Showers: a poem


Thump! Thump! Thump!

Can you hear

The drops of rain

Everyday I wake up

There’s a new

Drop of pain

I truly don’t know

What to do

I’ve passed

The boiling point

Of insane


I’m tired

Of waking up

To this

Four corner cage

I miss my family

I miss my wife

But most importantly

I miss my life

I can’t do this

No more

It ain’t me

Forced to lie

On concrete

When I sleep

I want to

Be with my


I want to

Live my life

I wish I could

Hold my spouse

In my arms

At night

God give me

The strength

Don’t let them

Take my pride

Hold my hand

Through these

Rainy days

And foggy nights


‘They try their best to keep us down’


Dear –

Thanks a lot buddy for goin through all the trouble of getting —‘s information for me. I sure do hope they allow her to get my letter. I know she’s probably wondering if I’m going to try and contact her…I know how the system works. They try their best to keep us down…

Hope you enjoy the poem.




Hombres Muerto Caminando

From the moment

We come out

The very second

That we’re born

We’re placed in

An environment

That we have

To get it on

Our own

They make it


To go about it

The legal way

Now we got

A gun

And you wanna

Know why it’s

In your face

You didn’t give us

A chance at life

To start with

We were set up

From the beginning

Dead men walking

Land of the free

These politicians

Are insane

Dumb motherfuckas

You’re enslaving your

Own kind

Change the saying

Fuck the Middle East

There’s terrorism

In these American streets

Innocent people gunned down

By our own police

Many lost souls

Forced towards

The prison system

To sleep

Locked down on by

The leaders

Of our country

But from the moment

We were born

We were destined to be nothing more than

Dead men walking.