Durham: We can indict a ham sandwich, too!
































New York State chief judge Sol Wachtler was famously quoted by Tom Wolfe in The Bonfire of the Vanities that “a grand jury would ‘indict a ham sandwich,’ if that’s what you wanted.

‘My paying clients come first’



“The Sixth Amendment, or Amendment VI of the United States Constitution is the section of the Bill of Rights that guarantees a citizen a speedy trial, a fair jury, an attorney if the accused person wants one, and the chance to confront the witnesses who is accusing the defendant of a crime, meaning he or she can see who is making accusations.”

A nation versus itself

Why stand together

As a nation

When we’re at war

Amongst ourselves

Why stand together

In unity

When it’s him versus them

Over there

What makes white

Better than black

When we’re both

Made by man

And why

Make an anthem

In which all

Should stand

We’re all

Separated. It’s our society

Versus them

Why stand together

As Americans

When we’re constantly at war

Amongst ourselves?


Respect and Dignity

Wow, in 4D, this guy named C.B. started a men’s group. It’s not only for the young, but the older men, too. I feel it will help take out a lot of negative energy. We all are going though our own problems. Knowing some days are worse than other days.

So let’s start with respect, cause we all must have and give respect. That’s something that should start with oneself. No matter what anyone is going through we give them their space. And at the end of the day, our unity still stands. Now that’s when we get our respect from the officers, too. They will see everybody is not here to play with them. We let them know that we all are not kids in here. Continue reading