‘Already being treated like a slave’

October 8, 2014

Hello, —-,

I’m very honored to hear from you. My name is S. B. I’m interested in your newsletter and would like to receive some books and any other materials you have to send (pod —) I support Inside-Outside Alliance due to the struggle we go through behind the revolving doors of incarceration. Continue reading

‘A lot of contradictions–shows us really what justice is’

July 26, 2014

Dear —-,

How are you doing my brother? Still standing strong (in here), maybe not quite as numbered though. I asked a gentleman today if he wanted to join an I.O.A. meeting. When he told me no I asked him why and he said because the C.O.s don’t give a shit. Yet I can’t help but feel my lack of experience as a speaker holds some responsibility.


this comic accompanied the letter

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May 2014

Dear IOA,

I’m writing to inform you the uniforms they got don’t fit. I have to roll them up from being too big. And then they say they don’t have any more smalls basically saying they are undersupplied for the inmates. They don’t have toilet paper half the time. They deny us the chance to write letters in our cell, if they catch you with pencils in your cell you’ll get locked back. I come to court on April 24th, went to court April 25th and haven’t seen my lawyer since.


Your friend,


On the block talkin’ politics and religion


Joker gets the best of Batman

Thursday 8, 2014

Dear IOA,

Thank you for the pictures. A friend of mine was on the pod and gave me a picture to draw, so I drew it my way. I hope you like it, it’s the Joker finally beating the Batman.

Can you please send me some more papers and pictures, but can you put them in a manila envelope because I want to cherish what you all send me so I can show my family when I go home.

The only thing that’s interesting on the block is when we get together and talk about politics and religion.

Anyway thanks for sending the picture and try to send more so I can draw more, but don’t send no comic books because they won’t let us have them.


‘Our unity is this jail’s weakness’

The following manifesto hits on so many things directly affecting Durham inmates and points to a way out of this mess. It deserves a wide audience and to be read to the end. 

Greetings friends and brothers,

I’m so glad to have found you. I’ve always been one to fight for a cause and now I know I’m not fighting alone which is a blessing. So many places to begin. First thing first my brothers WE MUST UNITE. Leave the street lifestyle on the street. These c.o.s fear unity. How can I be sure? Years ago an inmate told me about a strike he put together which the C.O.s quickly disassembled and separated inmates. The thing is these officers are NO smarter than the rest of us. Truly knowledge is power. Why do you think we are all so repressed? Because they want you to believe they are superior to you.  Continue reading