Durham County Jail is the most dangerous place in Durham by far

Note:  On January 18, 2019, James G. Jones was assaulted by Officer Montanez. The following is his statement on that assault and on Durham County Jail as a whole.

Dear reader,

How can criminals detain pretrial inmates awaiting trial?

Welcome to Durham County Jail, where integrity is not found, security has no place to reside, disciple and rights do not exist.

When lack of good character is clearly visible, you will see other bad decisions surface. Because you can give immunity to officers from others, but you cannot grant officers immunity from themselves.

Durham County Jail is the most dangerous place in Durham by far. The culture is not good for anyone to be detained in. I respectfully my funding to be housed here stopped effective immediately, because as a funded client of this facility, no detainee should be mobbed as we are by staff. Cpt. McKinney and Cpt. Russell do not reprimand Lt. Black and crew for their harum scarum behavior towards detainees. In fact, they (Cpt.) support the forging of documents, contaminating evidence, breaking chain of command, and committing other crimes to get a desired result. The High Sheriff has adopted these practices as well. I have yet to see a policy, procedure, or protocol followed, or training, education, and experiences reflected, or the NC requirement for certification. Both written and physical practiced. There is no code of conduct for staff and if you speak out, you will be punished physically whether you are right or wrong.

My 14th Amendment rights to due process are being violated as I write this publication. I have filed several grievances in reference to my 1/18/19 assault by Officer Montanez, who I believe was sent to the academy, in which, I grieve in advance for the family who will grieve behind Montanez’s untreated anger. This kid hit me with two Gs of force which it was not needed. Now the high sheriff has put a gun in this kid’s hands. These bad decisions, harum scarum behavior and violent acts cannot continue to be funded by local, state, and federal governments when it’s clear (foreseeable) that Durham County Detention Facility is in violation of local, state, and federal guidelines. My grievances have not been answered to this date. Per Lt. Black, they are waiting to hear from my attorney, in which, I do not have. My disciplinary process suffered significant procedural errors because I never received a copy of my 24 hours notice of infractions (which is forged) or my written statement describing reason for action taken, which adversely affected my right to file an appeal in a timely manner. I received written statement 6 days after my 30 day segregation time was up. Per Sgt. Holsonback, there is no time limit to respond. Major of Security has not addressed my appeal to this date.

Therefore, if I am a citizen of the United States, and I reside in Durham NC, and if I have no rights, who has jurisdiction over me?

Now, if I have rights in both jurisdictions, United States and North Carolina, and if these rights are protected as prescribed by both constitutions, then, someone must thoroughly investigate these matters by freezing funds until investigation is complete and all parties removed per violation of city, county, local, state, and federal guidelines.

In closing, I thank all readers for their time and joint efforts in stopping Durham Detention officers, as well as Officer Montanez from becoming a sheriff and hurting detained pretrial inmates awaiting trial and citizens of Durham County.

I, James G. Jones, further declare under the penalty of perjury that this statement is true and accurate to the best of of my knowledge and ability to convey. Cory Smith #8, Mr. Hart #10, #15, and Saguan Dunn #22 all were involved incidents with officers.

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