Lock back mode


Thought I would write and tell you what’s going on in the Durham County Jail. I’m sure you’re aware that our free time has been the hours of 9:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m., 4:00 – 6:45 p.m. and generally sometime between 9:00 p.m. and 10:45 p.m. On March 6th all of that changed. Now we only get out of our cells six hours a week. The whole jail has been on lock back mode since and they’re trying to do it permanently they say. It’s like a damn maximum security prison. I’ve been here almost 9 months and still haven’t been to court or given a plea. The food is alright except for dinner. They give you two sandwiches, cake, applesauce and that’s at 4:30-5:00 p.m. That means you have to go 13 hours with nothing to eat if you don’t have canteen till the next morning. I’d appreciate it if you could let everybody know what’s going on in this F’d up place.

T. S.


During demonstration, c.o.’s threaten to beat and taze inmates

Hey, —,

I’m glad to hear from someone like you and what you stand for is a real good thing, man. I was sitting in my cell reading the letter you sent me and I seen in one part of the letter you ask me if we could hear or see you all. Yea, we could see y’all outside the jail and on the news, too. Continue reading

‘Undercover’ Racist C.O.s

To who it concerns,
Let me introduce myself. My name is not important but they know me as Demon. The reasons I’m here are also not important. This letter only has one purpose. Josebird
Let me begin by telling you a little of Durham County Jail. There are 5 floors and each floor has 4 pods. A pod really contains 48 doors/dorms with #s. 16 of those dorms are double-bunked, meaning having two beds in it. The rest of the 48 are single-bunked. There is only one t.v. that the whole pod shares.
I’m 17 years old, and a Hispanic male. Durham County Jail (DCJ) offers only 1 hour of Hispanic television and only the news channel. I think that Hispanics should be able to watch more than 1 hour of TV throughout a whole day. Personally I don’t complain since I’m bilingual, yet there are others who think that and I just thought this would be an opportunity to tell others of this.
I think that some of the c.o.’s here are ‘undercoveredly’ racist. One example is the one of a c.o. name Cole, white male, looking fat, about 250-270 pounds and only 5’5″ or 5’6″. The incident that occurred was early in the morning when I happen to be watching TV. The channel was on the sports channel and everyone was tired of it. I got up and went to C.O. Mr. Cole to try and get the channel changed. When I asked “can you change it to 71” (and I quote everything verbatim) and he responded “change what” with a sarcastic voice. Common sense that the only thing someone can “change” there is the t.v. Someone else overhearing us came and said “Can you just change it to channel 71, damn, why you have to be like that?” Soon as he was done he walked off and Cole said “you can’t say please so I’m not changing it.” I responded “Yo, just change it, please.” He asked “Where are you from?” I said “Honduras” (yet I was born here). He said, “If you’re gonna come to this country and speak English speak it right.” I got irritated and said “Man, why you have to be racist?” He said “I’m not, I’m just saying you need to learn proper grammar to ask me to change the channel.” I was so pissed off I walked away since I couldn’t do anything about it. My boy J. P. was witness to this.

‘It’s ok, they are going to get theirs’

May 28, 2014

Dear (IOA),

Hello, how are you doing? I’m doing OK, I guess! I’m ready to leave this place and go home to my family. You’re welcome (about the drawing), I’m drawing another picture. It’s four pages taped together, so it’s like a mini-poster. I think y’all will like this one, too. I’m putting a lot of people on this picture.

This place really makes me sick. I’m tired of eating the same food, every week. Probably if we had real cooks, and real food, this jail “might” be a little better. Maybe!!! I’m restless, my body hurts because of the mats they give us to sleep on. We don’t come out enough. I hear stories about other jails, and stuff and they stay out all day until it’s time to lock back, when it’s time to go to bed at night. This jail is so crappy, when we get money and buy our own food and stuff, it’s soooo expensive, but when they bring us our trays, the food “they cook” is processed. It’s not real food!! L

These guards that work here needs to know how we feel. They need to be in our position, and we need to be in theirs and treat them how they treat us and see how they like it. It’s ok, though, because they are going to get theirs, all this bad stuff they’re doing is going to come back on them all.

But anyway, if you can, can you send some pictures of Naruto, DragonBall, One Piece, Arkuma from Street Fighter, and pictures of different types of dragons.?Thank you a lot!!


F. B.

‘The people believe with all their hearts that they need the system to survive’

from a “convict” in a state facility.

Hey (IOA),

How is it going? It’s funny because I’ve been here now for about 2 months and I’ve finally settled in so I was going to write you to say hi and see whats going on and all of a sudden I get a letter from you.

First off, I’m doing good, I mostly live inside my head because it is the only place “they” cannot affect. I stay busy by working out, playing soccer, volleyball or basketball and I read a lot. I also just recently got a job in the kitchen on the morning shift. I make 40 cents a day I think, the highest paying job in there is $1.00 a day so what people say about slavery is correct. We get to eat a little extra but if you’re like me you take as much as you can, fuck them. If I get caught they will probably fire me, but I won’t get caught. Lol. Continue reading

‘If they catch a body, they get away with it’

What’s up, —, it’s me D—. You said you just sent me some books recently, not that I know of. I haven’t had any yet. I’ve been in prison since January 16 and let me tell you this place is much better than (Durham) county. Canteen is cheaper, the food is better. The only thing I really don’t like is that the C.O.s are very, and I repeat, very racist. People get sent to SEG for hardly nothing. Continue reading