Let’s Connect

Have you or someone you know been locked up inside the Durham County jail?  Inside-Outside Alliance wants to hear your experience of being incarcerated, or the conditions that led to your incarceration, or your treatment by the police, courts, and so on. If you have a story to share, please get in touch with us: insideoutsidealliance@gmail.com. We will not publish any names unless we have permission. Anonymous speaks truth, too.

4 thoughts on “Let’s Connect

  1. Hello My name Dorothy I am Matthew McCain aunt, today the Durham Sheriff Andrew stated that my nephew Matthew refused treatment after a fight with another inmate .Also refused his medicines, so many lies , because Matthew would not refused his corrected medicines at anytime, this cannot be the true.

  2. McCain family would like to thanks,some many brave inmates in the jail ,for speaking truth about Matthew .God will bless you for this.And to your question on justice,yes not only for him,but for all the inmates whom human or civil rights has been deny. May God be with you all.

  3. Ha my name is Christine Byrd . I’m Matthew McCain aunt / other mom he was like a son to me and I love him very much. Right now is a lot of pain,hurt. So inside please speak out when the time is right. The more you guys speak out the better. Praying for everyone.

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