‘It’s madness’


I thank you for your letter and I appreciate your concern about the inmates here. We need more people like you! You’re right, people can’t put aside their silly beef to stand together to fight this battle of oppression, suppression and depression. It’s hard being an inmate, but even harder being an inmate in Durham County Jail. They suppress us in so many ways. The only good things about DCJ is the STARR and Grad program, and the psych help because I see Mrs. Kelly for my mental issues and she is a big help. She actually cares. Everybody else I can’t really say that for. But I been locked up in the county now for 4 and a half years and I still don’t have a trial date. I have seen and heard a lot since I been here. It’s madness. I remember my friend J’s ankle was messed up and he couldn’t walk, he was layin on the bed and D.O. Boria went into his room and smacked him for some crazy reason. Craziness…I’m gone. Appreciate the letter. O.B.

‘I HATE DCDF and everything it stands for’


What’s up?

I’m ok. I could be better but I’m hanging in there. Thanks for writing back…You’re right about the mail, my wife sent me mail on the 6th of October and I received it on the 11th, how crazy is that? I’m also very ecstatic about the change in the food, it’s way more appetizing than Aramark. But anyway, they do all they can to try to make us seem irrelevant, but they can’t stop the mail services. So, with that being said I would like to see them try to stop us from writing you guys. Continue reading

‘We got to drink out the sink at night like dogs’


How are you? I hope you’re doing good. I know it’s been a little while since the last time I wrote you and I’m sorry about that!! I hope you get this letter as soon as possible.

Lately the food has got better since the new company. The things I don’t like is how they took away our sweet bread and blueberry bread, and how they keep feeding us potatoes. But I believe that now we are eating real food. Aramark is still running canteen, but I think it’s only until the end of the year or January. But before they stopped doing the food, man, the food was bad and to me it seemed like they was cutting costs even more. But you best believe I’m going to hold their feet to the fire on this one. Thank you guys because this couldn’t have happened without y’all help.  Continue reading

‘We’ve been taught to love a song that blatantly disrespects us’


What’s happening? I’m glad you reached out to me. I do have a few comments concerning a few different topics. First I want to shout out the new food company ABL. They holding it down with the new food changes they’re regulating with. After eating Aramark for 3.5 years and now eating ABL’s I truly understand that Aramark are a bunch of damn crooks. Words can’t explain how much of a shame and absurd it is how they’ve got over for all these years on what they served to us as “food.”

Next shout out to Danielle Mace. What you told me they did to you was unacceptable and I hope you push with legal action till you receive the proper acknowledgment you deserve to expose these bastards. Nothing but love shorty. Next I want to acknowledge a recent incident that took place last week. Officer Faulkner kicked us off the recreation yard after 30 minutes of basketball. (as also described in this post) Continue reading

‘I’m not a half person’


Dear —

Thanks for writing to me. It took me a long time to write you back cause of my mental health and medical problems. Right now, as I write to you, it is very much a hard struggle. I don’t want my name in the feedback, only my initial L.

These are the things I want talked about. One, I’m not a half person. I’m like the singer Usher. If I’m gonna tell it, then I’m gonna tell it all!

1.) Bed bugs, or some kind of bugs I’m not sure. Now I don’t know what this meant, but before they did it I kept complaining. These bugs were eating away at us. But n-e-ways, over the weekend in the women’s pod of 5D (maybe the whole jail), Mr. Ham and his supervisor gave “everybody” brand new washcloths, towels, 1 sheet, blanket and laundry bag! Continue reading

‘Recreation and Racism’

Recreation and Racism (DAR 856)

Date: Friday, September 23, 2016

Officer Faulkner / DAR /856 and Sgt. Cole denied inmates their soccer time after their 30 minutes of basketball. Officer Faulkner at 10:15 a.m. approximately made a highly offensive racial slur comment towards all African-American inmates (being one himself), saying: “If you’re not Mexican, you can’t play soccer, and Mexicans can’t play basketball.” This was after the fact of him originally stopping inmates from playing basketball. Inmates and Faulkner debated play time. Continue reading

Disturbing the peace


Pod 5 A, Correction Officer Ms. McMillan

It is well known that a group of individuals is considered a community in the world, be they detained or not. So on Sunday, September 25, 2016 @ 3 a.m., C.O. Ms. McMillan goes throughout the pod being loud and obnoxious, banging detainees doors intentionally waking us up. For several people, after being awakened, they could not go back to sleep. Continue reading

‘How can they get away with this, and press charges on me!’

To whom it may concern:

My name is Danielle Mace. I am 26 years old. While I’ve been here I was recently charged with felony assault causing physical injury to a detention employee and misdemeanor assault on government official, which (excuse my language) is Bullshit. Continue reading

‘Now I’m going through the same thing in Hillsborough’

Hello, how are you? Not sure who I’m writing by name, but I’m familiar with your work and organization. Y’all used to send me newsletters and stuff during my 22 and a half month stay in Durham County Jail from May 2012 to March 2014. I sat in there through lockbacks and all for a charge that was dismissed that I did not have anything to do with which I believe the police knew from the start. Continue reading

‘You lay with dogs you get fleas’

Feedback buddies,

I’m going to throw this out there. Cause I getting tired of that, too. They have young female officers in here that come to work to play. I’m too old for you to be in your feeling when you can’t play. I mean trying to pull rank as if I’m one of the young guys they play with. And the officer over them always back them as if they are right. Then they want to talk to you any kind of way. Oh, even down to wanting you to lock back cause you not going to let them disrespect you. It’s like a child not knowing her place. Even at work you know how to carry one self. But it’s always the inmate on the wrong end. I think that’s why it’s a lot of fights in this jail. So how do it get better when nothing is been done to make change? Now the only control is to lock down the whole jail. And it’s not right. So why do we have to take this shit? Cause we are in jail. But wait, I feel we are still human first. I would love to get some feedback on that.

I’m keep it real with all my brothers in the jail. I’ve been doing time for over thirty years now, Lord knows I’m tired. But this goes out to all the young brothers in the system.

It’s sad when a man thinks he is hard by by showing his ass; it’s not cool. Maybe that’s the reason the jail is against a person’s self respect. Do they think cause a lot of them show their ass we all the same?

My point is that young brothers wearing their pants low is degrading. So the staff think it’s ok for them to degrade us all. You have to shit and dress where they can see you in your cell. Some of us do have respect for our self. If it’s a woman on staff see you naked holding your dick, do we get a jacking charge? I feel when we open a door to something, why do we all have to play a part? Is that what our life has come to? If I mess up my rights, I did it to me no one else. We get what others give, even if they don’t know what they are giving. You lay with dogs you get fleas. Now I’m around that person, do I have fleas or will I get fleas? Do I get sprayed with the rest and I have no dog? I think it’s bullshit. My point is if I grow up with respect for others respect me. What they eat don’t make me shit. So whatever work for feedback just to see where everyone is on it. God bless.