“They just took a whole hour from us with no explanation”

October 2013


Good to know that things are going well and okay for you out there or as well as can be. Well as for me doing as well as anyone in my situation can be which is okay and well. Thanks for the history lesson. Really needed to hear about some of those things and let me know that. I need to remain strong and focused about uplifting some of these guys and to talk and have them listen about some of these things and try to get them to change their way of thinking in a more positive than negative way. Continue reading

Surveys: “Black people and hard times…for the last 200 years or so.”

How long have you been inside? 20 months

How many court appearances have you had? 0

How many times have you talked to your lawyer? 3 or 4 times

What is the situation regarding your charge? (Awaiting sentencing, awaiting trial, awaiting appearance, etc.?) DA not satisfied with SBI lab results.

Have you been ever been ‘disciplined’ in your time at DCDC, either individually or as part of a group? Tell about it. No

What in your opinion are the biggest problems with the DCDC? The C.O.s not doing their jobs. Continue reading

If I had a place to stay I wouldn’t get in half as much trouble

What’s up?

I’m doing pretty good. Yesterday my (visitor) came all the way from Virginia to come see me and put money on my account. So this is kind crazy because this is my second visit in two and a half months. In a way I feel like my (relative) don’t care about me because she came to see me the first week I got here. She said she would come see me more often and hasn’t. Continue reading

It is all inmates who are mistreated

Although we don’t have all the details about what happened, we have no doubt that the kind of slightly preferential treatment described here does happen. In order to keep their populations from rebelling, jail and prison authorities need to try to exploit any divisions they can, including, and perhaps especially, racial ones.                                                                              


My name is K.Y. I am currently detained in the Durham County jail and I am currently on lockback for 25 days and I fished a pencil out of the air vent to write this. If I get caught writing this I will get 25 days more lockback. I have been here since August 29. I saw two young Black inmates get into a fight. Both separated after the fight and they both kept trying to fight, pulling away from the c.o.s Both were put on lockback until the next morning one gets to come out. The one who didn’t throw the first punch and the other one sent to the hole. Continue reading

C.O. taunts: ‘No matter what, I get to go home’

Hey ____,

What’s up! I’m glad to hear back from you. I’m still waiting for a court date, so in the meantime I’m just sitting here in Durham County jail. I had about 5 court dates in the past 3 months and haven’t been to any of them. I recently had an altercation with a c.o. because she wouldn’t pop my cell door open. Continue reading

Remembrance: “They left that man to wander with no way home or any help”

The following is about Tracy Bost, killed by NCCU police Sept. 23rd. He had been released from Durham jail the day before. We offer it as an important forum for a prisoner to remember him, and to counter media depictions of the deceased as a wanderer and career criminal.

To: ______, Inside-Outside Alliance

From: O.C.

Re: Remembrance

Date: 9/30/13

…(D)id I know Tracy Bost. I knew him very well. He not only slept beside me in the hole, he was my homeboy. Continue reading