Durham utilizes crime, poverty and despair to tear at the infrastructure of America



This is Jason L., sorry I haven’t had the chance to write you as often as I would have liked to. I’m trying to work my time away and I am within 24 days of release from this God-forsaken hellhole I have been caged up in for the past 13.5 months! I would like to express my thanks to you and all of the people out there fighting to have voices of men and women trapped here for various insufficient reasons. Also, thank you for posting our letter in this last issue of “feedback.” Continue reading

‘Don’t believe everything the pigs say’


First off, let me say thanks for saying Happy B-day. I really appreciate it. But nah, we been coming out 9-12:45/4-6:45, nah don’t believe everything the pigs say cause most of it BS. I’ve been here 5 and a half months and I’m not hearing nothing from my lawyer and I haven’t been to court in 3 months. I’m hoping and praying for probation, but it’s gonna be a lot, but it’s better than this shitty place. I should be getting out soon, though. I don’t have bread/money on my account to get stamps, but I’ll send it soon as I can.

Same struggle! TEB, aka Speedy

‘It’s all a ploy to leave you struggling, penniless and prone…’

Greetings —-,

I sincerely apologize for the tardiness of my response to your letter. I’ve been in sort of a “funk” here lately. It comes with the territory. This place can make you lose who you are if you allow it. I sometimes stay inside of my head too much wondering, ‘Why me? What if, what could/should I have done to avoid this…Thoughts of my daughters and family matters can be overwhelming at times and I go into this sort of “funk.”

I’m doing what’s required of me, in order that I’ll be able to submit my request transfer request whenever the time arises. I don’t want any infractions or disciplinary problems to hinder that. So, I’m pretty much what you’d call “a model prisoner.” Continue reading