‘I think a community investigation will cause a lot of attention to be drawn’

Hey —

What’s been up? Guess what I found in my property when I made the move? All those great books that (Internationalist Prison Books Collective–Durham) sent me, but unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to bring them into the prison, but I did donate them…. Continue reading

‘They use the jail to break a person down’

The following letter is from someone now in a state facility.


…I got the feedback and read it. It does bring back bad memories of that place (DCDF). I couldn’t believe the sick calls have gone up to $20 a visit. With the jail overcrowded, look for A LOT of pleas being taken.

They use the jail to break a person down to accept a plea. That is why the bonds are so high sometimes.  Continue reading

We need an independent investigation—ASAP!

by Cynthia Fox


As-Salaam-Alaikum (Peace Be Unto You)

Hi, I’m the parent of an inmate in the Durham Co. Jail, who has been incarcerated for over two and a half years.

I am so very disgusted with the so-called policies and protocols implemented at the Durham Co. Jail. People (inmates) are still sick and hungry! The $20 fee to see a doctor is a big joke since they only administer aspirin for everything! Continue reading

‘I see big things coming and I want to be a part of it’

a comrade writes from a state facility:


I hope what you said was true that there is room in the struggle for me. I have like 60 days left and my time will be up and I can help the cause. I’m so proud of y’all. I was watching the news and I am way on the coast and I saw a segment where y’all was outside of the jail protesting I believe it was the lockdown.  Continue reading

‘The sooner I’m home, the better’

Good afternoon —- (IOA),

My name’s K.M.Q. You might recognize my name because I’ve written your organization before from a Durham County jail facility. I am a federal inmate, so due to that fact I was moved to a federal holding facility. I just turned 19 years of age and getting ready to be sentenced to a ten-year bid on October 3rd to federal bureau prison. I know there’s consequences to our actions, so I’m prepared to do this time. Continue reading

‘It’s all a ploy to leave you struggling, penniless and prone…’

Greetings —-,

I sincerely apologize for the tardiness of my response to your letter. I’ve been in sort of a “funk” here lately. It comes with the territory. This place can make you lose who you are if you allow it. I sometimes stay inside of my head too much wondering, ‘Why me? What if, what could/should I have done to avoid this…Thoughts of my daughters and family matters can be overwhelming at times and I go into this sort of “funk.”

I’m doing what’s required of me, in order that I’ll be able to submit my request transfer request whenever the time arises. I don’t want any infractions or disciplinary problems to hinder that. So, I’m pretty much what you’d call “a model prisoner.” Continue reading

‘There’s good reason not to stand up: Fear!’

from a former Durham inmate in a state facility.
Hello. It’s been 1 month since I received your letter and I apologize for sitting on it this long. In your last letter you wrote: “When a lot of people are close together and are getting screwed in the same way it is a ripe place for organizing. Eliminating distinctions or divisions, and struggling, as a group, for the lot of the most oppressed among you and with the goal of expanding your ability to fight collectively in the future, is a good way to approach such situations.” Continue reading

‘The state in its infinite wisdom’

…As to DCDC and mail…any news from NCPLS or NCACLU? …I think I sent you a case I had on mail correspondence: Wolff v. McDonnell…I believe that to be prevailing law on this issue…but without access to research materials I can’t know for sure. Speaking of which, enclosed is the response to my appeal of one of your correspondences to me. DENIED, but check out  the DATES. I had three days to choose what to do with it. Well, I didn’t get it until 3 days after the date!!! I can’t file a grievance because I’m grieving issues with medical right now (only 1 grievance at a time). Continue reading