‘A Plea’

We R the champions my friend

Til the End

Yet we gotta keep on fighting

Frown or grin lose or win

Conception, cursed! Born in sin

Thinking life’s the worst! It hurts!

Never again putting myself first

I’ve got 3 kids and life is too

Short 4 what it’s worth

And what I got I can’t hide it

Watch me burst – through – wit’

My pen & pad & verse – You! – best act

Like you know before you’re submerged

In sh**, too deep. Pay attention & peep

A style that’s terse. Witness ME emerge

From the depths of the sea. From Pluto to

Earth! It doesn’t get any better than

  1. Since birth I was born to do the

Damn thang! But…

With no opportunities and a lot of bad luck

You still wonder why it seems niggas don’t

Give a fuck? We stuck! In this ongoing

Age of oppression. See someone’s gotta take

The stage & teach ‘em a lesson. Teach us

Lessons like Martin Luther King Jr. Or Malcolm X

No more wondering or guessing! Explosive in our rages!

Us niggas just can’t escape the cages.

Somebody’s gotta take the stage. It’s outrageous.

And I’m stressin! You stressed da

Fuck out! You know what I’m talkin’ bout?

– Jamie Ruffin

‘To keep us young, dumb and blind’

Sunday, 14, 14

Hello —,

How is everything going sir? I hope well and good. I really thank you for your help again man. The 48 Laws of Power has arrived and I can’t stop reading it. Wow, some time you want get an understanding trying to study it, like my grandmother always say ‘can’t judge a book by the covers, take the time to read it.’ Try cause to me I don’t understand just scanning through it, I really have to read it. But back to the laws of power, some of these laws are quite simple to live by, but what’s hit me is it teach you how to destroy a person mentally and spiritually. I think this is some deceitful stuff in this package. Continue reading

Jailhouse Anthem

A hell of a way to live our days
Waking up each morning when somebody yells ‘trays!’
Police telling me when to eat and sleep
Now they saying I can’t have a pencil to keep!
Man all of this is more than I can take
In the cold of the nights, I get the shakes
Pod preacher man says love and peace
But he ain’t cured my homicidal tendencies
Look at the bright side, some of them say
And I in my abject misery
Kneel on the floor of my cell and pray
That someday I can return to society
I promised God a better man I would be
And to lie to Him is the worst of sin
Time to be the man mom wanted to see
And be a father to those children
One day coming I could have it all
Using the talents God has given me
But right now I just stare at cinderblock walls
Wondering if or when I’ll ever be free
I say the facts show I am innocent
But my public defender says that they’re irrelevant
Yeah I’m locked up but don’t offer me a plea
That is just going to annoy the hell out of me
A plea that I will have to refuse
Because I’m stuck in jail wrongly accused.


This “hell”



I apologize for not replying to your last two letters, I’ve been awfully busy preparing my case which goes to court Tuesday. I’ve received all of your letters, at least I believe I have. Also, I got a letter from (the) attorney.

I “thank you” for the words to my requested songs. I’ve enjoyed learning them and I’m trying to sing them much to the dismay of my neighboring cellies Ha! Ha!

Hopefully I’ll be out of this “hell” and as soon as I get situated I’ll get in touch with you all, wish I had the phone number. I will write giving you my phone # so you can call and we can enjoy a real conversation. I have a list of discrepancies about this “Hell” jail. I’m looking forward to meeting with you.

yours truly,

C. H. B.