We want Justice, Hope & Freedom: BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!


Sept 29, 2014

Hello —-,

How is you doing my friend? Me, still standing up/holding my head up high to the sky. Taking everyday slow and one step at a time. I have come across a Malcolm X book, it’s called “By Any Means Necessary.” And it breaks down the struggle and fight that we currently living today as I write. How he sought as he put it, to “internationalize” the fight against racism. Continue reading

‘The police are committing criminal acts…’


I’m currently incarcerated in Durham County Jail, and was given this address by another inmate who has been here some years. Unfortunately I am not in a great situation financially and am starving for books to read! I read almost anything, but my favorites are: sci-fi/fantasy–Neil Gaiman, R.A. Salvatore; Christian–Ted Dekker, Matt Bronliewe; Mystery/Thriller–Harlan Coben, James Patterson; Nonfiction/Conspiracy–Texe Marrs, Mark Dice. If you could provide anything along these lines I would greatly appreciate it. Continue reading