‘The whole survey was a sham’

Dec 13 2015

Dear –

Thank you for your quick response…I will be sure to keep in touch…

Well, the 10th and 11th came and left and I have had no one from the “NCCHC” talk to me, survey me or any other inmate that I know of. I spoke with officers that said they were interviewed. What good is that? They are not the ones receiving medical treatment. Correct Care Solutions and Durham County Detention Facility suppressed the participation of the survey. I plan to follow up on this matter. I feel my grievances are going improperly answered. I am hoping you all will look into the matter as well. Continue reading

‘We’re Putting More Chinks in the Armor of Deceit’

How’s it going? Me, same ol’ same, here at Durham County Concentration Camp (DCCC)!!! How is the I.O.A. family doing on the other side of the wall? Hope all is well!!!

I would like to say thank you for taking the time out of you day to sit down and personally write me a letter!!!

Secondly, I would like to thank you for adding my letter to the volume 12 issue of the feedback!!! Continue reading

Top Ten Problems at Durham County Jail

Dear —

We would like to thank you guys for all the support. We would probably still be on 23 and one if not for you all. We appreciate all of the long hours that you all have put in this summer and all the time you’re putting in now. We really believe that what y’all are doing is making a difference and you have our gratitude. Please keep up the fantastic work because although you all have accomplished a lot there is still more we have for y’all to do. We have a list of concerns that we would like for y’all to help us with. Continue reading

‘I was in fear for my life. I could’ve died.’


My name is Genapher Page. I’m 22 years old locked up for felony probation violation, 2 counts felony assault inflicting physical injuries on detention employer, communicating threats and resisting a public officer. Here’s the story behind my lockback situation. On 9-26-15 I was told to go to my cell because I was helping another inmate pack her stuff to go to prison so the detention officer Rachael Smith started yelling at me and I lost my temper and tried to walk past her. Continue reading

‘I feel like I am in a P.O.W. camp’


How are you? Thanks for the letter, and thanks for your support with Inside-Outside Alliance. Please tell everyone that comes out on Fridays and protest that I said thanks very, very much. I’m in decent spirits but am not doing well at all.

I can speak for myself that medical will and do neglect people. I had put in a sick call telling them that I can’t eat bologna or salami. Their response was we have no control of what food they put on trays, and we do not have special diet trays. So I tried to eat the bologna, and the salami but every time I would vomit, so I sent another sick call to medical and this time their response was ‘get around it.’ Continue reading

‘We are held responsible for our mistakes, so why aren’t they?’

I got your letter today and as always it is great to hear from you. There are a couple of issues I have and I hope that you will print them in the newsletter and yes you can use my name that is ok. with me. Anyways, I have been trying since 8-25-15 to get my bottom denture plate fixed that was broken during a shakedown of our cells because (maybe some) inmates took the razor blades out of the razors the night before but it was not discovered until they changed shifts the next day. Continue reading

‘We ain’t taking the abuse no more’

I.O.A.                                                                                                                          10-7-15

Thank you for writing me back. From now on I want my name put on anything you print that I send/wrote to you all at I.O.A..

I want others to know I voice my opinion and speak facts when it comes to me/us as prisoners at the Durham County Jail.

The article I sent you about “No Use Complaining to the People That Are the Problem” (Volume 11, Oct. Issue), that is a very true statement. Without others such as I.O.A. we wouldn’t have made what progress we have made. By some of the detention officers’ expressions and actions you can tell they can’t stand it that we got just a couple hours more of so-called freedom. I often hear “It won’t last long.” Well, if it don’t it’s the county’s doing, not ours.

A friend of mine was pushed on the floor by force one morning last week. I called his family, gave them your website to post his situation on the blog. I know my friend’s have posted blogs, they read them to me when I call. The jail staff needs to realize we got people out there that will get involved. We ain’t taking the abuse no more. D.C.J. has gotten away with b.s. for way too long.

I am an advocate, a voice, not just a person held under ransom (a bond). According to them (justice system) I’m innocent until proven guilty. Bullshit–I’m treated as guilty until I prove my innocence.

Almost forgot: Over two months and I still haven’t been called to the dentist, plus there’s another person in the dorm with me, pod 5B that’s going through the same thing. There is no telling all the men and women at this place that need medical treatment and are just given half azz treatment most of the time. It’s no good.

Right is right/ wrong is wrong, whatever the case may be.

Love is love, be easy.

John Thomas Weaver


‘It’s still the same in here’

Hey —,

I’m doing a little better now that we come out twice a day. I think I know who you are now. Correct me if I’m wrong but you’re the one with the —–? Anyways, that’s not important. It’s still the same in here: oppression from officers; bad, bad food; medical is still taxed $20 for ibuprofen, smh. I believe that they took us off lockback only to cover up EVERYTHING else. Maybe thinking we would stop writing so on and so forth. I’m ready to leave this place. This shit is for the birds, but we live and we learn. Oh yeah, the list of people who want letters and feedbacks: (8 names)

Those are only a couple of names off the top of my head. Still the same old shit just a different day. Please keep me informed on any updates.

Take care.


‘I didn’t give up’

I just got your letter today on 9-17-15 but your letter was sent out on 8-26-15. I am sending you part of the envelope so that you can see when you sent it out and when I received it.

First of all, I want to thank you and everyone else for what you all are doing for us in here. Continue reading

‘It is not costing Durham for my son to get these pills he needs’

the following is written by an inmate’s mother and was sent to sheriff’s department staff and the chair of the board of county commissioners, Michael Page. Chairman Page’s response follows.

Before coming to Durham County Detention….(my son had been prescribed) something for Reflux/heartburn called Omeprazole.

When he came to Durham County Detention (Facility).they began giving him something different. It wasn’t helping him like the Omperazole did. But they told me I could bring the Omeprazole to him. He had an order for it. Then he was taken to Guilford County. He has continued to take them and said they helped. Continue reading