‘It’s ok, they are going to get theirs’

May 28, 2014

Dear (IOA),

Hello, how are you doing? I’m doing OK, I guess! I’m ready to leave this place and go home to my family. You’re welcome (about the drawing), I’m drawing another picture. It’s four pages taped together, so it’s like a mini-poster. I think y’all will like this one, too. I’m putting a lot of people on this picture.

This place really makes me sick. I’m tired of eating the same food, every week. Probably if we had real cooks, and real food, this jail “might” be a little better. Maybe!!! I’m restless, my body hurts because of the mats they give us to sleep on. We don’t come out enough. I hear stories about other jails, and stuff and they stay out all day until it’s time to lock back, when it’s time to go to bed at night. This jail is so crappy, when we get money and buy our own food and stuff, it’s soooo expensive, but when they bring us our trays, the food “they cook” is processed. It’s not real food!! L

These guards that work here needs to know how we feel. They need to be in our position, and we need to be in theirs and treat them how they treat us and see how they like it. It’s ok, though, because they are going to get theirs, all this bad stuff they’re doing is going to come back on them all.

But anyway, if you can, can you send some pictures of Naruto, DragonBall, One Piece, Arkuma from Street Fighter, and pictures of different types of dragons.?Thank you a lot!!


F. B.

‘The people believe with all their hearts that they need the system to survive’

from a “convict” in a state facility.

Hey (IOA),

How is it going? It’s funny because I’ve been here now for about 2 months and I’ve finally settled in so I was going to write you to say hi and see whats going on and all of a sudden I get a letter from you.

First off, I’m doing good, I mostly live inside my head because it is the only place “they” cannot affect. I stay busy by working out, playing soccer, volleyball or basketball and I read a lot. I also just recently got a job in the kitchen on the morning shift. I make 40 cents a day I think, the highest paying job in there is $1.00 a day so what people say about slavery is correct. We get to eat a little extra but if you’re like me you take as much as you can, fuck them. If I get caught they will probably fire me, but I won’t get caught. Lol. Continue reading

‘If they catch a body, they get away with it’

What’s up, —, it’s me D—. You said you just sent me some books recently, not that I know of. I haven’t had any yet. I’ve been in prison since January 16 and let me tell you this place is much better than (Durham) county. Canteen is cheaper, the food is better. The only thing I really don’t like is that the C.O.s are very, and I repeat, very racist. People get sent to SEG for hardly nothing. Continue reading

‘Our unity is this jail’s weakness’

The following manifesto hits on so many things directly affecting Durham inmates and points to a way out of this mess. It deserves a wide audience and to be read to the end. 

Greetings friends and brothers,

I’m so glad to have found you. I’ve always been one to fight for a cause and now I know I’m not fighting alone which is a blessing. So many places to begin. First thing first my brothers WE MUST UNITE. Leave the street lifestyle on the street. These c.o.s fear unity. How can I be sure? Years ago an inmate told me about a strike he put together which the C.O.s quickly disassembled and separated inmates. The thing is these officers are NO smarter than the rest of us. Truly knowledge is power. Why do you think we are all so repressed? Because they want you to believe they are superior to you.  Continue reading

‘Our staff will assault you when IT decides to…’

The inmate who was assaulted as described in this post was transferred the same day it was posted. The offending officer is roaming the halls again.

Hey, thank you for continuing to take an interest n the struggles of the inmates in Durham County Jail. I was afraid — would return to Polk C.I. before anyone could get him help. I really hope he’ll pursue a grievance with the NCPLS. Continue reading

‘An Unfortunate Event’: Whole pod locked back for a fight, minor beaten badly

Nov. 4th


Hope everything is good with you. Well let me first say I just received your letter you sent out on Nov. 2nd.

Now on to the new unfortunate event that us here in 4C had. I came back from (another pod) on the night of the 29th and on the night of the 30th there was a fight in 4C. Some guys jumped a young 17 year old boy for some reason unbeknownst to me. Now here is what happened. Continue reading

Tensions are building between blacks and whites

Besides perceived preferential treatment based on race, the writer weighs in on less rec time, library services, and toilet paper.

Wow, Almost a Year In!


It’s me again, would like to touch back with you and give some of the current events of what has been going on in the jail. One of the issues I think I should let you be aware of is a fight that broke out in pod 5B Oct. 27 at about 4:30 pm. Now I am going to tell you that this was between a black guy and a white guy. One of the guys talked shit to the other, provoked him to fight and come into his cell so the white dude was young and thought he had to prove a point and himself so he went into said black dude’s cell and they fought. Continue reading

“You have to endure what they throw at you and also make sacrifices”



Always a pleasure to hear from you and to know that we still have people helping and continuing with the struggle. But as far as the rec-time, it still remains the same…But they use certain situations in here that happen with these guys in these gangs so they can do certain things to justify why they react the way they do. I know that’s not an excuse but it’s the only excuse they need when you have six guys jumping on one inmate here and hospitalize that inmate. And when you try and talk to these young guys, it seems like talking to a brick wall, or goes in one ear and out the other, Continue reading