‘I refuse to let them break me’


How are you doing? Sorry about writing you all back so late, I’ve just been going through a lot. But I’m doing a lot better now, so you will be hearing from me more often. I hope this letter gets to you quickly and finds you in good spirits and health. How is life on the outside for you? Things have been up and down for me, but I stay praying and strong. I refuse to let them break me or let them make me fold. But I can tell you this: they sure is trying their best. Continue reading


“We got to stand up for our rights”


Dear C—–,

Hey how you doing? First off I am thinking how you got my name and what made you reach out to me. But I’m glad y’all did because I been thru a lot while I been in the county jail. I mean I’m holding up good because I’m strong and have faith. I would love for my voice to be heard because at 17 years old people need to understand not just from older people but young people too… I don’t want it to be private because this is something positive in my life I need and I’m always trying to help people in a place I’m in and give them hope and faith. Use my name, I want to help all I can, please keep in touch. We got to stand up for our rights and I be seeing y’all out my window on Friday. We gone fight till we can’t fight no more.

– Semaj B

Keli’s Kid

One beautiful and

Gorgeous woman

But this poems

Not about her sex appeal

Its to praise her

For the wonderful

Heart beating

In her chest

She’s a mental health professional at her best

With four intelligent


Under her belt

Nancy, Tom, Jennifer and Sandra

You’re one hell

Of a help

I hate being

In this dreadful


But I love

Being a Keli


You give me

Strength to fight

On those days

I want too throw it all in

Too mental health


For all the

Help you’ve did


Mental Health

Trouble Maker

Mourning and Grieving

I can hear

My heartbeat

My life is slowly


Its been a total

Of 1,194 days of

Mourning and grieving

Tic tic tic tic

Can you hear

The time of

My life

Ticking away

I’ve spent over

Three and a half years

Locked in this cage

When I open my eyes

I feel this pain

Worse than the definition

Of hurt

I’ve got too fight

Push on

Find a way

Too make it work

I refuse

Too give in

I’ll be damned

If I let

The devil win

You can take

My freedom

But you can’t

Take my faith

Watch real close

I’m destined too

Win this game

By Ghost


To the world jail is on big Zoo

They label and study hard to try to categorize you

Think that your are a animal one belonging behind steel iron gates





They believe if you were on the other side that they wouldn’t be safe

No love

No compassion

For us there is only hate

They hope that long time Imprisonment be your only fate

They don’t believe in second chances or change

To them there’s no other way

-King Fox

Tragic October Rain

A crowd of people

Enjoying themselves

At a music concert

Of their taste

Swaying and cheering

Listening to the

Musician sing

When all of

A sudden

Gun shots go off

Sending down gruesome

And unwanted rain

You can hear


Screaming and yelling

In the background

Nowhere to run

Nowhere to go to

Just a gunman

Out of his


Sending slugs

Through people

Innocent people scramble

Getting wounded

Hitting the ground

Covered in their

Blood and others

Dozens at a time

Bullet after bullet

Body after body

The mother

Of a son

A close friend

To somebody

They run they duck

Trying to take

Cover from the rain

So many people


Too many people

Feeling pain

Scared for their lives

Hoping to see

Another day

Being shot down

Like animals

In some type

Of shooting game

Being plucked off

One at a time

Before their appropriate date

My heart goes out

Too all the victims

And their families

May God give you strength

Too make it through

This unwanted pain


To the victims and their families words couldn’t explain how you may feel about the tragic event that took place Sunday October the first, but I can say it’s not over, God is looking down on every one of you. Too those families stay strong.