This May Day: Smash the Durham Jail and Prisons Everywhere

This May Day: Smash the Durham Jail and Prisons Everywhere

On Friday, April 29, Inside-Outside Alliance and Triangle Area Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) invite you to stand in support of prisoners organizing against the racist violence of the Durham County Jail, the Durham Community’s struggle for an independent jail investigation, and prisoners on strike in Alabama and Texas, who are calling for a national strike starting September 9. Meet at 6:00 in Central Park and march to the jail. Continue reading

Con un hispano, se portan más racistas/With a hispanic person, they act even more racist

*English translation below*

Hola ________

Soy L.L.L. y quiero dar gracias a dios y a ustedes y a ti que se preocupan por nosotros los presos, no tengo mucho que contar a cerca de Mateo (Matthew McCain), pero para mi crea que fue una negligencia medica su muerte ya quel día anterior el se quejó que ya se sentía mal y no lo atendieron. Tambien estava laqueado porque no salia junto con nosotros.

Referiendonos al trato, para nosotros aqui si no tenemos dinero en nuestra cuenta, no nos atienden rapido, ya que nose cobran 20 dolares. Bueno apenas paso un caso de un hispano que se sentia mal su boca se le estava llendo de lado, y no lo atendian. Ya que por el ingles pero otra persona X le ayudó a excribir en ingles en la computadora la verda no se sabe que escribio la persona X. Porque rapido lo llevaron al medico. Pero lo raro fue que cuando regresó , lo movieron de piso y no se sabe que paso con el. Bueno con respeto a los guardias a veces no nos quieren dar papel hijenico o champu que dan aqui.

Con uno hispano se portan más racistas, y con respeto a la comida, yo desgraciadamente llevo un año aqui y todas las tardes lo unico que nos dan son pan con jamón y bueno ya que uno no tiene familia aqui, que le pongan a uno dinero. A veces los amigos se acuerdan de uno, pero con respeto a la cantina, o a la tienda que vende comidas o articulos que uno necesita, como javon, pasta, sopas’ están demasiado elevados los precios por ejemplo, una tarjeta telefonica e 20 dolares la venden en 27 dolares y cada sopa 89 cent. Bueno, yo para llamar a un amigo en Raleigh, me cobran 8 dolares 10 minutos, es mucho, mucho dinero, espero y le ayude o nos ayude la información gracias y dios los vendiga a ti y al grupo. …. y aqui le pongo 2 anillos de regalo.


rings for amplify voices

HI _________

I am L.L.L. and I want to thank God and y’all and you for caring about us prisoners, I don’t have much to tell about Mateo (Matthew McCain), but for me I think his death was medical neglect because he already felt bad the day before, and he said that he felt sick y and they did not treat him. Also, he was locked back because he did not leave his cell with us.

In reference to the treatment, for us here, if we don’t have money in our accounts, they do not treat us quickly, it already costs us 20 dollars. Also, there was just a case of a hispanic man who was sick, his mouth was going off to the side, and they did not treat him, could be because of english, but another persona X helped him write in english on the computer and the truth is, I don’t know what person X wrote, because they took him to medical quick.  The weird thing is that when he came back they moved him to a different floor and I don’t know what happened with him. But in regards to the guards, they don’t want to give us toilet paper or the shampoo they give here.

With a hispanic person, they act even more racist. And with respect to the food, unfortunately I have been here for a year and every afternoon the only thing they give us is bread and ham, and if you don’t have family here to put some money on your account, sometimes your friends remember you, but in regards to the canteen or the shop that sells food or things you need like soap, noodles, soup- the prices are too high, for example each 20 dollar telephone card they sell for 27 dollars and each soup is 89 cent. For me, to call a friend in Raleigh it costs me 8 dollars for 10 minutes, that is a lot, a lot of money. I hope this information helps y’all, thank you and god bless you and the group…. and here I put 2 rings as a present.


After Winter Must Come Spring

(this statement is included in a newly published zine by IOA called No More Jail Deaths No More Jail, which you can find here)

A statement from Inside-Outside Alliance, April 2016

Everything is everything / What is meant to be, will be / After winter, must come spring / Change, it comes eventually –Lauryn Hill

The days after Matthew McCain’s death on Tuesday, January 19th were as bleak as any this winter in Durham. On Friday the 22nd, a mixture of snow and ice pummeled the Triangle area. As they often do, media outlets focused singularly on the weather event, despite social media outrage about Matt’s death. But the determination of Matthew’s loved ones, and of those who had witnessed his death by medical neglect, could not be denied, and once the snow and ice had melted, the egregious inaction of jail staff began coming to fuller light. Further, Shakiyla Young, who had all but stopped hoping for a drop of information about the death of her father, Dennis McMurray, identified with the pain and helplessness felt by Matthew’s family and publicly came forward again with her story about her father’s death in the jail a year prior.   Continue reading

‘IOA: Fight til you can’t fight no more’

Greetings to IOA,

Content!…This is the first word of this letter I insist on stating. I’m Christian and a firm believer of being content. I received your first letter and my apologies for taking so long to respond. Under my circumstances I have been seriously practicing what I preach to set an example for others around me that complain about everything inside or outside the jail. According to my beliefs which it says in Phillippians 4:11, “I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances,” and also Hebrews 13:5-6, “Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have, because God has said ‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.’ The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?” and because of this I refrained from writing. My God is a God of Love, Justice, Peace, Happiness and everything Good. So on behalf of my Brother through Christ our Savior, in whom I actually grew up with as we went to United Pentecostal Church, which is now First Pentecostal Church located on Carver St., from childhood to adulthood, and God allowing me to be present at his “Homecoming” to Heaven, my condolences to Matthew McCain, but I disclose to those who know or who may not know details about his death. Continue reading

‘If you don’t have canteen you will starve at night’


Thanks for writing me, this is my first and only letter since Nov 31, and I’m in here for B & E larceny and probation violation. I didn’t do my charge, they just picked me up because I was at the wrong place the wrong time, plus I had old charges when I was 18 years old for B & E and they went off my prior record and thought I was back at it. But I was on probation and I had 2 jobs that I’d just started 3 days before I was locked up, so for that I couldn’t make bail because I had no money. But since I’ve been locked up the guards have been making the inmates feel like we are guilty of our charges. Continue reading

Sheriff exits stage right

Ashley Canady attended the McDougald Terrace Resident Council Crime Task Force meeting Wednesday March 16, as she does nearly every month. Usually they are held downtown, but this month it was held in the neighborhood. Task Force meetings are attended by residents, Durham Housing Authority Resident Safety staff, and different city and county law enforcement representatives. Ashley, who was the girlfriend of Matthew McCain and has been outspoken and unrelenting in her demands for answers regarding his death at the jail in January, had her and Matthew’s three month old daughter, Kinslee, in tow at the meeting. The meeting was about to have one more attendee, Sheriff Mike Andrews, but he saw Ashley and Kinslee and made a bee line to the exit. “He was coming in with the (acting) police chief and several other people,” she says of the Durham sheriff, who is responsible for all operations at the Durham County Detention Facility. “He was looking all buttery and happy, and then he saw me and Kinslee and he disappeared like a ghost.” This is not news that will be reported in newspapers or on TV, but it speaks volumes, not only about Andrews himself but his whole office.  “He’s afraid,” Ashley says. “He won’t look at me because I said ‘walk in Kinslee’s shoes for a day’ and I’ve demanded answers about Matt’s death.”

You can’t keep running scared, Sheriff.


Being a leader means…never being accountable?

‘Matt could still be here if it weren’t for those who neglected him’

We would like these questions answered–by Christine and Brittany Byrd

Because everything about Matthew’s death is still being swept under the rug:

We know Matthew had an altercation with another inmate. Where was this altercation? If it was in his cell, how did the person get in? Why didn’t someone stop this fight much sooner?

They’re trying to say he refused help. If he was knocked out, how did he refuse help?

Why weren’t the emergency calls of other inmates answered?

On the day of his death, why did the jail website say he was released when he was not released—he was dead. Why can’t they tell it like it is?

No one from the jail or sheriff’s department has had any contact with our family and we have gotten no information. They think we had a funeral and that’s that. That is not the case.

The family is still grieving and they’re not trying to speak out too much. But we are.

Justice will be served. He could still be here with his family and friends today if it weren’t for those who neglected him.

#Justice for Matt



“What’s done in the dark shall come to light”

Girlfriend of deceased inmate wants answers

Ashley Canady spoke to Matthew McCain often on the phone and communicated through letters and knew what he was going through in his time at Durham jail. About his time there, she says “he never should have been in there.”  If he had to be there, he at least should have been in the medical area where he could get constant monitoring.

She says: “We still haven’t gotten a death report. No one seems to be taking this matter seriously and it seems to have been swept under the rug.

The most important thing for me right now is to know: What happened inside the Durham County Jail?Ashley and Matthew Continue reading

‘Boria has endangered the lives of everyone’

To: Everyone out there                                                                                                        CC: Personal files

From: Pod 3D

Date: Feb 29, 2016

Re: Violations of Inmate Rights that has been protected by the Constitution and state law

We are respectfully reporting that officer Erick Boria has intentionally and willfully violated the unlawful and professional conduct at a workplace policy, which was put in place to form a more perfect union at a workplace, so we may secure the blessings of liberty and justice while waiting on the court process.

Officer Boria has violated the order by imposing vindictive retaliation, creating a hostile and unsafe environment that has put the inmates at high risk of losing complete control and failure to respond reasonably and respectable to perform his job description in a professional and suitable manner. These findings are as follows:  Continue reading

“they have fired the nurse that was on duty during Matt’s incident”


I received your letter in reply to me today. I want to thank you for your feedback. Many individuals in here have sent letters to the Inside-outside alliance or the members who originally contacted them and haven’t heard a response yet. Many inmates are concerned that their letters are not being received. So I appreciate you taking the time to reassure me that my letter was indeed received.

Anyway that I can help, I’m more than happy to do so or at least try to do so. This includes any questions you may have.

I heard recently that they have fired the nurse that was on duty during Matt’s incident, due to the events that occurred, which I find odd because I found officer Boria more so accountable for the events that occurred, and he is still present here many days.

Anyway, I’m lucky to have much support from family and friends. At the moment I don’t request much or need anything but I appreciate the offer and support. If there is anything I can do to help, please don’t hesitate to ask!