During demonstration, c.o.’s threaten to beat and taze inmates

Hey, —,

I’m glad to hear from someone like you and what you stand for is a real good thing, man. I was sitting in my cell reading the letter you sent me and I seen in one part of the letter you ask me if we could hear or see you all. Yea, we could see y’all outside the jail and on the news, too. Continue reading

‘It’s super cold’

Hey —,

I’m very happy to receive the newsletter. I really enjoy reading them. I have feedbacks 5 and 6. If you have 1-4 I would enjoy reading those as well. Things going smoothly, a little bit. I been here for 2 months and only seen my lawyer 1 time. I haven’t been to court. My lawyer keep putting my court date off. But I’m staying strong and just holding on, can’t wait to be released. I did receive the books and I’m thankful. They keep me focused in my spare time. My further request and types of reading I enjoy is urban books. I’m pretty sure you heard that a lot from a lot of different people. You never lied about the weather, it’s super cold and what makes it so bad is they run AC all year long. I really hope things change. All we can do is fight. I support the inside and outside struggle, and I’m with you all every step of the way. Thank you for everything, keep fighting, stay strong, and be blessed.


‘I just got to pray and keep my head up!’

Nov. 6 2014


What’s good bro? It’s a pleasure always to hear from you. I did get the newsletter and I saw where you put me in it (smile)! I really been workin on my case tryin to get the best deal and it’s been times that I should have wrote but just didn’t but I’m back to set the record straight cause it’s a struggle. See just by you bein the person you are by giving us time to be part of inside-outside alliance shows the volume of the person you are and I would never want to lose that friendship. Continue reading

‘They want us to work hard but don’t want to feed us…’

Dear —,

I really thank you a lot for your concern about what’s going on man, and help that you been doing to support the struggle against the nation and the brothers and sisters that is locked up. All love goes out to you and the people that stands behind you. Man, time is getting rough behind Durham County walls. They want to make us work hard to earn day’s, but don’t want to feed us the food to have energy to work, man. Continue reading

‘The real injustice is in law enforcement and the court system’

Unfortunately, I am old enough and have started my “criminal career” early enough to have done time in ’98 and got to see what happens when people stand together. From what I’ve seen…people don’t do that anymore. The government has found ways to steal America’s backbone. Continue reading

‘To keep us young, dumb and blind’

Sunday, 14, 14

Hello —,

How is everything going sir? I hope well and good. I really thank you for your help again man. The 48 Laws of Power has arrived and I can’t stop reading it. Wow, some time you want get an understanding trying to study it, like my grandmother always say ‘can’t judge a book by the covers, take the time to read it.’ Try cause to me I don’t understand just scanning through it, I really have to read it. But back to the laws of power, some of these laws are quite simple to live by, but what’s hit me is it teach you how to destroy a person mentally and spiritually. I think this is some deceitful stuff in this package. Continue reading

Whose attitude?


What’s good —. This is ya dude, H.P. who is detained at the Durham C. Jail —–. And I would like to let you know that on 9/11/14 I asked — pod officer to open my cell door so that I get my books for the library. And he just looked at me. And then said—Why I have an attitude with this unknown c/o. I just threw my hand up sayin open my cell door. He then open my door. Continue reading

‘We not afraid’


Aug. 18-14

Hey Brother —-,

How is everything going on the outside? Some ol thing in here tryna make it day by day. I see that you have receive my old roommate name. He has the signs so he will be able to hold em up to keep the movement going down in —. I currently in –. Now I have sign up for the STARR program to help better myself and just to get free time out the pod. I miss my old roommate…but that’s was my homie we laugh and joke and play cards and chess all night till it breakfast time. I was mad a few days ago my little cousin was shot and I have no money to call home and see what happen. It was on the news a few days ago. I been stressing out very bad and I don’t have a court date and don’t know what’s going on with my case. Continue reading


Aug. 4, 14

Dear —,

I gotten your letter that you sent me. I’m still feelin the fightin spirit and havin hope that changes will be made in the Durham County Justice system. That sounds nice that they have a IOA movement upstairs. I been trying to get others to understand what’s going on but they too scared of getting locked back, the c.o.s don’t like what you guys are doing to better this jail. Continue reading

‘We need someone to see about the tray situation…’

July 31st Thurs nite

In struggle 4 real


Thanks for the books, I got them Thur 31st! So how is things going for you? Well I’m good just taking it one day at a time. I see you respond back to me quickly (huh)!

Well the jail situation is still the same. We lock down 17 hours a day and the pod officers talk to you like a kid. It’s not right but we need someone to come in to this place and see about the tray situation–see the reason I know that the trays that they feed us on ain’t right cause I was doing time in Alabama and the Health Department had them to take the same trays out of the prison and came with some new ones! But I just want to speak of that cause I seen them trays they feed us off and seen the situation.

So are there any pen pal lists you have or put my name on a pen pal list. Thanks! O yeah, if you find any true crime books send them to me to read please. But I hope you have a great weekend and take care and pray.


In struggle

God loves you!