‘I think they wanna control every aspect of each inmate’s life’

Ms. Bell,
Everybody know that DCJ is the worst jail in NC and now they are going to cut out face to face visits.

I think they wanna control every aspect of each inmate’s life. I understand that this is jail but it is very cold in here even in the summer. I don’t know why they feel it has to be this way!

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‘It’s cold and there’s nothing to do in here’


It”s cold and there’s nothing to do in here…I don’t want the new visitation thing. My family comes from an hour and 30 minutes away. Crazy, rite?

You can put this poem in.


My friend, I stand in judgment now

And feel that you’re to blame somehow

On Earth I walked with you day to day

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‘Fight the real enemy!’

What up,

How ya’ll doing? Shit still fucked up. Tell me this: why the fuck is the A/C on full blast during the winter? Plz answer that for me. It’s freezing in the cells. And when we tell the c.o.’s, they say ‘what can we do about it?’ It’s four days later and the A/C still blowing on full blast.  Continue reading

I’ll Keep Writin’


What’s good wit’cha out there? I pray that all’s well wit’ you and your fam, that goes fo’ your crew as well – happy late Thanksgivin’! As fo’ myself, it was just anotha’ day. I can’t see how people are all happy on a day that so many people were killed and raped, but hey, cheers to all that!!

I want to also say, thanks fo’ writin’ me here and I would’ve wrote sooner but I thought I would’ve been gone to the yard by now. They took me off my job and said that I was shippin’, but I’m still here and goin’ crazy wit’ the waitin’. Comin’ back to 5C from 4B is like a punishment to me. We come out twice a day – 9-12:45 and then from 4-6:15! We haven’t done anythin’ to be treated like this. Then it’s always cold!! (What the fuc’)

Anyway, the mail’s still fuc’ed up. I saw on the news the other day that its the postal service. The food now is hot and the same shit everyday, the same time day after day. Many other problems, so many but I’ll just go wit’ the two I just dropped on you. And I show people the Feedback. I love to show them my writin’ – my fam’ out there! My comment is that I’m wit’ him and anyone else that stands up fo’ what’s happenin’ to us. I never knew those words were in there and a lot of others didn’t also. When I get out I’m showin’ that on my page and I have some other things to share as well. On the election, I STILL DON’T BELIEVE IT, but here we go??

I am,


[Jermaine Carson – formerly incarcerated at Durham jail, now at Piedmont C.I.]

‘We want respect’

I don’t know what it is about your mail, but the stamp went through Raleigh on June 2 and they say they did not receive here until June 8. That is a lot of days to come from Raleigh to Durham. Right! But it seems there is always something going on with the mail, not getting picked up or brought in on time. You complain and then you don’t get it at all, and how would you know if it came? Or, it’s like you said they say you can’t have it for some reason.

I am with you and others that snacks and hot trays are too high, but the people feeding us are making sure that we eating just so you have to buy the snacks to get by and the hot tray if you want a taste of home, well the outside anyway. The cost of the food they sell in the jail is way too high and needs to go down. Continue reading

‘What don’t kill us only makes us stronger’ 

How is it going, World, and my brothers and sisters here in D.C.J.? Me, I’m ok, taking it one day at a time. I’ve been here 10 months, praying when I go to court I’ll be going home. Nothing has changed in the women’s pod. There’s about 47 of us in here, maybe even more. Well, now we can’t watch BET, MTV, VH1, anything like that. They put a block on it. Me, myself I get along with all the c.o.’s that work in the women’s pod. I try to keep the peace in the pod. Already don’t want to be here and I sure don’t belong here. At least we get 3 hot meals now. They could let us have radios, something, anything better than nothing. Yes, it still is cold in here, sometimes it be freezing. One thing I can say is that me and my friends are here for one another. Shout out to Jessica W., Alezai C., Olga L., Ashley G. I mean that’s what we got to do is be here for one another and don’t bring each other down. I love you all. Keep your head up. This will be over soon. What don’t kill us only makes us stronger.  –Melanie B.