Poetry: Black Man Listen

Black Man Listen

Before we didn’t have to curse u and yell like this

Things were different b’fo we got on

dem slave ships

Back then u vaulted ur queen’s


Wasn’t no trouble gettin yo ass to


Seems now yellin is tha best way to

get ya fuqn’ attention

Back then, a queen was her king’s

fuqn- equal

But then ya massa told u that we

were beneath u

Now it seems u only copin’ everything

that he do

N u wonder why black women have


Ignorant to the fact that we have

ALWAYS stood by u.

N on God’s green earth but NOTHING

Above u

N now when we need u much more

Than ever

U wanna bail cuz u jus can’t

take tha pressure

So u put it down, n I pick up

tht weight

N u like, yeah its ‘bout time dat u

gettin’ a break

Forgettin’ all the other ways I’ve tried

To help u

Forgettin’ even still, tht my load is

Heavy too

Ever since tha white man has conqured

Our families

Black Man u’ve got nothin’ to say

To me

I stand by n try to warn u of the

Dangers still

Tellin’ u it’s gettin’ closer and the threat

Is real

U gettin’ all mad and u acting


When he gonna see tht I am NOT

The enemy

He right there smiling in yo face

Distracting u wit in ya life wit style and grace

Pacifing u wit all the things u desire

(money seduction)

All the while, eyes closed, u headed straight

For hell’s fire (self-destruction)

N I’m steady tryna warn ya ass

But the devil’s got a hold on u wit a

Tight ass grasp

So tell me how wht tha fuq am I to


When I’m fightin’ wickedness n yo ass too

Fame n’ Forture are ur main destractions

White women is a fatal attraction

Black women is ya #1 subtraction

Self-destruction is two-thirds of this fraction

Add a drug, fuq it let’s add some more

Now the DEA come knockin’ at yo door

Subtract the black man

Then all u have is me

Already two kids

Pregnancy makes three

And the saga continues painfully.

  • Conscious Mind

“All I see incarcerated in here are a majority of my people.”

Since it is still here, let me elaborate on the winter’s bite of the frosty winter nights within the neglectful walls of the Durham County Jail. As temperatures drop, the brick and metal holds tightly to the cold within the harsh facility. Nothing but a mocking cool breeze blows through the vents of most cells, if any at all, of the Durham County Jail. In the dead of winter, as temperatures decline to 14-25 degrees, no heat is blowing to assure the inmates stay warm. No extra blanket is offered, and any inmate that requests one will be laughed at and declined. Nothing more than an extra thin sheet to keep your teeth from chattering and your body from shivering caused by the bitter cold. And that was just to the women. There can only be hope that the male inmates received the same.

If you are lucky enough to have someone on the outside able to scrape up a couple bucks in this dwindling economy to add to your “books,” you may be spared by purchasing some long johns. For the costly price of $5.98 plus a .02 cent tax, you can buy the top and bottom each for a total of $12.00 even. And even with that you can still catch inmates shivering from the cold that lingers because of the brick and metal building and cells. That is a steep price to pay to still be cold.

I understand that jail was not meant to be a place of comfort, but a place where presumed criminals are held until proven guilty. Unfortunately, statistics show, and my up close and personal experience proves that the majority of inmates that house the Durham County Jail as well as other jails and prisons across the American injustice system, are African Americans males and females. Most of which are being unjustly held with ridiculous unaffordable bonds over their heads, for charges given by lazy harassing law enforcers, who help to continue the injustice cycle.

I can say this with the utmost certainty because I am one of the many African Americans who has fell victim to the unjust American dream. I can bear witness in Durham County alone, that so far, all I see incarcerated in here are a majority of my people. One trip to the library, I had only a glimpse of the many male pods that make up this facility. From my viewpoint, I witnessed exactly what I had always expected; every shade of melanin from our lightest and brightest to our darkest and richest shades and not a single white male. Now, I am not saying that there are none. And there are many pods that I have yet to lay my eyes upon. But one fact remains: jails and prisons all across America hold a majority of young Black African American males. On observing this, once only speculated truth, I was also able to find support for another racial theory. Not only do we populate the majority of the facility as inmates, but as employees as well. And, for some reason, no matter what government position black females hold, they tend to be the ones “power trippin” the most.

Furthermore, just as America would not and could not be that which its greatness is today without our people’s demise, both African and Native Americans, so too would this injustice system be powerless without our help and aid. So now then, whom shall we truly blame? Meanwhile, the inmates in Durham County Jail are still freezing their assess off and suffering the cruel and unusual punishments of the American injustice system before they are even convicted or proven guilty.

  • Conscious Mind

I’m just ready to be free

How are you doing? Thanks for taking an interest in me and my case. I really need all the support that I can get.

No I didn’t wait to send that letter off, they just slow at things in here. But I received your letter that you wrote on 1-17-18 on today which is 1-22-18.

Yeah I’ve been in this nasty filthy environment almost a year and a half, I’m just ready to be free.

I’m an innocent man fucked up for someone else having drugs – that shows you the system does whatever they want to people. It’s a lot of people in here going through similar problems like mine so it gets hard at times because they will jack your bonds up high and put your court dates off so far that people will tend to forget about you.


Well, I’m not gonna talk your head off too much. I appreciate the love and support.


I am all for u and your movement

How do you do? I have heard so much about your program. That’s why I had to write you back to let you know I am all for u and your movement. You ask in your letter how have I been treated? I feel that I’m being subjected to unusual punishment, due to my case.


I was just thinking about this program and then you wrote me. That’s good of u to ask me. Ecclesiastes 9:11. That’s a good one to read.

Justice desires for us to protect the weak

Hey u! Smile! I truly hope my letter finds you and your students in extremely wonderful health and having a great new years! I want you to know that your letter reallllly made my day and gives me a lot of hope! It means the world to me to know that you care about me and that you are helping me draw attention to our plight! Thank you!

It blows me away to know that you are having discussions with your students about my prisoner’s situation! I’d really like to know what you think about what I bring up on my blog, etc….

You asked me if there is any questions i think they should reflect on? Sure! Smile! What happens to weak people or people who can’t defend themselves when we don’t protect them? We live in a cruel world where a lot of people prey on the weak, handicapped people, the old, and others that are not able to protect themselves! I think Justice desires for us to protect the weak and to speak up about injustice regardless what it is! I won’t lie I haven’t always cared about others! When I was a kid I didn’t value my own life so I can honestly say I didn’t care about others! It took being raped and beaten bloody to open my heart to other’s pain and suffering! I grew up in a rough world and when I came to prison it was even crazier! After I was hurt, I noticed what happen to me was going on all teh time but before this happen I didn’t realize it – or cared – we learn to mind our own business! But after this happened , I had a deep deep need to help the ones that were being hurt, etc! To me there is nothing that feels better than to be able to help someone that is being abused, etc! To see the relief in their yes when you stop someone from hurting them or standing up to someone that is mistreating someone! I will be honest with you – I don’t like sex offenders – but I don’t think anyone has the right to hurt them, mistreat them and if I see someone doing it – I set my own feelings and pain to the side and stop it from happening because hurting someone isn’t riht! Over hte years I have changed my views about them – and I have a few friends that have sex cases – I learned that they are only repeating what happened to them. Hurting them isn’t the solution!


Anyways, Thank you for the card! If you would like to stay in touch don’t be afraid to write!

…Once again, thank you for caring! It really gives me hope that my future will be brighter!

Love ya,


W… (Wake County)

“They need to fix the law and keep these officers in check”

Dear C__,

This is G. K. I am here waiting to go to court Monday for probation violation. This is crazy that you must be at home when you don’t have to be in at a time given by the judge. I see if I had to be in at 7 pm but I just have probation. They need to fix the law and keep these officers in check on that. Because we have family’s and job’s out there and unless the judge gives a person a time to be in why do we have to be there when the probation officer comes. And the meds here aren’t the right ones that I take on the streets. The meds here are cheap and don’t work the like meds on the streets does. And they take their time seeing you in medical. Things around here need to change “SAP”. We need help in here. Thanks for helping us and I could use a book or two. Thanks,

Sign G. K.

“It’s an emotional rollercoaster you go through”


It’s B___ or ____ is my nickname. I’m currently in Durham Co. Jail and tell you the truth, I’m getting my life back in order. I’m in here for a simply assault & damaging property. This is my first charge in Durham (if my boyfriend doesn’t show up for court). But not my first time in jail. Since you want to know what goes on in the inside, I’ll be happy to share my experience.

When you (or 1) first get here, it’s a emotional rollercoaster you go through. I cried for the first 3 or 4 days when I got arrested. If you don’t get bonded out, you have to wait to see the judge. So my bond is $150.00 with a bail bondsman & I’m waiting to see if my friend can get me out. (The one I got the charge for.)


As you sit in here, time goes slow & you have a lot of time to think about things. On my part I choose or GOD choose me to get back closer with Him & I did, it feels good too. So I read a lot of the Bible and have bible study with my cellmate. And we laugh & joke & talk about the way we’re going to be when we get out. So it has been a positive experience for me this run & I’m going to stick to it.

The down side of being in there is, you have lockback if a person does something wrong. It’s not enough food if you don’t have $ (money) on your books. So all you think about it is something to eat. (Like me, I have no $.) You can’t sleep because it’s uncomfortable with the mat you sleep on & 1 cover they give you. It cold in here in the winter time. Also people fight & it can get overwhelming or for real it can be exciting. It can get boring because of the same routine everyday. We play card for entertainment, watch TV, talk on phone, & to each other and sleep.

So now you know what it’s like, but it’s really what you make it. GOD show me a lot being here within 1 week. Sometimes, it’s best to sit still & pray for the better. Good change is good for you. I’ll be out of here soon, next month 2-26-18 or when I get $150.00 for my bond.

Thank you & Hope you write back. I’ll tell more or come see me.