Truly, it’s the land of the haves and the have nots

In an extended interview / questionnaire, E.Y. weighs in on the difference between a c.o. and a prisoner, the realities of life inside, food and drink, and the threat of extending any say about conditions to the prisoners themselves.


It’s good to hear from you and the family at I.O.A. Sorry for not getting back (sooner), but here you go.

1.       How long have you been inside? I’ve been in jail since June.

2.       How many court appearances have you had? I’ve only had one or maybe two court appearance.

3.       How many times have you talked to your lawyer? My lawyer has been coming to see me. She is consistent in letting me know what’s going on with my case. Continue reading

Sergeant: ‘Sometimes you got to keep these young cats in order’

The following letter comes from a juvenile prisoner. To say the least, it reflects a culture of violence and an air of invincibility on the part of jail staff.


This is E.D. If I’m not mistaken you (all) protest in front of D.C.J. sometimes. I understand jail is a place where no one likes. Continue reading

“It’s Not Working, None of It”: A Beating Recalled, No Opportunities, and Kids Inside

The writer gives details on c.o.’s beating an inmate that was referred to in earlier posts. Attempts have been made to contact the man who was beaten to get a fuller story. His name is withheld to protect him.

Dear ______,

It is good to have a name to put with whom I am writing. So, let’s talk about the beating (occurred in Jan. 2013):

I was laying on my bunk reading and heard an argument and it was S (inmate) arguing with Harris Continue reading