Back to School Thesis

We are students for 4 years, but we’re oppressed our whole lives. This is the sad but true part of the educational/capitalist system that supports this oppression. Before I begin this thesis, I would like to tell the readers what inspired me to write this. I (recently) received a letter from a young woman who is in high school and on her summer vacation is taking the time to learn about activism. She wrote me as part of a project her organization was doing. I enjoy seeing consciousness among young people such as her, and for her I wrote this. Continue reading

‘Coffee is like air, and sleep the cousin of death…’

As my daily routine changes, coffee has become like air, and sleep has become the cousin of death. I’ve been operating on 3 to 6 hours of sleep, my revolutionary studies have reached an all-time high. I currently have been disregarding individuals whose presence only waste time, and I’ve been spending more time preaching my outlook/standpoint on social issues and conditions we face. In any area, my vision has been clearing up by the day, my self-discipline  been worked on also daily. Noticing my influence, I’ve also been trying to tap into the other brothers’ consciousness.
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Response to the Sheriff from the First 5 Grieving Committee

[The following is a response from the First 5 Grieving Committee to the Sheriff’s reply to their list of grievances.]

May 16, 2016

To: Office of the Sheriff.

Greetings to all the Sheriff officials:

I am president and founder of the 1st 5 Grieving Committee of the Durham Co. Jail. We offer our love, hope and understanding to all who read this response. First, I like to thank the Sheriff Department for responding to our grievances!! That shows a great deal of concern on your part; again we want to thank you, keep up the good work.


As you know one of our traditions is to never disrespect an officer; we are a non-violent organization; know that we are proud of you for understanding that. However, we want you to understand we are about change and we seek to have a better work space for the working staff and a better living facility for the inmates. We feel that there is no reason why we can’t come together for this common cause. We feel that we are all on the right track. We also need the staff to know how bad we need to be heard. It’s so sad that we have to tell you that there is some serious issues here that is unbearable for our living quarters.


Again, here are some of them: over excessive bonds that adds up to be billions of dollars; corrupt cops and magistrates that works together to hold us against our will. Unjust habitual felon charges. We want an official investigation; we want the eye-witness news to be notified and we want our family and friends to be aware of what goes on in here, and we will not stop until we do, because we have enough evidence to prove all the facts.


Response to the Sheriff’s Reply:


(1) Our 9:00pm-10:45pm recreation time has not been restored yet. Our dorms (5A, 5C, 5D, 4A, 4C, 4D, 3D) are not administratively segregated dorms. These dorms are regular population dorms in which our 9:00pm-10:45pm recreation time have not been restored as of yet. Some of us can only reach our kin folk on the phone from 9:00pm-10:45pm, but since we don’t have that time restored, we never can reach our loved ones by phone.


(2) High Bonds: I think that since the magistrate office is a part of the Jail Building and magistrate office is housed in the jail, you should take part in trying to change the high bond issue by contacting the right people for us or with us.


(3) Religious Program: Our Gospel music program show is banned for us to watch it. It comes on Sunday morning from 9am-10am. The jail administration has blocked the B.E.T. Channel from coming on. Our Gospel music program come on the B.E.T. Channel every Sunday. We should not be deprived of our Christian program. They blocked the channel (Bobby Jones Gospel Show).


(4) Law Library: The inmates that is not representing themselves is not allowed to check out the law books for a period of time. They only can read them for 20 minutes a week. We should be allowed to check out the law books, so we can have time enough to read and study them.


(5) Education Program: The EDUCATIONAL initiative should be aimed at all offenders in this jail because most inmates here are repeated offenders. I think that the program would stop the revolving door of recidivism when it targets both young and old offenders.


(6) MATTRESSES: Even though some mattresses are replaced by the color blue, still there are old green mattresses that need to be replaced also.


(7) Laundry: There should be a separate day to wash the white clothes because washing the colored clothes with the white clothes makes the white clothes not as clean as they should.


(8) Health Care: The fee for non-emergency visits of $20.00 each visit and the lack of screening new inmates that comes in this jail should be a concern of the Sheriff department as well since the medical department is also housed on the 2nd floor of the jail.
(9) Spousal Contact: If two inmates are married to each other, we feel they should get a visit from their spouse while locked up. The married couple are different than just regular unmarried inmates. Married inmates should have the privilege to see each other at least once or twice a month.


-Emanuel Lennon

‘They use violence to subdue us but we wrong for using violence back’

The following letters came to us late last week.

Here is Genapher’s note of explanation: The one letter was mailed out on 11/9 and returned to me 12/22. The other letter was mailed out on 11/25 and was returned back to me 12/22. They say the address was wrong when I know it was right. Hope y’all had a good Christmas. Please don’t give up protesting. Continue reading

‘I see big things coming and I want to be a part of it’

a comrade writes from a state facility:


I hope what you said was true that there is room in the struggle for me. I have like 60 days left and my time will be up and I can help the cause. I’m so proud of y’all. I was watching the news and I am way on the coast and I saw a segment where y’all was outside of the jail protesting I believe it was the lockdown.  Continue reading

‘It’s unfortunate how little they know about our belief and respect it’

In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most gracious, Though I’ve not been locked up for long I’m sure I speak on everyone in here’s behalf when I say “Thank You” for the petition to end lockback! Al Hamdulilah Ramadan has been going well for the most part, it’s just unfortunate how little these people know about our belief and respect it. I pray Allah accepts my fast being that they only brought my morning tray to me in a timely manner once! Even the non-Muslims in here participating in the fast have noticed and complained. It makes no sense to me how other religions, cultures and races are treated. Continue reading

‘Nothing short of prayer and force…’


You know, — months ago when I first got locked up in Durham County Jail I would hear other inmates complain about the jail and I would say that it wasn’t that bad. “It’s jail, it’s not supposed to be summer camp.” I would hear other inmates complain about the mail and hear them say that the jail was tampering with their mail. I would shake my head and laugh at their unfounded paranoia. — months later, things have changed.

Durham County Jail seems to basically do whatever the hell they want to do at any given time. I recently found out the sheriff, and ultimately the jail, is a “constitutional office that doesn’t answer to other arms of local government.” So basically it doesn’t matter that we all know the indecencies and crimes they are committing—it’s basically: “What you gonna do about it?” Continue reading

‘The D.A. holds you here as long as she feels like it…’


I hope that this letter finds you doing well and in good health. My name is H. D. I am a Mexican-American of — years of age, — when you receive this letter because I will be having my — birthday on Tuesday February 10th. I do speak both Spanish and English. Fluently as well as write it. I have been incarcerated since April and have not been to court once only when my attorney resigned back in November because she did not want to do for me things that she very well could have done. Continue reading

‘The police are committing criminal acts…’


I’m currently incarcerated in Durham County Jail, and was given this address by another inmate who has been here some years. Unfortunately I am not in a great situation financially and am starving for books to read! I read almost anything, but my favorites are: sci-fi/fantasy–Neil Gaiman, R.A. Salvatore; Christian–Ted Dekker, Matt Bronliewe; Mystery/Thriller–Harlan Coben, James Patterson; Nonfiction/Conspiracy–Texe Marrs, Mark Dice. If you could provide anything along these lines I would greatly appreciate it. Continue reading