‘I was in fear for my life. I could’ve died.’


My name is Genapher Page. I’m 22 years old locked up for felony probation violation, 2 counts felony assault inflicting physical injuries on detention employer, communicating threats and resisting a public officer. Here’s the story behind my lockback situation. On 9-26-15 I was told to go to my cell because I was helping another inmate pack her stuff to go to prison so the detention officer Rachael Smith started yelling at me and I lost my temper and tried to walk past her. Continue reading

‘As women, we should stick together more’

I hope you are doing well, also…. I got my final plea offer — 12 years. I flipped out a little, which I think anyone would. I sign my plea Wednesday. I feel like God gave me that much time for a reason. There must be something I’m meant to do in prison. I want to help others with their faith while strengthening my own faith…. I’m nervous about the change, but I will adjust. I make friends easily, so I’ll be okay.

My favorite uncle passed away. Losing family while in jail is hard. It hurt but I am healing.

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