The Police-State’s Hammer and Anvil

I have been ‘detained’ in Durham jail longer than any other current inmate. October will mark the fourth year of incarceration. The tools of injustice here in Durham County are like a hammer and an anvil. The ‘hammer’ is a totally flawed and corrupt judicial court, and the ‘anvil’ is the evil and grossly incompetent jailers.
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‘Now you know who really runs this jail’

May 5, 2014

What’s up —,

I’ve FINALLY got a letter. I was getting a little discouraged that I wasn’t going to get another, but I should have known better, that DCJ was up to something. I have NOT moved pods or been locked back, so there’s no plausible explanation why these crooks sent back my mail. They must know something. I’ve been telling inmates about the I.O.A. Many like what they hear but don’t want to stand for something greater. I was talking to an inmate who agreed this place could use change, but when I mentioned unifying he just lost interest. I believe this happens to many inmates for 2 reasons. Continue reading

‘Our unity is this jail’s weakness’

The following manifesto hits on so many things directly affecting Durham inmates and points to a way out of this mess. It deserves a wide audience and to be read to the end. 

Greetings friends and brothers,

I’m so glad to have found you. I’ve always been one to fight for a cause and now I know I’m not fighting alone which is a blessing. So many places to begin. First thing first my brothers WE MUST UNITE. Leave the street lifestyle on the street. These c.o.s fear unity. How can I be sure? Years ago an inmate told me about a strike he put together which the C.O.s quickly disassembled and separated inmates. The thing is these officers are NO smarter than the rest of us. Truly knowledge is power. Why do you think we are all so repressed? Because they want you to believe they are superior to you.  Continue reading

From a longtime jail resident: ‘Will inmates stand behind their statements?’

February 12, 2014

Inside-Outside Alliance

P.O. Box 1353

Durham, NC 27701

Re: Introductions, My desire to help, and some info regarding incident I saw

I’m not sure 100% sure that is your name. I’m sorry if I’m off. You see, I’ve heard so much about you from Jean-Claude Rinehart (spelling?) when he shared a pod with me, but I’ve never been in direct contact with you.

I’d like to first introduce myself. My name is Raven A. and I have the unlucky distinction of being the current longest continuously incarcerated inmate of Durham County Jail. I have been here since February of 2010. That’s right, four years! Continue reading

“Until the last beat of my heart”

Hey Man,


Heard you guys outside!

…Loved the new newsletter: Feedback was great!

As for me I want my name used from here on out…Fuck em’

They can’t hurt me and I’m not scared of them!! A few others feel the same way. We don’t want to hide behind “pseudonyms” if that’s the right word.

…I will carry on with my lawsuits from prison:

1) pencils (still have not heard from clerk?)

2) PayTel –40% WOW

3) Aramark 26% 10% & 10% Crazy!

Always fighting,



Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one, armed with the hope that he will rise, even in the end.

–Nelson Mandela


I fight, they knock me down, I get up and fight some more, back down I go, slower to rise but rise I will to fight yet again until my last breath until the last beat of my heart. I fight for fairness and justice with my very life. I fight.

Jean-Claude Rinehart, 1/2014

It is all inmates who are mistreated

Although we don’t have all the details about what happened, we have no doubt that the kind of slightly preferential treatment described here does happen. In order to keep their populations from rebelling, jail and prison authorities need to try to exploit any divisions they can, including, and perhaps especially, racial ones.                                                                              


My name is K.Y. I am currently detained in the Durham County jail and I am currently on lockback for 25 days and I fished a pencil out of the air vent to write this. If I get caught writing this I will get 25 days more lockback. I have been here since August 29. I saw two young Black inmates get into a fight. Both separated after the fight and they both kept trying to fight, pulling away from the c.o.s Both were put on lockback until the next morning one gets to come out. The one who didn’t throw the first punch and the other one sent to the hole. Continue reading

Where is the judicial economy in that?

An old addiction got the best of the writer and ensnared him in the law’s web. Despite intense pressure and a bleak future, he won’t give in to the state’s power, and keeps on rebelling.

 Hey man! Great 2 hear from you… I received two letters from you this week. The first had a questionnaire enclosed…Can you send 10-12 of these and I’ll get the guys to fill them out! Also got stamps, it will help me write all these agencies for our attack on PayTel. Aramark commissary is NEXT! One at a time. I can possibly ‘tie’ the pencil rule into the phones like this: Both the cost of phone calls and regulation of pencils hinder our right to due process by impeding our access to courts, contact with legal representation, and chilling our sense of privacy of correspondence by having to write in the dayroom under camera and other prying eyes. No, that won’t work…best to leave the phone issue by itself, right? Of which I ask you to go to WalMart or follow directions from the PayTel website and put a $10 credit on your phone. Why? Because it gives you “standing” in the inevitable lawsuit. You will have been affected by the PRICE GOUGING and UNFAIR TRADE PRACTICE. This goes out to anybody at IOA who have either put PayTel on their phone or bought an inmate a calling card.

Lawyer came Sunday and it’s official. The state’s plea offer is 144-185 months (12-15 ½ years). Total theft and damage of the new charges is under $1,000. So where is the judicial economy in that? My lawyer says drug court is out of the question. The ADA wants me to do active time.

My original charges that I was in here for last year I still have not been to trial on, and the 12-15 ½ years includes those (that I’m not guilty of!) and the pressure from that episode is a major contributor to my relapsing!! They have no compassion. If I do not make bond I will spend the rest of my life in prison, basically.

…For now, I’ll work on the complaint against PayTel.

                                                                                                One love,