‘DCJ: Same shit, different toilet’

What’s up IOA? Thanks for writing. I’m hanging in there. Can’t really complain, God let me wake up. But as far as DCJ goes, same shit, different toilet. They find a way to make our lives worse by the day. The pod that I’m in has had a problem with our kiosk for damn near a month and the jail has still failed to fix it. Continue reading

‘It’s cold and there’s nothing to do in here’


It”s cold and there’s nothing to do in here…I don’t want the new visitation thing. My family comes from an hour and 30 minutes away. Crazy, rite?

You can put this poem in.


My friend, I stand in judgment now

And feel that you’re to blame somehow

On Earth I walked with you day to day

And never did you point the way Continue reading

“When I’m Gone”

Gotta know where I’ve been and what I’ve been through/

Gotta know what I’ve seen and what I’ve seen through/

Sacrifice, trying to make money stack/

And the times I called on the Lord but he ain’t answer back/

Prison bars, metal bunks, this stuff really got so deep I needed swimming trunks/

What am I facing, my mind is pacing/

My time is wasted sittin just patiently waiting/

I’m holding strong, everyday/

I’m losing weight, starving off these prison plates/

No visitation, no mail neither/

My heart is getting colder and suffers from ether/

But I play my role, for my families’ sake/

Cuz I ain’t really trying to hear the excuses they make/

Get on my knees and say a prayer/

Cuz God gone be the one that’s gone lead me to paper


‘We jumped off the porch without thinking twice’

Story to the Government

We’re innocent

Until proven guilty

But really

It’s the other way around

Cops want a face

When that body hits the ground

Be careful what you say

There’s snitches all around

I’m not finish with you yet

So sit your ass down

I have a story to tell

We grew up without

A mother or a father

Which made life

A lot! more harder

Tried going to school

But wasn’t getting any smarter

So we jumped off the porch

Without thinking twice

Started carrying guns, selling drugs

And shooting dice

Who are you to judge us

Until you life our life

You don’t feel the pain

Under the scarred tissue

We call skin

You look at us like animals

But you don’t know

When, what or where

We’ve been through

You couldn’t be us

So focus on being you.


A nation versus itself

Why stand together

As a nation

When we’re at war

Amongst ourselves

Why stand together

In unity

When it’s him versus them

Over there

What makes white

Better than black

When we’re both

Made by man

And why

Make an anthem

In which all

Should stand

We’re all

Separated. It’s our society

Versus them

Why stand together

As Americans

When we’re constantly at war

Amongst ourselves?


Never knew till I met you: a poem

Never knew till I met you

That my soul could even cry so loud.

I never knew till I met you

That my soul could even have so many tears.


I want to be set free,

Set so free to fly.

To a place way beyond the sky.

You stripped so much of me.

You took all that I was and starved my spirit of light.

And slowly, emotionally, I died.

Day after day I changed slowly, totally, inside.


I never knew till I met you that my soul could even cry so loud.

I never knew till I met you that my soul could even have so many years.


You tried to take from me the love that GOD has.

Oh GOD, woe to my family.

How can Satan advocate for family?

Now I wonder why God won’t even save me?


I never knew till I met you that my soul could even cry so loud.

I never knew till I met you that my soul could even have so many tears.


How does a man live on and on like this?

When he doesn’t even know where his heart is.

Whenever he knocks on the door he is powerless.

Trapped in a Babylon fortress.

–Vincent P.

Tears of an Inmate

I was born

February the seventh

Nineteen ninety-seven

Pushed out by my mother

But crafted

By our Lord and savior

From Heaven

I’m a human being

Not a beast

From the fields

So why am I locked up

In a cage

Held ransom on a bond so high

Question to the government

“Keep it real”

I’m locked in my cell

Twenty-two and a half hours

A day

Fed through a slot

Away from my family

With tears streaming

Down my face

Waiting on the court

But they won’t

Give me a date

Depression is getting over on me

I’m starting to lose

This fight

I’m stressed to the point

Where it’s hard to sleep

At night

Not speaking

Just for myself

But on the behalf

of other inmates

When you’re behind

These walls

There’s a mental and physical

Struggle everday

So I’m turning to the world

With tears of an inmate