‘When a C.O. or Police Officer does something…’

A young prisoner reflects on another young person’s death at the hands of police and ‘the law’ being above the law.

What’s up, ___. I’m just surviving in here. My lawyer told me I’m going to prison. Guess what? I’m locked back again. This time I’m in the hole. Anyway, I did get the items you sent me. Thank you. It is crazy how that 17 year old boy (Jesus Huerta) got killed. Continue reading

Tensions are building between blacks and whites

Besides perceived preferential treatment based on race, the writer weighs in on less rec time, library services, and toilet paper.

Wow, Almost a Year In!


It’s me again, would like to touch back with you and give some of the current events of what has been going on in the jail. One of the issues I think I should let you be aware of is a fight that broke out in pod 5B Oct. 27 at about 4:30 pm. Now I am going to tell you that this was between a black guy and a white guy. One of the guys talked shit to the other, provoked him to fight and come into his cell so the white dude was young and thought he had to prove a point and himself so he went into said black dude’s cell and they fought. Continue reading

‘How can I do something about officers that are above the law?’

We have gotten other reports of c.o.s wearing special gloves to beat prisoners.

My name is —. I’m currently housed at the Durham County Jail, but I am awaiting transfer to federal custody so I should be leaving sometime soon. My question for you is what can I do about being assaulted twice by detention officers here? I was beaten pretty badly. Continue reading

Pencils, cold cells and whuppings

October 14

Just to give a little what is going on, I’m pretty sure you heard about they are taking everybody pencils from them. They want us to come to them and get the pencils so they can put your name on a sheet of paper, letting them not forget you have a pencil and after you write your letter they want it back and you are pretty much where you’re being watched. Continue reading

I’m never coming back to the hole

Oct. 2013

The ban on pencils in cells, oppressive and severe as it is for everyone, is especially severe for those who are punished further in being sent to the hole. But, as the letter shows, the prisoners can still find a way to beat the rules.

Hey, ___,

I’m doing good. I only got one more week until I go back to population. These 25 days have gone by pretty fast. All I do is read, look out the window or do puzzles. Thanks for sending more books, I hope they get here soon. Continue reading