‘They’re trying to keep you QUIET so everyone thinks things are changing’


I hope this letter finds you in best of health and spirits. As for myself I’m adjusting. As I have written you more than twenty letters since I last heard from you. I haven’t been able to get mail out or in in my name on a regular basis. I’ve written my uncle and wife and lawyers and the Southern Coalition (for Social Justice) and other organizations about things going on and haven’t gotten any replies. Your letter was written by you on May 31st, postmarked 1st June, received here in jail June 4th. I received it June 19th, being 19 days after the time it was postmarked. 19 days from being picked up till I was given the letter as the torn off part I sent back shows. It shows how they’re keeping my mail for I’ve not received a letter of any kind in 6 months or better. I’m (a long time) waiting trial… Continue reading