On the Work Pod

June 2016

On the Work Pod is an interview with a former DCDF detainee about his time as a “volunteer” worker in the Durham Jail along with selected letters and art from others on work inside.  The pamphlet sheds a scathing light on the exploitative nature of jail labor, even when supposedly “voluntary”.

On the Work Pod

No More Jail Deaths cover

No More Jail Deaths, No More Jail

April 2016

This pamphlet comes out of the struggle to make sense of and demand justice around the deaths of Matthew McCain and Dennis McMurray at the Durham County jail. Please feel free to download the pdf and share it in way you like. If you would like a print copy, please get in touch with us:

Printable version here:


What We Want. What We Believe.

May 2015

This statement was developed collectively by IOA in conjunction with friends and family members of those inside during the 2015 Lockback.  It outlines our understanding of the lockback, our rejection of the Sheriff’s justifications for the lockback, as well as 10 demands regarding conditions inside and and 2 regarding incarceration in our community.

What We Want. What We Believe.

Justice for Chuy means Justice for Everyone / Justicia para Chuy significa justicia para todos

December 2013

This statement is the result of a collective process and represents some of our ideas on events unfolding in Durham as well as the nature of change. We invite people to share, comment, and distribute widely.

Printable versions:

English — IOAStatementChuyEng

Español — IOAStatementChuyEspanol

One thought on “Statements

  1. Matthew was my heart my partner and crime .. It’s been 6 months since he left us .. And the news still havnt got no easier .. It’s still unreal .. I miss him like crazy … Nobody perfect we all make mistakes that shouldn’t be held against nobody .. They said he died from a sezuire that might be true but they could have helped him … Justice still havnt been served they just swepting under the carpet while they might have earsed his name from there mind he is always in mine … I love u chunky( Matthew ) rip thanks for all that inside alliance have done so far keep fighting for justice

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