‘The professionalism here is at an all-time minimum’


I welcome all letters, info and visitations at all times that are available (permanently–T.K.)


I’m Tony King and let me first start off by saying my name may be used in any positive form of light that helps contribute to the awareness of what I.O.A. stands for within its public and private affairs. I must admit I am far from a perfect person; however, I am a good person, a person that believes that right is right, and wrong is wrong. With that being said, let me also say I’ve read several feedbacks and agree with all of the accusations that others have made in regards to the Durham County Jail. Now I myself would like to shed some light on some of what my observations have come to see. Continue reading

‘Without the move there is no movement’




I wanted to thank you for coming to visit me and did get to see you all out on Pettigrew Street. I get a thrill out of seeing all of you out there cause you all are doing it out of love for us. A lot of men and women don’t really realize how valuable you all (I.O.A.) have been to us. Your support means a lot. I still don’t know my situation on my pending charges (crazy).

As you know I’m a trustee. The officer came into the pod today and told all the kitchen guys, “If you all don’t go to work today the whole pod will be on lockback!” I thought to myself, ‘Damn–real live slavery. For real. That was some real slick shit on the police’s part, you know. Holding lockback over your head. The Aramark staff didn’t even show up to work this morning. The meals were late today cause the inmates mostly had to put it all together. Oh, yeah, and them trays are still waterlogged and greasy. I would volunteer my time to go down and remove all the bad trays, but I think that makes too much sense/common sense for Aramark or the staff at the jail that knows about this…

Still doin time,

John Weaver

Does the sheriff season his food?: a report from the work pod

From pod 4B (work pod) comes this report:

The Sheriff has started coming to the kitchen nearly once a week.  J—says this definitely has to do with all the struggle against conditions and the complaints cited against the food, and with the sheriff trying to appear like a man of the people and getting called out for being unaccountable or a tourist at his own jail. He’s been eating a couple of bites and trying to talk to guys in the kitchen. Guys on the pod asked him point blank: ‘Why can’t we have salt or pepper to put on our food, to season it a little?’ He gave no answer. “We wonder if he puts salt on his own food,” says J–. As it is, inmates who work in the kitchen (and those who get the food) often use soup packets bought through canteen to get any kind of seasoning for their food. Nothing has improved nutritionally or flavor-wise. Nor has much changed with the cleaning regimen for food trays. There is still food and other substances clinging to them on a regular basis. Continue reading

“A blatant lie and coverup”

Hello Brother G___,

My real name is ________________.  I appreciate all that the Alliance is doing, for the brothers and sisters that are incarcerated in the Durham Co. Detention Facility.  Thanks for allowing our voices to be heard.

Concerning brother McCain, I only know what I heard through the grapevine and the newspaper.  I hope that whoever is responsible, gets prosecuted to the fullest, cause it is a shame that this tragic incident happened.

There are two other incidents that happened, that has be concealed from the public/community.  One is criminal in nature and the other is immoral and unethical, and I hope that something can be done to keep this from ever happening again.

On 12/17/2015, around 0800 hrs, a medication nurse, give knowingly, an inmate (a close friend), unprescribed medication (100-200 mg seroquel).  A direct result of trying the said medicine, the inmate was taken to Duke Regional Hospital’s ER, in a semi-conscious state.  This facility in cahoots with Duke Regional, said the cause of his condition was from carbon monoxide poisoning.  Eleven inmates, two aramark employees, and one detention officer (kitchen security) were all in the kitchen, from 0400 hrs until the incident.  None of us were affected by this carbon monoxide.  Why?  A blatant lie and coverup.  This inmate has not been allowed to return to kitchen duty since.  Why?

The next day 12/18/2015, around 1030 hrs, at least eight inmates, detention captains, two detention sargents, and one detention officer (kitchen security), discovered rodent feces and maggots in food warmers used as the tray assembly line.  Several inmates said that maggots fell/got into potatoes being served, and the Aramark employee on duty, scooped the maggots out, and ordered the inmates to keep putting those same infested potatoes on inmates trays, being served for lunch.  This is as inhumane as it gets.

All of us incarcerated in this facility are somebody’s father (grand) or mother (grand), brother or sister, son or daughter, uncle or aunt, and/or husband or wife.  We are not caged animals that will eat anything to get nourishment.  

They took the infested food warmers out, and I was personally told by the deputy director (Lt. Col. Perkins), that new food warmers were in the warehouse waiting to be delivered.  A week later the same old warmers, a little cleaner, were brought back, and we still use them as of today.

I feel my health, walfare, and safety is in serious jeopardy, because of the severe incidents that have taken place in this facility in the last year.  I am a navy veteran, with health problems (liver damage), that are not being addressed properly either.  The VA Hospital has a treatment to cure this and I have been denied access to this treatment.  TOday, I took a plea bargain, so I can leave this facility in the near future, so I can get the proper medical care.

Hopefully, this letter can get the ball rolling even more, so current or future residents at this facility can be healthy and safe.

Thanks for lending an ear of concern.  I will write in future as to my whereabouts.

  • FV

‘Things changing slowly but surely’


What’s up IOA

One day I was out for my 1.5 hour walk and I realized something…Everybody looks forward to mail and visits. When it’s all said and done I know I and have seen people cry after a visit. It’s people in here that got kids out there in the world that need them. It hurts me real bad. I really do feel for them. I hate seeing people sad. I hate that we all in here hoping and praying that we get a letter or visit or money on our books. I wish/want better for my people. As far as myself go, still trying to shake the fact that I’m still in my room, still locked back/admin. Hate this place. I’m not an animal. Officers come up to me a lot and tell me they hate the way they be treating me and it’s officers that be like they know I’m not the person they trying to make me out to be. I’m really a good-hearted person if you took the time to get to know me. Continue reading

‘I can’t even give a name to it…’

Jan 1st 2016


First off I want to thank you and all those that has been protesting for us every Friday. I also got in the window New Year’s Eve to watch you guys march. I honestly don’t know where to start! After reading the newsletter from the other inmates they pretty much narrowed it down. Continue reading

Top Ten Problems at Durham County Jail

Dear —

We would like to thank you guys for all the support. We would probably still be on 23 and one if not for you all. We appreciate all of the long hours that you all have put in this summer and all the time you’re putting in now. We really believe that what y’all are doing is making a difference and you have our gratitude. Please keep up the fantastic work because although you all have accomplished a lot there is still more we have for y’all to do. We have a list of concerns that we would like for y’all to help us with. Continue reading

‘So unsanitary and unorganized it’s nerve-racking’

Hey –,

I’m doing ok. I appreciate you taking the time to write me. I’m gonna get straight to the point, this place is so un-sanitary and un-organized it’s nerve-racking. There is throw-up on almost every cell wall in every pod I have been to, which is — and –. I am guessing that the throw-up comes from addicts coming here and withdrawing or detoxing. We don’t have toilet brushes to clean out the fecal matter from the inside of the toilet bowl. Continue reading

‘They don’t care about us’

From a friend to a friend


Thanks for the letters. I’ve been doing this time alone so your letters are really, really appreciated. Your time and effort you give up to reach out to me for support and help mean a lot. It’s crazy, cause you sent your last letter May 31st. I just got it like a week and a half ago. Crazy, rite? Anyways, I’ve read the feedback paper you sent and shared it with a couple people. We all are grateful for the things you and the organization does for us. We have four straight hours out a day now, so that’s better than before and you all got something to do with that. I’m in — now. I’ve been here for like two months. Far as visits I really don’t have any and haven’t had none in about 6 months, so if you wanted to come visit I would appreciate it.  Continue reading

‘I think the best way to investigate is undercover’


Yes, I was let out of my cell to “call my dad.” After repeated attempts to get in touch with him to no avail, the sergeant said she would check with the lieutenant who originally took the call. Five minutes later she came back with a new number and said that either my mom or grandma had died. Well, since I didn’t have a grandmother—I got really worried. I called the number and the guy said, “Who is this?” I said (my name). “Goddamnit! They gave the message to the wrong guy! I’m gonna call the fucking sheriff.” (me, feebly): “Ok, sir. You have a good day.” I didn’t know what to say. Yes, more signs and proof of the incompetence of our great D.C.J. Continue reading