‘My whole 18 months…that moment made it worth it’

Nov. 2014

Dear —,

How ya doing? I reread some of the feedback 6. I aches me thinking of what (one writer) will miss out on, but happy he’s still gonna pursue that dream in (another place). I also read my letter which I enjoyed, it sounds better than I thought. If only I could speak my mind as well as I write sometimes. Though my personal belief is if you don’t speak from the heart then it won’t sound good or genuine. Lately, I’ve been letting my emotions control me. I used to have them such in check. I feel weak. I think and reread earlier stuff I wrote, and what I’ve stood up for in my past, and see the hollow husk of the man I used to be when I look in the mirror. When I was homeless and in a crazy house I ALWAYS took up for others without even a second thought to my own self. Now I feel that’s just not in me. I don’t feel good or bad. Continue reading