Memo from NC Central Prison

Note: A prisoner sent this memo to us, letting us know that DPS is restricting who can send money to prisoners to only approved visitors on that prisoner’s list. Again, prisons use fake concern about prisoners and drugs to make life worse for so many prisoners.


Notice to Offender Population

January 2, 2019

Restriction of Depositors

Prisons is constantly exploring methods to improve safety, security and overall operations, this includes ensuring that all offenders have an opportunity to reside within our facilities without fear of strong arming and/or undue influence to commit an illicit act for monetary gain. As a result, effective February 5, 2019, Prisons will restrict depositors into trust fund accounts to only those listed as approved visitors, for the respective offender. Funds deposited will continue to be processed by JPAY. However, if funds are received from a non-approved visitor the action will be rejected by the vendor.

Offenders are encouraged to share this information with family and friends. This information will also be posted on the NCDPS and JPAY websites.


Kenneth E. Lassiter

Director of Prisons

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