A Young Man Who Has Had Enough

Dear ____ & IOA

First thing first thank you for taking the time out of your day to write me it really means a lot. I’m actually thankful for you guys/woman for your support. Things are real rough in here, they feed us sandwiches 5 times out of the week, and other fake processed foods which doesn’t help the excruciating hunger pains that mot inmates stomachs cause or feel. Commissary sucks we haven’t received canteen for nearly 2 ½ weeks now nor ICares, and when we do get canteen it is never on time and its never everything we ordered is like they don’t care about us seriously, physically, mentally and emotionally.

The next issue that we go through is they lock us down whenever they feel I have been here 90 days and we have been (the whole jail) locked down 20 times for days at a time for no reasons. One time I asked sgt Cole (real big obese old man) why do we lock down for his response was “because this my jail and you people do what I say!!!” When I heard this I got on my knees in the cell that min and prayed for GOD to help not just me but all inmates.

The most major issue is out of 24 hours we only come out for 6 hours. So that’s 18 hours in a cell that’s 5 feet wide 10 feet long. A lot of time to get your mind right they say but in reality they really make people mind more unstable an more likely to go insane. The times we come out is 9:00am-12:45pm then 4:00pm-6:00m on that is the rest of your day takes place in your cell which is a shame even dogs have more freedom than we do I even think slaves had it better than us inmates in Durham County Jail. I have concluded in my mind this is modern day slavery at its worst and it is flat out wrong and injustice.

Another is how they keep you in here knowing your innocent like even in your legal documents it says you have no parts of the crime and they still hold you like why? Do you understand one thing you can never get back in life is wasted time, time stands still for no one. I really have lost hope in the justice/criminal system in Durham County.

I thank you for taking the time out to hear about our trials behinds these walls and hope that in due time even the mayor can help us… Yes you can use my letter in feedback and I hope you post it online and try to email the Mayor or city council or someone who can help because no ones know how they doing us and it need to be revealed. Thanks again write back soon.

Sincerely, a young man who has had enough, stand for something or fall for anything!!!

“Slaves had more freedom than us”

Dear D____ this writer is a friend seeking help.  I would like to start off by thank you for everything you did for us.  Its very bad in here They feed us sandwiches and expect for it to fill us up.  Then its been like 2 ½ weeks before they give us canteen that we paid for it like they treat us like slaves.  The food be so fake it don’t be cooked all the way.  I been here going on 180 days on the 17.  Its like the higher rank sergeants don’t care for us they talk dirty to judge us.  Can you please help us they lock us down a lot.  They hang our calls up its so bad they try to tase us.

We only come out two times a day 9am-12:45 and 4:00-6:00 and that’s it.  Our family have to pay to put money on our books.  They charge us $0.80 for one soup.  Slaves had more freedom than us.  We have to pay $20.00 to see a nurse the only way we go for free if it’s a life or death situation its sad I would like for you to go help us.  Then the lawyers try to make us take the worst plea when they know you when they know you ain’t do it.  Its crazy. Law office of Matthew Charles Suczynski



les mando mi apoyo desde aquí adentro!!!/I give you my support from inside!!!

Hola hola!

Pues aquí andamos, esperando que pase el tiempo para ver resultados… pues que le cuento

“lo mismo de siempre”

Celdas frías, muy poquita comida, la mayoría de los guardias racistas con los hispanos. Algunos se creen los dueños de uno. La cantina muy cara etc. Pues ya ni modos no nos queda otra cosa namas que aguantar el sistema de aquí… que es de puritita injusticia, pero que bueno que exista el grupo Alianza Dentro Afuera y sepa de este sistema de injusticia sigan así puro para adelante les mando mi apoyo desde aquí adentro!!! Muchísimas gracias por la carta. Y por acordarse de uno



Hey hey!

Well, here we are, hoping that the time passes to see results…. So what can I tell you…

“the same as always”

Cold cells, very little food, the majority of the guards being racist to Hispanics. Some thing that they own you. The canteen is really expensive, etc. Well, at this point there is nothing left for us but to withstand the system here… which is PURE injustice, but how great that Inside-Outside Alliance exists and knows about this injustice system, keep moving forward, I give you my support from inside!!! Thank you so much for the letter and for remembering us.



Blaming Other’s Work

Blaming others workThis letter is from a former Durham Jail detainee about his time there

This topic is long over-due; so is replacing CCS contract over-seeing the health care and daily needs, such as dieting, exercising, mental, and scheduling medical and dental care here in Durham County Jail.  I myself have been keeping up with their methods, response time, med cart, their all around services to the detainees here in DCJ.

I myself am disgusted with their service and excuses and in many ways shocked as to how people keep allowing this third party medical service to keep providing sorry to none health services in which each year around the end of June, re-appy for the medical contract.  If people here in Durham don’t stop this malpractice.

Or; its up to us and keep dying off or paying $120 and get a form to sue this city.  Know if us detainees in this jail had money like this to sue, we would have a medical card for a doctor on the outside which they would prefer anyway!  I left with waiting two and a half months for acute dental needs, and like many here I left without being seen by the dentist, just to have medical tell me I was on the list and they aren’t the one’s who choose who’s next!

I myself talked to the dentist and where they even agreed with my concerns stating that there was an average of 75 people each week here in Durham County Jail with severe acute dental needs and that they offered to come more than 4 hours a week on Monday nights and no holidays, never the less their request was turned down.

The only thing that’s positive toward medical staff and not dental care is you get 120 days straight with motrin without too much hassle.  Even though having been diagnosed with severe liver damage by an outside doctor, doesn’t hold any weight with all these meds I’m taking for a seat in the dental chair!

Even though I’ve tried so hard to let those who care on the outside know what really happens with our health needs in Durham County Jail.  My attempts no matter even coming from an outside dentist who is very good, has been distorted by excuses laying all blame on others.

-S. N.

Gov. Roy Cooper

img056Gov. Roy Cooper

We here at Inside Outside Alliance would like for you to ask yourself a question; since 2017 Mr. Cooper has stated that the SBI’s labs average time for DNA, once shipped, would take seven and a half months before returning to the District Attorney’s or responsible parties who controls one’s case!  I myself was shafted by detective Stevenson from Durham County’s Police Department.  She and the D.A. Stormy Ellison kept my DNA for 6 months before sending to the SBI lab, in of course delays your possibility for a fair trial until DNA is returned to proper law enforcement personnel.  If this still continues, you could blame Sheriff Mike Andres for allowing such disregard for a fair time trial!

-S. N.

No tengo ningún derecho ahora ya estoy con imigracion (I don’t have any rights now, I am already with immigration)

Hola—— (english below)

Como este espero que muy bien muchas gracias for escribirme. Yo estoy muy confundido no estoy como quisiera estoy muy deprimido triste por que nunca he estado en la cárcel siento que mi vida aki termina por que yo aki encerrado y mi mama sufriendo con su enfermedad y yo no puedo hacer nada para poder ayudarlo siento que todo es mi culpa me siento asi por que yo no puedo hacer nada ya perdí todo por que soy un imigrante no tengo ningún derecho ahora ya estoy con imigracion me van a deportar a mexico y eso me pone muy triste por que casi toda mi vida he estado trabajando aki y yo hera quien ayudaba a mi mama y a mi abuela yo ayudaba a mi mama por que no tengo papa y yo soy el único que ayuda a mi mama. Ella no puede trabajar y ahora a mi me pasa esto pues no es justo 12 años trabajando sin parar en este país y de pronto se me termina asi no creo que es bueno por que aki voy a dejar todo lo que tengo y lo unico que tengo que es mi hijo pero bueno no se lo que vaya a pasa con mi vida lo único que se que si me deprimo mas no voy aguantar mas aki. Me siento solo no tengo a nadie aki estoy solo y triste. Solo me alegro mucho cuando recibí tu carta muchas gracias por eso me dio un poco de ánimo. Muchas gracias que diosito le cuide siempre lo bendiga quisiera contar un poco mas de mi historia, pero es muy largo. Muchas gracias

Dios es amor

How Are you I hope really good thanks for writing me. I am very confused I am not how I would like to be I am very depressed and sad because I have never been in jail and I feel that here my life will end because I am here incarcerated and my mom is suffering from her illness and I can’t do anything to help her. I feel that everything is my fault I feel this way because I can’t do anything now and I already lost everything because I am an immigrant. I don’t have any rights now, I am already with immigration they are going to deport me to mexico and this makes me very sad because almost my whole life I have been working here and I was who helped my mom and my grandma, and I helped my mom because I don’t have a dad and I am the only one who helps my mom. She can’t work and now this is happening to me, well its not fair after 12 years of working non-stop in this country and all of the sudden it ends and I don’t think that’s good because here I will leave everything I have, and the only thing I have is my son, but yea, I don’t know what will happen with my life, the only thing I know is that I am getting more and more depressed and I can’t take anymore here. I feel lonely and I don’t have anyone here, I am all alone and sad. Getting your letter made me happy, thanks so much because this lifted my spirits a little. Thank you and may god watch over you and bless you. I would like to tell you a little of my story, but it is very long. Thank you.

God is love.

“Just trying to get through this bid”

Dear S—–,

How are you doing? Me, I’m good, just trying to get through this bid. First and foremost, I want to thank you for taking the time out the day to write me, not many people do it. Anyhow, you like Durham? Believe it or not, I’ve been here all my life and I still haven’t seen the whole city lol. It must have been fun to travel around the world, I hope I get a chance to one day. A little about myself: I’m 24, most people say I’m funny, but mostly I’m laid back. As you already know, I’m locked up smh. It’s all good though, because if everything go right, I’m going to be out by the end of the year. It doesn’t really matter, but I was wondering how you got my info? I would describe myself to you, but you probably already did your research on e and looked up my mugshot. I’m not use to this whole pen pal thing so I’m sorry if this kite is short or boring to you. Hopefully as time go by my conversation we get better. So you like to play the guitar, do you play other people song or do you make your own? I’m not going to front, since I’ve been in here I’ve been doing my thing with the music, hopefully I can get signed when I get out. To be real I’m praying that it keeps me out of trouble, but my words are getting short so whenever you want to talk I’m here, keep your head up and keep up the good work.

ps. If you write me, I write back.





Officers are quick to say, put in a grievance cause they know nothing will be done

Thank you all, for being one of the few words to let us know somebody really does care. Inmates sometimes may go through a lot. Then, when you have officers. That chooses to come to work here. Gives you a harder problems. With their nasty attitudes. Just, like, they didn’t tell us to come to jail. We didn’t take them tell them to get a job here.

You have some officers. Who’s attitudes are so bad, and rude. They should be happy “were here”. Cause, they probably couldn’t find Any other type of work. I have this place. Jail isn’t supposed to be fun, but it’s okay to not be disrespectful and rude. When you are asking “I mean it”, tellin us to do something. Officers are quick to say, put in a grievance cause they know nothing will be done. That’s why officers are quick to say do it.

When you first get here, and no matter how many times you come back. Before you are let into population you have to watch this video. At the end of the video the sheriff says, while you’re here you will be treated with dignity and respect. We are disrespected when he said that.

I do want to write more. But cause of my anxiety, I have to write a little at a time. But again, thanks for thinking about us.

Oh please, can you please them stop giving us milk in plastic, instead of a milk carton. The employees drink milk out of a carton.


Call-in for Shatique Skinner

On Monday, we ask folks to call the Durham County Jail (919-560-0912) to put pressure on them to provide Shatique Skinner with proper medical care. Shatique has been locked up in solitary confinement for two years now and has been consistently denied his regular medication for schizophrenia. His parents are incarcerated and his sister has been advocating on his behalf. She asks that any and all who are able call the jail on Monday and demand that Shatique be released from solitary and that the medical provider, Correct Care Solutions, administer his proper medication. Please use the script below if you would like.

Call 919-560-0912 and ask to speak to someone in medical.
Hello, I am calling to demand that you release Shatique Skinner from solitary confinement and administer the proper medication for his schizophrenia. Shatique deserves to receive appropriate care for his medical condition. Care is not locking someone in an isolated cage because they have a mental health challenge. I demand that you provide Shatique with the medication for his condition immediately.

You can also write to Shatique at the following address:
Shatique Skinner
PO Box 1353
Durham, NC 27701

‘The Business of Bail and Bonds’

I personally have never had to deal with bail or bonds. However, because of a domestic dispute that was pushed far over the edge for too long, I now know the cruelty for which this business exists. It’s like ‘trying to squeeze blood out of a turnip,’ as some old timers would put it. In this case they would be completely right, as this method targets poor and impoverished people and communities which are predominately black and latino. It’s all part of a much bigger scheme within the injustice system. Black and Latino communities are the #1 targets of the injustice system, making it ideal for law enforcement to hunt and pick their prey.

Once apprehended, the charges that are ‘the most serious,’ whether true or not, are recommended to receive high bonds by the arresting officer to the magistrate and that person is held until bonded out or further notice. This is also used to fish out possible drug dealers or those linked to them. Through we have yet to see the manufacturers of street narcotics dealing with the laws. Nonetheless, if you are not linked to someone with the kind of cash it takes to bond you out, then you are stuck in jail until your court date. In Durham County that can mean a minimum of about 1-3 months depending on your charges and judge. Bondsmen are so accustomed to this routine that they are heartless and cruel when it comes to bonding anyone out. You have to have money or they simply will not give you the time of day. And most poor people just do not have 10-15% of $20,000 – $500,000 laying around or saved up, let alone to dish out to the injustice system. The first thing they ask of you is to gather up more poor and impoverished individuals, such as family and friends to pitch their hard earned, low-income dollars to afford them a freedom that, if not for the harassment and lies of law enforcement, they would already have.

Furthermore, these bonds interrupt people’s lives and add to already existing stress. Your life comes to a complete halt and is put on hold when you are in jail and cannot get out because of an unaffordable bond. It seems as if they courts intentionally take their time with these cases just to see if friends or family can possibly come up with the money to free their loved ones. The idea of the bond being placed so that detainees/inmates show up to court is a mere illusion. It is VERY clear why bonds are placed and that is to fish out drug dealers, extort the poor, and money, and control. The court system and bondsmen are the ONLY ones benefitting from bonds, as I am 100% that there are other alternatives to assure that people accused of the most ridiculous crimes can show up to court. – Conscious Mind