‘The correctional system’s motto: Treat the symptom, not the problem’


To whom it may concern,

Take time to read *PLEASE*

I’m in the D.C.J. (a prisoner) and have some problems. They are listed in this letter!

The medical department is said to have a dentist, and medical claims there is a list for the dentist. I’ve yet to see a dentist. I went to medical, a self-declared emergency the first time for my tooth and was given 400 mg motrin 2x a day. Now over a month later I went back on sick call and had to beg the nurse to place me on an antibiotic. I requested for my motrin to be increased to 800 mg, I explained I didn’t want a narcotic because she kept saying over and over ‘I’m not giving you narcotic’ as if that was my reason for being there, regardless of how swollen my jaw was or how broke off and rotten my tooth is. The motrin was increased to 600 mg 2x a day, which is still not strong enough. I am in pain. Continue reading

‘It’s no use complaining to the people that are the problem.’

Dear Friends (I.O.A.)

I want it to be known I’m one of the prisoners at D.C.J. that first filed about the nasty trays and water logged lids. The pod kiosk can prove so. I’ve had a toothache for 1.5 months and said to be on a list for a dentist and I’ve yet to see one nor have a lot of other people. The nurse acted like I was wanting narcotic pain pills (I don’t), I just wanted some 800Mg Ibuprofen. She was very rude. I had to say Miss, please give me antibiotics. I got the antibiotic and a increase from 400 mg to 600 mg 2x a day on motrin, which does not help. I am on mental health meds as well, so  most staff, I feel, take me as a joke and brush me off.  Continue reading

‘They don’t care about us’

From a friend to a friend


Thanks for the letters. I’ve been doing this time alone so your letters are really, really appreciated. Your time and effort you give up to reach out to me for support and help mean a lot. It’s crazy, cause you sent your last letter May 31st. I just got it like a week and a half ago. Crazy, rite? Anyways, I’ve read the feedback paper you sent and shared it with a couple people. We all are grateful for the things you and the organization does for us. We have four straight hours out a day now, so that’s better than before and you all got something to do with that. I’m in — now. I’ve been here for like two months. Far as visits I really don’t have any and haven’t had none in about 6 months, so if you wanted to come visit I would appreciate it.  Continue reading

Aramark delivers ‘biggest lie ever’ about damaged food trays

a follow up to this story


Thank you for writing back so swiftly. I am so grateful to know God has put and I.O.A. in my path! To answer you about my letter being a copy, the answer is yes. I was blessed to attend — here and — made copies for me. This was because he knew that mail was interfered with when they see you alls name on the letter. I also sent a copy to my lawyer, —. I can’t give you the — name because I gave him my word I wouldn’t involve him. But with that said, he has my full support and also was the person who told me about you all. I have still been subjected to eat from these trays. I go to medical at least four times a week. Continue reading

Stagnated soap water trays: ‘I want these inhuman standards addressed’

the matter addressed below was one of the grievances addressed in an inmate petition from September 2012, referenced in the first very post on this site

To whom it may concern,

My name is D. L. I have been incarcerated at the Durham County Jail since June — 2015. I’m writing to inform you of an inhuman situation I and other inmates have been subjected to over our time incarcerated at this establishment. The issue at hand has been brought to the attention of the detention officers, sergeants, and grievance officers with no response or change. The issue at hand is trays that our food is being served to us inmates on. Continue reading