‘I see big things coming and I want to be a part of it’

a comrade writes from a state facility:


I hope what you said was true that there is room in the struggle for me. I have like 60 days left and my time will be up and I can help the cause. I’m so proud of y’all. I was watching the news and I am way on the coast and I saw a segment where y’all was outside of the jail protesting I believe it was the lockdown.  Continue reading


‘We have to put all our clothes on to stay warm’


How is it going? Good I hope. I just want to thank you and Inside-Outside Alliance for allowing me to be a part of it. Everything is going pretty bad in here. It’s very cold temperatures in this jail, mostly in the cell. But I ask the officers can they turn up the heat, but it never get done. We have to put on all of our clothes just to stay warm. And yes, I been seeing some people out there protesting outside of the jail. That’s good to see people helping the people in jail. I feel that the statement is good because I feel that we need to get books sent in from people and 2 we need to get mail from the officers when we ask for it. We do need visitation face-to-face multiple times a week…

Yes, the CO that I am talking about is Coleman. Coleman is disrespectful. I been in — for 2 weeks and Coleman came up here talking shit. I’m just going to keep taking it one day at a time to better my day. But write me back and take care.

T. A.

‘C.O.s just stir shit up’

Dec. 13, 2014

How’s it goin? Appreciate you sendin books and tryin to make things better out there and in here. I’m good, makin do with my fellas in –. What concerning me tonight especially is how some c.o.’s just do shit to stir shit up it seems. They cross the line. To quote Charlie Murphy, “They habitual line steppers!” Things are goin good and they feel the need to say or do something to piss us off. Tonight for example we watchin the news and c.o. cuts it off for lockbacks and we all comply. Then when it comes on about the protests people had downtown we ask to turn it up and she says “people protest this one day, people protest that the next. It don’t matter, it ain’t gonna change shit.” That type of shit crossing the line! Just do your job and turn it up. Don’t make yourself feel more important than you are, you’re basically a glorified servant. No need to throw gas on the fire. Even while I write this she out there bitching. Again, appreciate what you doin. Keep it up. Got to go before she take my pencil.

Much respect,


This S. again. The IOA is a great idea and organization! Everyday our rights are stepped on and their ain’t no need for all that. Being locked up in jail is our punishment, some being innocent, awaiting trial. They need to treat us with respect and in turn they get it. Some just can’t comprehend that and try to throw their weight around. I’m trying to think of something more that I, us, we can do but strugglin with it right now. I’ll be in touch and hope to hear from y’all soon. If you got any books to spare I like westerns, nature books, Jack London things like that. Lets the beast out in my mind, reminds me of freedom!!

Much respect,


During demonstration, c.o.’s threaten to beat and taze inmates

Hey, —,

I’m glad to hear from someone like you and what you stand for is a real good thing, man. I was sitting in my cell reading the letter you sent me and I seen in one part of the letter you ask me if we could hear or see you all. Yea, we could see y’all outside the jail and on the news, too. Continue reading

‘It’s super cold’

Hey —,

I’m very happy to receive the newsletter. I really enjoy reading them. I have feedbacks 5 and 6. If you have 1-4 I would enjoy reading those as well. Things going smoothly, a little bit. I been here for 2 months and only seen my lawyer 1 time. I haven’t been to court. My lawyer keep putting my court date off. But I’m staying strong and just holding on, can’t wait to be released. I did receive the books and I’m thankful. They keep me focused in my spare time. My further request and types of reading I enjoy is urban books. I’m pretty sure you heard that a lot from a lot of different people. You never lied about the weather, it’s super cold and what makes it so bad is they run AC all year long. I really hope things change. All we can do is fight. I support the inside and outside struggle, and I’m with you all every step of the way. Thank you for everything, keep fighting, stay strong, and be blessed.


‘I just got to pray and keep my head up!’

Nov. 6 2014


What’s good bro? It’s a pleasure always to hear from you. I did get the newsletter and I saw where you put me in it (smile)! I really been workin on my case tryin to get the best deal and it’s been times that I should have wrote but just didn’t but I’m back to set the record straight cause it’s a struggle. See just by you bein the person you are by giving us time to be part of inside-outside alliance shows the volume of the person you are and I would never want to lose that friendship. Continue reading

‘They want us to work hard but don’t want to feed us…’

Dear —,

I really thank you a lot for your concern about what’s going on man, and help that you been doing to support the struggle against the nation and the brothers and sisters that is locked up. All love goes out to you and the people that stands behind you. Man, time is getting rough behind Durham County walls. They want to make us work hard to earn day’s, but don’t want to feed us the food to have energy to work, man. Continue reading