff have refused to let Vicky see her son’s body and she has no idea where his body is. She was told that they won’t let her see the body until after the autopsy.

Ashley received a letter Thursday (1/21) from Matthew that was postmarked on the day of his death, but was written on the 15th.

Matthew McCain should be remembered as someone who would do anything for his loved ones. He was part of the VISIONS Minority Male Leadership Initiative at Durham Tech. He regularly helped with the resident council food drives in the community of McDougald Terrace. He was a loving son, boyfriend, and father.

This horrifying situation raises numerous questions, but we in Inside-Outside Alliance start with this simple one, and implore you to ask the same: Where is Matthew McCain’s body? And we, Inside-Outside Alliance, for now make the simple demand that his mother be told where his body is, and be able to see her child’s body immediately.

We also demand that the autopsy report be made public, and that Matthew’s family be able to view all relevant video footage of Matthew’s last days should they so desire.

To jail staff, Ashley says this:

“I just want them to know their negligence is the reason my daughter will never meet her daddy. I will never hear his voice or see him.”

Matthew’s loved ones ask that everyone share his story widely and demand justice for his death.


Rest in Power Matthew McCain.

And may the criminals in charge of the Durham County Office of the Sheriff, Sheriff Mike Andrews, Detention Director Natalie Perkins, Detention Officer Boria, and all those on staff at the jail have no peace. Everyone in this oppressive system — the jail administration, the corporations like the medical provider, Correct Care Solutions, who profit off the jail, the media and politicians who cover up for the jail — is complicit in the killing of Matthew McCain by collective neglect.

Matthew’s fellow inmates bravely spoke out, risking retribution, to share the story of his death. They foiled the jail’s attempt to cover this up. We owe it to them, to Matthew’s loved ones, and to the memory of Matthew, to amplify his story. Please share this widely.


Below, find the previously issued statement by Inside-Outside Alliance on Matthew McCain’s death as well as some photos of Matthew, Kinslee, and Ashley.


Kinslee, Ashley and Matthew’s daughter, with a shirt Matthew bought for her that reads, “I love daddy.”

Banana pudding

Matthew McCain

Bible Matthew Kaia

Matthew reading the Bible to his buddy Kaia. He was a strong believer.

Ashley and Matthew

Matthew and Ashley enjoying a drink together.

Ashley and Matthew together

Ashley and Matthew together



See below for further information:

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‘The only thing left is to beat me’

Hi, my name is Joseph Clayton. I’m currently an inmate in the Durham County Jail. I’ve been here since January 4th 2015, so I’ve been here since the lockback started. I have several concerns. First, I’m a diabetic. My first two months I wasn’t given the correct medication. As a result, my vision had started getting bad. And I experienced weight loss and weird headaches and dizziness. Continue reading

‘They are trying to pass the buck!’

To Inside-Outside Alliance

Hello, I finally received your response to my letter. I feel it was an act of God I received it. Allow me to explain. Your letter was STAMPED RECEIVED June 17, 2015 (two days after you wrote it). However, I only received it when mail was delivered by a substitute jail mail courier with my mail that was stamped RECEIVED June 19. Which means your letter was withheld from me for two (2) days. I feel it was not meant to be delivered to me at all. Continue reading

Aramark profits while inmate health suffers

May 29, 2015

Dear Inside-Outside Alliance,

I am writing about my concerns dealing with Aramark. Although I could complain about the outrageous prices of their products AND how they influence how DCDF operates, my main concern here is our meals. They consist of too much starch and white bread. I have been here — months. A while back Aramark chose to stop giving us 3 hot meals a day. Continue reading

‘Justice is truly blind’

From Archie S.


How are you doing? Good I hope. Me I’m doing OK. I go to court this month, so that’s good news. Thank you so much for the paper and pictures. You can put this letter in Feedback and use my name. They treat us like we are nothing. They have no respect for us. It’s like we are no longer human. I feel hopeless for the justice system because it is truly blind. They don’t have the right diet for a type one diabetic. The give us our medicine when they feel like it. They do not care about us at all. Continue reading